I'm a Giant

Emily Henderson, host of HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist, threw down a dollhouse challenge and we answered the call. Some of us finished, some of us didn't. Some of us built for kids, some of us will break your fingers if you touch our houses, but two things I think everyone can agree on... building a dollhouse costs more money and takes WAY MORE TIME than anticipated. No one really knows what happened to this challenge as Emily seems to have abandoned it. But 83 people took the challenge seriously and I documented all of their hard work.

Please visit the participants' websites to show some love and see more pictures and details on their challenges. I apologize to anyone I missed, but here are the 83 I could find. To be added (or have any updates made to your listing), please email me photos, your name and website. Send to: modernminifan (at) gmail.com

There is also a flickr group you can upload your photos to here: www.flickr.com/groups/1772598@N24/

Emily's Original Homies

Inspiration Queen Emily: Style by Emily Henderson ~ www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Morgan: The Brick House ~ www.the-brick-house.com

Erin: Design for Mankind ~ www.designformankind.com

Orlando: Homme Maker www.hommemaker.com

Corbett: girl domestic ~ www.girl-domestic.com

Jenny: Little Green Notebook ~ littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com

Nicole: Making it Lovely ~ www.makingitlovely.com

Kirsten: Simply Grove ~ www.simplygrove.com

The rest of us that want to be her homies (listed alphabetically)

A Joyful Girl ~ theknowlesexperience.blogspot.com

a living space ~ a-living-space.blogspot.com

Annie's Oblations (pre-challenge) ~ anniesoblations.blogspot.com

ASA Pearson Designs ~ asapearson.blogspot.com

bijougirl ~ amandaconley.blogspot.com

Black and White and Loved All Over ~ www.blackandwhiteandlovedallover.com

Black Bird Has Spoken ~ blackbirdhasspoken.blogspot.com

BluBabesCreate ~ blubabescreate.blogspot.com

Cali Rezo (pre-challenge and ongoing) ~ www.calirezo.com

Call of the Small ~ call-small.blogspot.com

Carmen Jessee www.carmenjessee.com

Change of Scenery ~ changeofsceneries.blogspot.com

chelsea-sparks ~ chelsea-sparks.blogspot.com

Chinoiserie Chic ~ chinoiseriechic.blogspot.com

Christy Crafts ~ christycrafts.blogspot.com

Cloudy Purple Sky ~ asukas.blogspot.com

Cocoon Home ~ www.cocoonhome.com

The Contented Renter ~ thecontentedrenter.blogspot.com (please build it!)

Copy Cat Chic ~ www.copycatchic.com

Cowboy Bunny ~ cowboybunny.blogspot.com

The Creative Salad ~ www.thecreativesalad.com

Design Thoughts ~ www.designthoughtsblog.com

Fade into Bleu ~ fadeintobleu.blogspot.com

Finding Eliza ~ findingeliza.com

Fleurishing ~ www.fleurishingblog.com

Flippin' Dollhouse ~ flippindollhouse.tumblr.com

The Frippery Factory ~ http://fripperyfactory.wordpress.com (come back, I want to see what you do with the box)

Giginstudio ~ www.giginstudio.tripod3d.com

Go Haus Go ~ www.gohausgo.com

Holly Recommends ~ hollyrecommends.wordpress.com

The Honey Hut ~ thehoneyhut.blogspot.com

House of Lovelock ~ houseoflovelock.com

JWK Style ~ jwkstyle.blogspot.com

KathieB's Minis (pre-challenge) ~ kathiebminis.blogspot.com

Keepers ~ facebook.com/pages/Keepers/123865814323216

La Vita Petite ~ lavitapetite.com

LeftCoastMini (pre-challenge) ~ leftcoastmini.blogspot.com

Lemon Cadet ~ lemoncadet.blogspot.com

Little Dash ~ dashislittle.blogspot.com

Little Victorian ~ littlevictorian.blogspot.comt

Loganberry Lane ~ Loganberrylane.blogspot.com

Make mine Mid-Century ~ makeminemid-century.blogspot.com

Marcus and Rach ~ marcusandrachpond.blogspot.com

Michelle Corvino: Gnome Homes ~ picasaweb.google.com/106618329473965977306/IAmAGiantGnomeHomes

Mini*Aesthetics ~ miniaesthetics.blogspot.com

MiniMinimalDesign ~ www.flickr.com/photos/67276108@N08/

Modern Mini Houses (that's me) ~ modernminihouses.blogspot.com

My Mini Mod Pod ~ minimodpod.blogspot.com

My Mod Style ~ mymodstyle.blogspot.com

My Recession Kitchen ~ www.myrecessionkitchen.com

Noted Home ~ notedhome.blogspot.com

OneFortyThree ~ onefortythree.com (additional Instgram photos here: statigr.am/one_forty_three)

Onshore ~ onshore-again.blogspot.com

Opal Weekends ~ opalweekends.blogspot.com

Petite Plat ~ petitplatbysk.blogspot.com

Pinky Creations ~ pinkycreations-pink.blogspot.com

The Project Corner ~ theprojectcorner.blogspot.com

Redesign ~ www.reddezn.com

Silly Eagle Books ~ www.sillyeaglebooks.com

simplycoolstuff ~ simplycoolstuff.blogspot.com

Snow Fern ~ snowfern-clover.blogspot.com

Sophie and Lili ~ sophieandlilihandmade.blogspot.com

Stringfellow Art ~ www.stringfellowart.com

Summer Plays House ~ summerplayshouse.com

Tales of a Tumbleweed ~ http://www.talesofatumbleweed.com/

This is Kara B. ~ thisiskarab.tumblr.com

This Magpie's Nest ~ thismagpiesnest.blogspot.com

This Posh House ~ thisposhhouse.blogspot.com

TinyFixation (Large and in Charge) ~ tinyfixation.blogspot.com

Warm Hot Chocolate ~ warmhotchocolate.com

Whiteowl: found ~ whiteowlfound.blogspot.com

With Two Cats ~ www.withtwocats.com

Wonders Will Never Cease ~ wonderswillnevercease.blogspot.com

wonderland.5 ~ www.flickr.com/photos/wonderland5

wordplayhouse ~ www.wordplayhouse.com

Again, please send those that I have missed and I will be happy to add them. modernminifan (at) gmail.com



    1. Aww shucks, thanks Neomi!!! It took a lot longer than I'd planned but it was great fun reading and archiving all of these fabulous projects. I can't wait to see the ones still in progress (mine included). :D

  2. Wow, nice collection of everyone's dollhouses! That must have taken you forever!
    I had never done anything dollhouse or miniature related before, so this project was quite the challenge, but really fun.

    1. Thanks, and um yeah this was several weeks in the making. Your house is really cool, that was a great find for the price. A little paint went a long way for you. I want that mini pacman machine ;) I hope this wasn't your last mini adventure!

  3. This is great! I wish Emily would have done this long ago. But now I see all the minis that I missed, including yours! which is great-btw!

    i am glad i found your blog.

    1. Thanks so much Dulce! I loved your inspiration pics for each room. Your bathroom is one of may favorites. I'm working on a black and white bathroom too. I love that circle wallpaper you found and I love that shower curtain. Glad you found my blog, it's a fun hobby to share. :D

  4. This just blew my mind! I can't believe how much time and work went in to this. I bet, when Emily gets around to posting about I'm a Giant, she'll just write "What she said" followed by a link to your page.

    1. Thanks Meagan!!! This is why I haven't written you back yet... slowly regaining strength in wrists. :P

  5. I had been looking for this and looking for this...And then you pulled it all together. I can always count on my die-hard modern mini bloggers! A great big hat tip for a tremendous effort. Keep doing what you're doing with this blog. It has really taken off since you moved it. With all of this link love, I can only imagine how much the community might grow because of this challenge.

    Oh, and might I request a tutorial post on how you created those stunning stairs in your own I'm A Giant/Miniatures.com Contest dollhouse?

    1. Hey StudioSeven!!! Thank you so so much. And thanks for following over the years! :D
      I PROMISE I will post a tutorial on the "glass" stairs. It just might take another month at the rate I'm going, but I will post more details.

  6. Oh I'm amazed, thank you so much for putting this together. I sent Emily a personal message where I reguested something like this but I never would have figured to publish one on my own, you are ingenious (and hard working). Thank you again.

    1. You are most welcome. Your Teahouse is really inspiring. I haven't read all of your past posts yet, but I will. Totoro and Moomintroll must be thrilled. Brilliant work!

  7. I think I'm in, on the flickr page "I'm a Giant" with the hacked I house, Myrealitty.:)

  8. I want to join everyone in saying thank you for putting this all together! Great job!!!

    1. Thanks Sandra!! I LOVE the new 70's house you're working on. Congrats on wrapping up the Fascination Station. That house is a beast, I love what you did with it. I too feel your pain about limited space. There is at least one or two dollhouses in every room of our house and the garage is my mini shop, much to the dismay of my husband. I'm envious of folks with indoor craft spaces (dining tables just don't cut it). :D

  9. Thanks for the mention ;) Progress has TOTALLY slacked lately! but such a fun challenge!

    1. Hey Design Thoughts!! If I had your house I would have slacked too, that is a ton of work rehabing that old house, but it will so spectacular when you are finished. I hope you find more time to continue working on it, I really can't wait to see what you do with it. The house has incredible bones. Good luck!!!

  10. WOW! this is so neat that you compiled all of this! I had a few throwbacks with my house, the most major was having a baby last year, but I would love to finish my doll house, especially now since I have someone special to finish it for. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to finish it! I will keep on workin'! :)

    1. Thanks Summer! I hope you finish, your Lundby was looking fantastic. :D

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Meg, I'm so sorry, I just got this message after the ebay auction ended. Honestly, I don't think the kit was worth the $400 selling price. I'll email you through FB, but I'm deleting your post as I don't want your phone number getting found by spammers/telemarketers. My email is modernminifan (at) gmail.com


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