Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ben Holiday House. Too cute.

Hello Ben Holiday House! Last year CB2 brought us the Neville House which was small, close to 1:18 scale for $60. The new Ben Holiday House is $50, 3 stories and only 9" tall, so I have no idea what itty bitty scale that would be. 1:36? Doris of minimodernistas is considering buying one and making furniture to whatever scale it is, stay tuned.

(images from cb2 website


The scale is supposed to be 1/4 quarter, but I'll confirm with Doris when she gets hers. The back is completely open, you can see pictures here:

Sadly, Modern MC has seen the Ben Holiday House in San Francisco and Berkeley, and the ones here are "poorly made = splintered cuts, misaligned windows & glue residue abound". Has anyone seen if they are made any better in other parts of the country?