Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FREE GIVEAWAY: Glam Collection

And Babette Polman makes 400. Woo hoo, I think a giveaway is in order. I bought a bunch of beads that reminded me of the decorative accents Paris sells here on, but with a Hollywood Regency twist. I have several of Paris' and his are seriously high quality and well crafted, mine are just beads glued together. I have some extras so I hope these make a good giveaway.

Please leave a comment with your preference of Set 1 or Set 2 by Saturday, April 14 and I will pick 2 winners randomly on Sunday, April 15. I will also pick 2 winners from my Facebook fans, so "Like" me on Facebook to increase your chances of winning:

I want to find this builder

I'm guessing some of you have seen this house on flickr, but OMG... fabUlous!!! I had to know more. Mandy designed the house and had it built by a man she found on Ebay over 10 years ago. Back then it was impossible for her to find any dollhouses remotely modern so she had this one commissioned.

The lamps, cushions, ornaments, wall art, plants, etc were mainly made by her. Some of the furniture such as the corner sofa was made by The House that Jacq Built. The fantastic Macintosh Waterfall light was from Dolls House Emporium. It was Mandy's first dollshouse, but she no longer has it, as it was too big to show off properly.

Mandy is currently renovating an old Lundby Stockholm House using a mixture of vintage and modern looks. She has been really influenced by the work of PUBDOLL and wants to do something similar. Thanks for sharing Mandy, I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!

(all images from Formidablelady1's flickr photostream)

Melissa's Traditional Modern

Melissa sent me these pictures of a dollhouse she's building from scratch. So far just the first floor, but eventually the spiral staircase will go up to a second floor and then to a roof top deck.

She's been making many items by hand and I wanted to share some of her tips. The fireplace was a package of tiles she put on the fireplace frame. The rug is a plastic weaved placemat she found at Target; I will be keeping my eye out for this one, I love the orange! The coffee table is a tile she picked up at the hardware store and built a frame for it.

The kitchen floor is real peel and stick tiles she cut down to size and the "hardwood" floors are actually peel and stick fake floors she cut into strips, all which were purchased at the hardware store.

It's my dream Sunday for the Mr. to take the kids so I can go wander the aisles at our local hardware store searching for potential modern minis. Great finds Melissa and thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

86'n It

Modern MC already tweeted about this house, but I wanted to post some pictures from Nikki of She renovated this dollhouse for her daughter, that was made for her by her grandfather. It's still a work in progress, but I love the modern touches she's adding to the traditional style. I LOVE the color palette (many colors from their real house) and her use of family photos and mementoes as the artwork.

The ceiling tiles in the bathroom are killer, and along with the cork floor match her real 1:1 loo.

The exterior paint matches the renovation they did to their real 1920's home. If you like real size before and after pics, her blog is a fun read on the adventures her family is having 86'n it.

(all images from

Friday, March 23, 2012

Antrim Living Room III

I should be making promised minis, replying to emails, or cleaning up actual minis, but instead I'm cleaning up harddrive space to migrate to a new computer. Woo hoo! This old mac has been been slowing me down, so hit the road Mac, you're getting replaced.

These Antrim living room pics are about 8 months old, I just realized I never posted them. I'm hoping this will motivate me to dust off this house and get it set up again.

minimodernistas: long&low sofa and chair, green ottoman, pixel chair and ottoman, pillows, rug and ball clock.
PRD Miniatures: custom fireplace (with fire, video here), Essex Kitchen, Sixx Bar Stools, dining room table, Ayche chairs, painting, Large Rust Pot with Verde Plant.
Accessories: Ferenc Albert, AG Minis, Petite Princess, local DH shop, ebay finds.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hat's off to HBS / Creatin' Contest

Mini*Aesthetics posted this already, but I just got my copy in the mail yesterday. I have to admit, its kinda cool to see your work in a magazine catalogue. Looking at the competition, I'm thrilled to have won a First Time Entrant Award. This was the first contest I entered, so I'm not familiar with the usual prize values, but I'm blown away that HBS/ shelled out $3,600 in prize money for the top awards. I blogged about the big winners here, but you can see even more detailed pictures of all the entrants on at these links:
Creatin Contest Winners »
First Time Entrant Awards »
Honorable Mentions »
All other 70 Entrants »

First Time Entrant | "Atomic Bungalow" | Cyd Raduchel, Carmel, IN
I love the roof Mad for Mod from My Mini Mod Pod built, and this house is simply shagadelic. I love it!

First Time Entrant | "The Red Horse Tack Shop" | Charlan Owens, Camden, NC
How cool is the red siding? I love the glass corner entrance and the window frames. Yay solar!

Honorable Mention | "Friends of the Sea Rescue, Rehab & Release" | MaryEllen Markowitz & Grandsons Zachary & Jayden | Boynton Beach, FL
This was my favorite of the Honorable Mentions. Inside is a scuba diver in one of the aquarium tanks. The water in this is fantastic.

"Greystone Villa" | Connie Campbell | Knoxville, TN
I was surprised that Connie didn't win anything. I ADORE this house inspired by Wes Christensen's Mini House 1. You really must visit her website to see the progress and all of the gorgeous interior photos (She has quite an amazing collection of houses to boot).

Below are more of the 70 non-prize winning entrants that I really enjoyed.

"Golf & Gulp" | Debi Woods | Crysler, ON Canada.
Mini Golf for a mini contest, clever. I love the wheels on hole 2. I would definitely have a burger here.

"Museum of Miniatures" | Claudia Heckart | Allyn, WA
A house in a house in a house. Too cute.

"Revolution Avenue, Thorny Coast, Maine" | Kelly Erickson | Wilmington, DE
This kit was already long, but Kelly add two more structures to it. It's so long it can't even fit in one picture. LOVE IT!

"Jedi Knight Academy" | Yvonne Sinclair | Cool, CA

With all of this Star Wars talk, I had to share this one. And Yvonne is from Cool, how cool.

"The Elversonville Inn and Auction House" | Susan Elverson | Perkiomenville, PA
Holy smokes! 6 stories!?!?! That is a ton of work. I think this dollhouse is taller than me.

(All images above from Visit their website for more close ups and more pictures on all of the 84 contest entries.)

I love the Black and White house that Manor Minis and More built out of the Fascination Station kit, but Sandra didn't finish until January, so she missed the contest. Her house is so cool, I had to share. I love the ELF Miniatures kitchen, and Amazing Miniatures desk. I love the fabric on the couch and chair by Kris Compas.

Sandra, how many cats are in your house?!?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get out the vote!

Bookmark this link and go vote once a day:
You can read about all 6 finalists here.

Come on modern miniature enthusiasts, we can do better than 2%!!! Get out the vote!

May the force be with you.
A not so long time ago, in a galaxy very, very close...

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During the battle, Rebel bloggers managed
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The Empire's followers have been
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(once per day until March 21) can bring
modern miniatures to the galaxy....

Sponsored by the M3 Super PAC (Modern Miniatures Movement) with absolutely no coordination with finalists.
idea stolen from LeftCoastMini :P

My new dream house

Modern MC blogged about an amazing cat retreat inspired Nomad Home dollhouse she's having built, and Pepper inquired if she'd see these dog abodes on Oh Heavens, the Transparent Dogs House is definitely my inspiration pic for the next dollhouse I want to build. Thank you Pepper!

(image from

Camelot! (it's only a model)

How cute is this house on etsy by EmmyNHiros? Too bad it's so small, but still cool to look at.
(all images from etsy seller EmmyNHiros)