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The Antrim is 1 of 12 discontinued kits from Earth and Tree Dollhouses and Miniatures. I have been working with Paris Renfroe to turn this white box into a modern dwelling. All floors, siding, and most furnishings were custom made by Paris; many pieces are now for sale at Many minimodernistas pieces are in this house as well.

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The MiPad is the lastest dollhouse design by Elaine Shaw of MIAIM Miniatures. Creator of the popular Clearview House, Elaine is bringing dollhouses back into fashion by making more fashionable dollhouses. The new MiPad designs allow you to build your custom dream dollhouse one story at a time. Details and purchase information are on

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I bashed a Fascination Station kit from HBS /, to create this house. I'm still working on the finishing touches, but here are images and details of the progress. I'm planning to bring the house to the "I'm a Giant Challenge" showcase in L.A. if that happens.

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The Kaleidoscope House was the brainchild of Peter Wheelwright and Laurie Simmons, and produced by Bozart Toys 2001/2002. I bought mine used on ebay for $350 in Nov 2009. I replaced the warped roof and one broken wall from ebay seller scudderlulu. I haven't added all of my KH pictures to my blog. The most recent ones are up on my flickr page here. The kids had commandeered this one, but we just moved it back into our bedroom, so I plan to work on this house again.

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Technically, this is not my house. It's on loan from My Realitty (LeftCoastMini and My Realitty blogs). The finished kit is sold by Brinca Dada. I hope to set it up again for another photoshoot before I return it. It's near the top of my to do list. ;)

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The original Brinca Dada Emerson House with solar panels, lights and some issues. The revised version The Edward had no electrical and darker wood and a better manufacturer. Both versions appear to be discontinued as they are no longer for sale on the Brinca Dada website.

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IKEA sells the Lekman storage box in a variety of colors for around $12.99. It's an affordable option for a modern roombox setting. I prefer the solid white version versus the translucent colors, as the sides seem like more realistic walls. Available at IKEA.

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The Neville House fits some 1:18 scale pieces but I think 1:24 scale looks a little better. The model was made be CB2 in 2011 and sold for $60.

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The House My Mom Built

Renovating the house my mom built for me as a kid was the catalyst for this blog. I have big plans for this house but need to clear out space before I can drag it back out to finish it. I plan to call it GranMod, (GRANdma's MODern house).

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  1. I really really like your houses! I have always dreamt of owning a kaleidoscope house :) The Dylan and Fashion houses are new to me! and oh so gorgeous! fab!

  2. Your Dollhouses are so pretty especially the Fashion House...thats my dream house when i grow up :-*....

  3. Genius! I started wallpapering my daughter's Little Tykes dollhouse in June (inspired by some cool origami paper). I am still adding things here and there, but it's basically done. I thought it was really well done, until I saw YOURS! You have inspired me to do it "for real" next time, thank you! I love your work and I am thrilled that I am not the only one totally into this :)

  4. As a current interior design student, I must say, you have done an awesome job with the decor! Kuddos!

  5. Can you recommend a dollhouse for a 3 1/2 yr old? I looked at Habe, Lundby and Brinca Dada. Like the Lundby but the furniture is not included and I'm a bit confused with the ratio sizing? thanks!

  6. These dollhouse took long time to made.

  7. Beautiful dollhouse i must say quite a good job.

  8. What scale is the furniture in the Ikea box?

    1. I use 1:12 scale furniture in the Ikea Lekman box. I treat the rooms like they are a loft space with extra high ceilings.


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