Friday, May 30, 2014

Faux wood flooring in the Lekman

Follow up for questions on the last post... the flooring is sample contact paper from A few years ago I bought several samples, but have only used the wood grain one. From left to right the samples I ordered are: Natural Fabric, Alessa Silver, Brushed Silver, White glossy, and Mahogany strip parquet.

The samples are $5.99 each for about a 17" x 22" sheet folded in quarters to fit in a 10" x 13" envelope with free shipping. It's a bit pricey considering many hardware/kitchen stores or home good stores sell a whole roll of contact paper for under $10. Plus, folding it adds lots of flaws and wrinkles. :( Ordering online is tricky because you can't tell if the scale will work, so I prefer to buy in person and on the roll, although there are way more styles available online. The first two I showed, Natural Fabric and Alessa Silver, were from the woven linen collection and were the wrong scale and looked weird so I won't be using those. The Brushed Silver and White glossy will work, I just have to find a use for them. Besides the rough spots/bumps/creases I couldn't get out in the Mahogany one, it really looks good and fits 1:12 scale well. I try to cover the flaws with furniture and rugs if I can.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Mahogany contact paper has been discontinued. "Mahogany strip parquet self stick wood grain wall contact paper" was the listing name. I searched online and other stores are also sold out of it.
I did find one company that is selling this Oak version of what I'm using for $8.99 per roll., scroll to the bottom of the page for the listing "Strip Parquet Oak Wood Grain". A roll is around 17 inches by 6 feet, so you will have PLENTY to last for numerous projects.

(ACK! They only ship to the U.S.! I just ordered some, if anyone outside the U.S. wants some let me know and we can work something out.)

The Lekman box from IKEA makes a great roombox if you want to get started in modern miniatures. IKEA sells the Lekman box in red, grey and white for $12.99 but it often goes down to $9.99 on sale. It is 13 x 14 1/2 x 13" so it's a little big for 1:12 scale, but I think the high ceilings make it feel like a converted warehouse or industrial space which bodes well for modern designs.

Lounging in the Lekman

Just a few quick pics from the IKEA Lekman box. Leave a comment if you want to know where specific items are from, but most everything is minimodernistas (bed, lamp and grey standing shelves), PRD Miniatures (mirror, painting, book), rug by Pepper, plant from Lolly's, Reac Barcelona day bed, accessories from Chicago International finds, and stuff from my shop.
Updated: painting on right is by Michael Bush "Ghost in the Darkness" from Tiny Out Loud Kickstarter (and here's the trailer for folks who haven't seen it:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Oh happy days! My MiPad floor plan 3 arrived from MIAIM Miniatures by Elaine Shaw. It took less than 15 minutse to unwrapped and assemble. The only tool needed for the design I chose was a screw driver to attach the front hinged wall to the house.

I set up the house with a black and white theme and I'll try to photograph and post photos later tonight.

The house was incredibly well packed so there was no damage from the oversees shipping. The walls, floor and ceiling were all individually wrapped so they wouldn't scratch or damage each other durning transit. The directions are super easy to follow (although the house is designed so well you don't really need them). You are supposed to attach the stairs before you assemble the house, but I wasn't going to use them for my first design so you'll notice they're missing in the first assembled pics. Then I changed my mind, and popped them in place, as the stairs are too cool not to use.

I love how every edge is finished so once assembled it is ready for decorating. The high quality materials and polished edges on the acrylic really make this the best manufactured dollhouse I've seen. I'm really impressed with Elaine's designs and the manufacturer she's working with.

Elaine is working on more floor designs and extensions. I can't wait to expand on to this house. Currently there are 4 floor designs to choose from at £150 per floor, along with some great modern furniture. More info on the house designs can be found on

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kaleidoscope House, Brookwood and Betsy McCall on ebay

I am seriously procrastinating getting work done tonight, but here are a some more houses on ebay.

There is a Kaleidescope House (1:12 scale) on ebay with a starting bid of $125 and a buy it now for $195 with free shipping. Check out listing here.

There is an interesting finished Brookwood dollhouse (1:12 scale, kit sold by Greenleaf. The exterior is a little retro 70's but I'm kinda diggin' it. Check out the digs here.

There also looks to be a house built with the reverse plans from the 3/4 scale Betsy McCall Do-It-Yourself Dollhouse plans from 1955. Check out the listing here.

Okay, now I really have to get back to work. :(

Contemporary Ranch Dollhouses on ebay finished and in kit

There is a finished Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse on ebay with a starting bid of $237.49 (+$200 shipping). I hadn't seen a close up of the stairs so I wanted share some photos from the listing. Here is the listing on ebay.

The Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse unfinished kit usually sells for $160-$200, but there is also one on ebay with a starting bid of $65 (ends in 3 days). That ebay listing is here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There Goes My Baby

There she goes again. I have only seen a few of these kits on ebay over the years selling for closer to $300. This Summer House by Rundquist Miniatures was listed last week at $500 and I was hoping no one would bite at the new $400 starting bid so the price would go lower again, but someone did.

I absolutely love this house, I've lost two auctions for the same kit, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to jump in at $400+. The openings aren't large enough, making the interior difficult to decorate and get furniture in. Plus most of the walls are foam board which I'd probably replace with something sturdier. The kit was made in 1983 and this is the only one I've seen since the last auction I lost in 2011.

Although, if I had won the house would likely still be in the kit. Instead, Karin beat me out and turned it into this beauty that Modern MC posted here. I hope whomever wins this shares their photos, I'd love to see what they do with it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last chance - The Citadel by Lolly's now $150 bid!

The Citadel by Lolly's is back on ebay with a lower starting bid of $150 (this time there is no free shipping though). The last ones were selling for around $800-$850 from Lolly directly for this same assembled shell. The seller has health issues and is unable to finish the house, she's located in Lakeville, Connecticut. At the bidding rate, someone might walk away with a steal when the auction ends tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite modern houses. Lolly's mother always had a passion for modern and designed this house, as well as many other houses that Lolly's sells. The first photo is of the original version of The Citadel that still resides at Lolly's in Elgin, Illinois (I went on my trip to Chicago and will be posting pics soon).

Check out the ebay listing here:

If you win it, please send me photos of your progress on the house. I wish I had room to make this my own.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Undersized Urbanite Reveal: Let there be dark

When I got back from Chicago International I decided to revamp The Emerson with some of my loot and some new furniture pieces I designed to glam it up a bit for the Undersized Urbanite contest. I was really unhappy with all of the reflections in the windows from the photos I took in March, when I remembered Anna-Maria's night shots of her Emerson on The Shopping Sherpa. I probably shouldn't have waited until the night before the contest ends to test this approach, as I found out too late that I really need a new camera. My usual camera was taking horrible photos in the dark, so I resorted to my iPhone, and here is the best of what I could get.

The tub, sink, wall with mirror and plant are Studio7. Toilet and bath faucet is from minismodernas. Shelf and rug are from ebay. Frames in windowsill are by me. Shark art is from Chiago International*.

Framed komonos artwork (coming to her website soon), pillows and rug are by minimodernistas. Dresser, perfume bottles, screen, bed, night stand, lamp and chairs are Maryann Roy from Welcome Home. White side tables are by me (coming to my shop soon), other decor by PRD Miniatures, Re-ment and from Chiago International*.

The dinning table and chairs, table runner and patio furniture are MiniModels. Wood bowl is RJT Miniatures. Painting is by Lisa from PRD Miniatures. Credenza is minisX2. Wood artwork is by Laser Creations. The grey vases are my Cityscape Vase collection. Accessories are from Neen, mini2B, and planter is by me from craft store supplies. Rugs from minimodernistas.

The upstairs sofa, chair and pillows are Maryann Roy from Welcome Home. Rug by minimodernistas. Accessories are from Chicago International*. White bookcase by me, for sale in my shop soon. Potted plant from ebay.

Platform Chair and Ottoman, pillow and 1:18 scale 3 Spheres hanging Lamp are by minimodernistas. The potted orchid is Minisde cris. Magazine by PRD Miniatures. Hexagon side table is by me and available soon. Bamboo plant made from craft store supplies. Kitchen is vintage Lundby.

Tufted Sofa, V-Leg Day Bed Sofa, pillows and rug are by minimodernistas. The credenza, coffe table and mirror are by Pepper from MitchyMooMiniatures. Accessories are from PRD Miniatures, Chicago International*, Kaleidoscope Dollhouse Accessories, CB2 and local mini shop finds. Square art accessories, X side table and black Fixation bookcase are by me and will be available soon.

UndersizedUrbanite* I'm still digging through receipts and business cards to remember which vendor I bought what from at Chiago International. I will post more details about these items soon.

Now I have to go check out the other reveals for the Undersized Urbanite 2014 contest. Thanks again for hosting Christina!