Saturday, May 15, 2010

VERO on German eBay

Okay, I have spent a lot of time drooling over the vintage houses on Puppenhausmuseum, but this is the first time I've actually seen one of these houses in this condition on eBay. Alas, its only being shipped to Europe.

Details from eBay posting
(919) uraltes schönes Vero Puppenhaus mit Blumenbänke Terrasse, Balkon, 4 Räume, mit Gardinen, Kunststofffenster, und bei Terrasse Schiebetüren, Sockel 98x41,5cm, H: 53cm, Puppenstube mit Lampen, und Trafo, mit Aquarium, oberen Lampen, Oberen 2 Lampen funktionieren, unteren nicht, Puppenstube ist in sehr schöner Erhaltung ohne Schäden, in original Karton der etwas kaputt ist

Google Translator:
(919) vintage beautiful Vero doll house with flower boxes terrace, balcony, 4 rooms with curtains, plastic windows, and patio doors, base 98x41.5cm, H: 53cm, dollhouse with lights and transformer, with an aquarium, top lights, the upper two lights work, not lower, doll's house is in very nice preservation without damage, in original box which is somewhat broken.
I'm a little obsessed with VERO right now, and I really hope to own one some day, but for now I'll just drool over any pictures I can find.

(all images from eBay posting)


  1. Lovely, lovely house. Saw it too, and drooled. Do you know of diepuppenstubensammlerin's blog, here: She posts all the time on vintage houses, and this particular house is the image header on her blog. Check it out!

  2. I am drooling too - congrats on your new blog - it looks great!

  3. Hey callsmall, yes her blog is GREAT. I've drooled over many of the vintage houses she's posted.


    Hi Chris, thanks for checking out the new blog. I'm trying to find more time to keep up with it. :)


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