Saturday, February 19, 2011

SkyLofts for Sale! New PRD!!

New from PRD Miniatures... SkyLofts are here!! Talk about ultra modern! Paris Renfroe's new concept of stackable roomboxes creates a gorgeous modern dollhouse and an incredible display to showcase your collection.

The SkyLofts are 15" x 15" x 10" High. Pricing starts at $300 each. The exterior color comes in pebble or grey; the trim options include natural or stained cherry, painted black or painted steel grey. There are multiple flooring options, including various upholstery fabric for carpet, slate and hardwood floors.

You can also add on LED lighting and a ceiling cap to cover the wires.

PRD Miniatures also has a ton of new items, like the pillows and accessories above that will look great in just about any setting, as well as more tribal cubes and gorgeous artwork. The Klein Chair now comes in Grey Velour and White Chenille. The S Chair looks hot in Burnt Orange.

I have the Mantao Area Rug and the white uno sofas and they are exceptional (sofas will be available soon). I also have the Zig Zag Shelving Unit in Blue which is amazing (more photos coming soon.) I am also loving the Graffiti Area Rug.

Check out all of PRD Miniatures new items here on »

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Handmade Mid Century Modern Dollhouse on Ebay

Look what's back on ebay for local pick up only in southern California. I'm so tempted to bid, but there's no way the hubby would make the 6-8 hour drive to go pick it up. To the best of the owners knowledge it was handmade in the 50's/60's. I love the beam ceiling and glass elevator. The lamps look pretty cool as well. This would be fun to refurbish.

Check out the ebay listing here .

The roof top panels are glass and one pivots open. The more I look at it the more I contemplate the drive...

(images from ebay listing by dean6659 )

Updated 2/18
Based on comments, I thought I'd explain a bit more about the drive. Theoretically, San Francisco Bay Area to Riverside, CA is a 7 hour drive, add traffic makes it 8-9 hours. Add my two kids under 4 and you get a 10-11 hour car ride from hell, EACH WAY. The last time we drove to LA (which is closer) we got stuck in traffic and had a 9 hour drive with my youngest crying almost the entire ride. Not much fun.

Then there is the size, the house is 3'4" wide 1'4" deep and 2'10" tall (about 1 meter long, 1/2 meter deep, almost 1 meter tall). I'm not sure where I would be able to fit this house in my house. Every time I get a new house, my husbands first question is, which one am I getting rid of? I really want to keep the 4 I have now, but we don't have enough room for those as is, so I'm not sure I can convince him that I need this one. Sigh.

But the more I think about it, I have a friend that lives an hour from Riverside that might be able to pick it up and store it for me until I could find a way to get down there. And I might be able to talk my dad into the drive as he's from LA and we have family there. Ah man, you people convincing me to bid...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anyone recognize this Vintage French House?

A reader sent me these pictures of a house she found at resale shop. Its a vintage French dollhouse with a sticker on the roof that says "Peinture Lavable - Jouets Thomas Les Mureaux". It is a mid century modern style with interior lights and a garage.

Does anyone have any information on this house, or the company that built it, or know of any similar ones?

I love the retractable awnings. Any info or suggestions on where to look for more details would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motherlode of Kaleidoscope Doll House Accessories

I've stumbled upon a lot of interesting things over the three years that I've been blogging about modern minis, but this by far is the biggest LOT.

This lot of Kaleidoscope furniture, accessories and parts is up for sale. Hmm, I laugh and grimace at the thought of how long it would to take to ebay that quantity of merchandise, let alone the space required to store it. I do hope to find out who ends up buying and selling it, as the lot includes some roof panels and ends, that I would love to know if those are the parts I need to repair my Kaleidoscope House.

Here are the details from the auction listing on GBM USA:
Bozart Dollhouse Collection
"NEW over 10,000 Doll-house furniture & Accessory sets. Many different designs and styles. All in original case-pack, made by Bozart. Goods are sitting on over 35 pallets. ALL ITEMS TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO BE LEAD FREE!! Due to the limited production and availability of the Bozart Dollhouse and Accessory Collection, these sets are becoming more and more difficult to find. Finding one in its original packaging is even more unusual. The Kaleidoscope House is an interactive creative play environment for 6 year olds and above. This 1:12 scale modernist architectural house, with sliding transparent color walls, invites children and adults alike to fill it with an exciting accessory line of modern furniture from respected contemporary designers including Dakota Jackson, Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, and Keiser/Newman."

If any retails are interested the contact info is on the GBM USA auction listing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fascination Station

I got my Fascination Station from HBS/ over a week ago, but just found the time to get it out the box. As far as kits go, this looks like the easiest kit to put together I've ever seen. I love that I can tape the whole thing up so I can see where I'm going to make my modifications. From the pictures on the website I didn't realize that the roof was sloped. Looking again I can see the angle, but didn't notice at first, which makes my addition a little tricky. I'm hoping they can add a side view on the website so its obvious. To add a second story, I'm going to have to cut the walls level to get a flat working space.

I'm planning to make the back of the house be the actual entrance. Here is the view of the two rooms. The smaller room has a ceiling height of 8 1/8" that tapers up to 9 1/8". The larger room has a ceiling height of 10 1/4" and tapers up to 11 1/4".

Sadly, in transit between Georgia and California, one corner of the base was split, I'm hoping I can get a replacement base. Overall, I'm impressed with the kit and can't wait to start building my modern version.

HBS/ Fascination Station »
18th Annual Creatin' Contest rules »

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paris is in the building

Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. Nope, this really is my dollhouse. Here is my new entertainment unit from Paris Renfroe PRD Miniatures.

When Paris asked what I wanted for the room, I wasn't exactly sure. I told him I loved his Blanca Entertainment Unit and the wood and metal in his MPOD Entertainment Unit and this is what he came up with. I'm still in a state of shock and find myself staring at it saying, I can't believe its mine.

I sent Paris a photo of a CB2's uno sofa and he created this beauty for me. The graffiti pillows were inspired by the January DWR catalog and are actually Juicy Couture fabric. I never would have thought to do that, but they look incredible. The sofa is so versatile I can use it as a sectional in the living room, or split it up into two rooms (the other one is in the office and I'll post that soon).

The craftsmanship is just impeccable down to the smallest of details. I don't think I've ever owned anything so nice. I'm just in awe.

Paris used the same ribbed white laminate for the cabinets that's on my dining table and kitchen cabinets to tie the rooms together. The house is really coming together, many more photos to come.

The goods: sofa, graffiti pilllows, painting, plant, rug, metallic tribal cubes, slice tilt coffee table, buddha, are ALL PRD Miniatures. Other accessories are gifts, beads and dollhouse show finds.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot new items to love from minimodernistas

I am seriously in love with minimodernistas new Frame Chair. Its kind of hard to tell the miniature from the real CB2 specs chair. Now the decision of which color to get it in, green, grey or red... what a dilemma.

Doris also has some cute new ottomans and more gorgeous pillows. I know what I want for Valentines Day.

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