Thursday, February 28, 2008

Modern Miniaturists

I'm assuming that if you stumbled across this blog you have also visited my two favorite blogs by Mini Modern and The Shopping Sherpa. Its easy to spend hours getting sucked into their worlds. I read Mini Modern's entire blog one night which led me create this one. Thank you both for the inspiration!

Along my miniature travels, I came across Modern Dollhouse on Geocities, that has lots of pictures of modern dollhouses. I was pleasantly surprised to see it recently updated with a link to a website they are creating They have some great links I was unaware of.

Some of my favorite Mini Modern pics:

Some of my favorite Shopping Sherpa pics:

(All images from Mini Modern and The Shopping Sherpa.)

Odeon Heights

Art Deco style house - 'Odeon Heights' is available for £195.00 at Goodies Miniatures in the UK. After 22 years, Belinda is retiring and the store is closing (as of June 2007), but some of the ready made houses are still for sale. I am so tempted to go Art Deco.

Unique handmade Art Deco style dolls house. 1:12 scale, 3 stories, roof garden and corner pond, Deco style curved window and 'sun-splash' windows and door. The interior has been fully decorated and includes wooden floorboards and papered walls. The house has been pre-wired and has plug points for you to add lights/lamps/fireplaces. It measures: 26"h x 10"d x 13"w.

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berkpanada on flickr

berkpanda has lots of dollhouses and roomboxes on flickr decorated in a variety of styles. These two caught my eye.

Modern urban apartment
"Doll in orange is a Leggo doll. Male standing doll is by Katy Sue dolls of the UK. The the couch and chair set and the Noguchi coffee table are from the shop of the Tee Ridder Miniatures Museum of the Nassau County Museum of Art. The chair that the Leggo doll is sitting on is from the London Dolls House company. The wall clock is by Ruthie G. The modern sculpture is an earring from the Hirshhorn Museum shop." - berkpanda

Art Deco-Flapper Room
"The doll is a Christmas ornament. I got the bedroom furniture at a miniature show. The leather chair at the left is from another wonderful dollhouse shop that no longer exists, the London Dolls House company." - berkpanda

(All images and content from berkpanda's flickr page.)

Classic Modern by Brio

Brio made designer dollhouse furniture?!?
The Brio Scanditoy Mobilia designed classic miniatures in the Sixties and Seventies, including this Arne Jacobsen coffee table and Swan chair. These were for sale on for 60 GBP. I'm guessing these sold already, but you could drop an inquiry to

I would love to have the dollhouse pictured in the Brio advertisement. The Swedes always come up with the greatest stuff. (That girl looks so thrilled with her dad showing off the furniture.)

I believe this Arne Jacobsen red couch and chair were sold on for $116 a piece.

(Arne Jacobsen blue chair and table, and Brio Dollhouse Advert images from Red Arne Jacobsen couch and chair images from

Kaye's Minis

I came across Kaye's Minis on I'll probably never do an Art Deco house but I do like this Art Deco Roombox.

Elegant Room is a roombox designed by Rhonda McDonald, built and decorated by Kaye.

My favorite of Kaye's work is the "Federation House - Modernised". The 1:48 scale house was designed and built by Judy Moras, decorated and landscaped by Kaye Payne. Her renovation plans include stainless steel appliances, stone fire, modern bathroom and kitchen.

(All images from Kaye's Minis)

“Garden Condo” by Fantasy Craft

Another one from Mini Modern's blog is back up on eBay. I appreciate the attention to detail, but again the 80's decor has got to go. This duplex is much more my style and I'd love to get my hands on it. Originally listed at $1,999 + $1,200 shipping, the new starting bid is $1,500 with auction ending on March 9th. (Thanks for the update Nutmeg!) Below are some pictures from the tour.

(All images from marionsmerryminis photoshow)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

“California Contemporary” by Fantasy Craft

I saw this on Modern MC's blog and had to check it out on eBay. Congrats Randi1450, I would love to see how you decorate your new home. Below are some pictures from the tour.

This “California Contemporary” by Fantasy Craft Doll House, was the original handcrafted prototype made around 1997, for the limited production kits that are no longer available. This one sold for $2,500 + $1,000 shipping. I'm curious of the condition of the other 12 kits that are out there.

(All images from marionsmerryminis on photoshow.)

WoodyClick (Hape) Modern Doll Houses

WoodyClick (Hape) has a great line of modern doll houses. Sadly 1/36 scale, but a great way to start your kids off in modern design. The houses are modular so new levels are easily added and homes can take on a variety of shapes.

Above is the Family Home that runs $70 fully furnished at

I will definitely be using a similar spiral staircase in one of my designs to come. I wish they sold the bathroom in 1/12 scale. This Holiday Home is available for $75 at and the smaller Holiday Lounge runs $25 at

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