Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lutyens House

Lutyens House is a beautiful Arts and Crafts from DHE based on the designs of Sir Edwin Lutyens who designed Queen Mary's dolls' house on view at Windsor Castle. I especially love the fireplaces.

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)


I love the design of this new Dolls House Emporium 1930's house, Mountfield. It has four opening panels to access the seven rooms. But I particularly love the large openings between the living room, dining room and kitchen.

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)

Oak Hurst Gardens

If I ever move to the suburbs, I'll get this modern suburban home from DHE Oak Hurst Gardens. I love the additional wing with the sliding French doors on the converted garage.

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)

Amber House

Dolls House Emporium introduced the new Amber House. Although I'm not a huge fan of the style of the house, the concept wins me over. The "ready to play" house is fully painted and internally wallpapered so all you have to do is screw it together and you're done. For $226, I wish all dollhouse kits could be so easy.

DHE offers several houses with this Quickstyle fully painted and externally decorated approach, which makes the build process sooo much easier, if you can afford it.

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)

More DHE Dreaming

I love the new Bachelor Pad Kitchen from Dolls House Emporium in red and black! I love the display shelves and the half dome wall lights and of course the all-in-one kitchen and island.

The original City Style kitchen has blue doors and lightwood counter tops.

A few other DHE favorites are the Style Statement Living Room

Family Room Living Room

Fun Bedroom

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)

Ocean Drive Day Dreaming

I finally got around to perusing the new Dolls House Emporium catalog and would have loved to have bought the Funky Bathroom Set CE seen in the new Ocean Drive house. Sadly, this is not available to US customers, so I'd have to beg my friend in the UK to ship for me again.

Mini Modern blogged about the new Ocean Drive dollhouse and shipping dilemma in September. I can only hope this will become available soon. I do love how modern furniture can completely change the look of this open floor plan house in the Junior Collection. I wish this was in my living room.

(All images from Dolls House Emporium)