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Didn't get the memo? Did you miss the deadline? It's not too late. If you want to play, take a challenge below. They're fun! If you want to be added, please send me a link to your challenge or pictures to modernminifan (at) Big thanks to all of the challengers who dreamt up this fun. Please visit the websites below for more information and details on their challenges.

Shapeways' 3D Printed Mini House Contest ends Apr 10, 2015

Contest details: click here.

HBS/ 22nd Annual Creatin' Contest 2015 ends Dec 16, 2015

Contest details: click here.

Ornament Challenge started Dec 2014

I thought it would be fun to use any ornament in a miniature setting.
Challenge details: click here.
Challengers as of February are posted here.

Real Good Toys 4th Annual Build-Along Project 2014 ended Aug 15, 2014

Contest details are no longer up but all of the finished project photos can be found: click here.

HBS/ 21st Annual Creatin' Contest 2014 ended Dec 16, 2014

Contest details: click here.
Check out the winners and my favorites: click here.

2014 Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Challenge ended May 12, 2014

Christina from Little Victorian is back with this build or decorate a dollhouse challenge. "Build your dream place. In mini form."
Challenge details: click here.
Winners announced here with pictures.

HBS/ 20th Annual Creatin' Contest 2013 ended Dec 16, 2013

Contest results: click here.
Check out my favorite winners: click here.

Greenleaf 2013 Spring Fling Contest ended October 31, 2013

Contest details: click here. See all 29 entries here.
Check out some of my favorite: click here.

Summer Vacation Challenge
ended Sept 19, 2013

Mandy Vlak from Mini modern mind has come up with a summer challenge "to create a scene to make it look like the inhibitor has just gotten back from a holiday or is just going on a holiday!" She's added in the bonus of some great prizes so check out the
Contest details: click here.

Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Challenge
ended May 8, 2013

Christina from Little Victorian is picking up where Emily left off, but actually completing the build/decorate a dollhouse challenge.
"Build your dream place. In mini form."
Challenge details here and the website here.

Winners announced here with more pictures.

February Design Challenge started February 7, 2013

Studioseven from Mini*Aesthetics challenge to design a scene around some holiday or observance in February (Valentine's Day, Wear Red for Women, Chinese New Year, etc).
See challenge participants here.

DWR Champagne Chair Contest ended January 2013

Contest details: click here.
My chair, my favorite entries. Pictured are entries from our friends.
Go here to see the official winners from DWR.

HBS/ 19th Annual Creatin' Contest 2012ended Dec 2012

Check out my favorite winners as well as links to all entries: click here.

The Mini-Nut Challenge started November 11, 2012, deadline for prize December 15, 2012.

Maureen from Modernist Molly's Minis gives us the easiest challenge so far, all you have to do is complete this sentence: "You know you're a mini-nut when...."
Challenge details here.
Winner announced here.

Cubebot Challenge started October 2, 2012. End date for $200 gift certificate prize is December 1, 2012.

"Use any sized or colored Cubebot in a dollhouse or room box, using any aesthetic."
Challenge details here.
See all entries here

A Spooky Challenge started September 25, 2012

Cyd from Mini Mod Pod has another fun challenge for the upcoming holiday, "Make a Halloween scene."
Challenge details here.
Check out all of the awesome entries that were done by October 31 here.

Greenleaf 2012 Spring Fling Contest ended September 3, 2012

My Favorites, link to all entries.
Contest details: click here.

Minismodernas scene competition started April 15, 2012. End date for prizes June 1, 2012.

"modern scenes, of course, in any style: shabby, minimal, urban chic..., just as scenes of home or works: hairdresser's, offices... but always in contemporary style."
Challenge details here.
See all of the participants posted here and here.

Mad for Mod Magazine Challenge started April 1, 2012.

"Margaret put forth another challenge...To make a challenge. My [Mad for Mod] challenge is to take a picture from your favorite catalog, magazine or even online pic and replicate it in miniature."
Challenge details here.
Roll call (alphabetically):

Jazzi ~

Mad for Mod (challenger) ~

Mini*Aesthetic ~

Modern Mini Houses (yours truly) ~

My Realitty ~

Oese (pre-challenge Aug 2009) ~

The Shopping Sherpa (pre-challenge Sep 2007) ~

margaret_loves A Challenge started March 11, 2012.

Margaret was inspired by a post by Modern MC, who made a scene by randomly choosing a piece of scrapbook paper. Simply a miniature challenge inspired by a sheet of scrapbook/patterned paper chosen either at random, by someone else, or something with a pattern/style out of your personal taste/comfort zone. The paper itself should become a major feature in the final room, such as wallpaper or flooring.
Challenge details here.
Roll call (alphabetically):

Jazzi ~

Mad for Mod ~

margaret_loves (challenger) ~

Mini*Aesthetics ~

Modern MC (post that inspired the challenge) ~

Modern Mini Houses (yours truly) ~

Oese ~

HBS/ 18th Annual Creatin' Contest 2011ended Dec 2011

Check out my favorite winners as well as links to all entries: click here.

Emily Henderson's I'm a Giant Challenge started Sept 21, 2011

Challenge details here.
No one really knows what happened to this challenge as Emily seems to have abandoned it. But 83 people took the challenge seriously and I documented all of their hard work here.

Fish Hotel started June 14, 2010

Modern MC and Call small had a head to head with the Fish Hotel, but why should they have all of the fun. Get your own Fish Hotel and send me your pictures to be added. Fish Hotel is around $35 sold at and other places online.

To be added, please send a link to your posts or photos to modernminifan (at)

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