Friday, November 29, 2013

Save up to $50 on my shop this weekend!

Holiday madness is starting to creep in, and for those in the United States it all starts with the Black Friday sales.

Shapeways (the company that makes my miniatures) is helping to spread the 3D printed love with these Holiday Weekend Deals.

Use promo code "save10", "save25", or "save50" at checkout.

I've added some new items to modernize your dollhouse or display.

I designed a new accessories collection with everything you need for a modern bathroom. The Cityscape Vases collection adds a cool architectural skyline to your mantle. And I'm branching out with these planter collections for indoor and outdoor use.

Offer is valid 5 times per customer. Only 3D prints count towards minimum spend amounts, not gift cards, shipping, wrapping or taxes. Promotion ends Monday, Dec. 2 at Midnight PST.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elaine Shaw is back with a clear view for the future

One of the questions I get emailed the most often is "what happened to Elaine Shaw?" Well folks, she's back. With a vengeance.

Elaine Shaw (designer of the Clearview Doll's House, founder of Miaim) is back with a brilliant new design you can read all about on her Kickstarter page here: Kickstarter is a really cool website the helps creators/inventors/artists/authors fund their projects and bring their ideas to life.

Elaine gained notoriety when her Clearview Dollhouse debuted in 2010. The Clearview was a stepping stone to bigger and brighter designs, and Elaine is thrilled to offer you a chance to get in on the ground floor and build your own dream dollhouse out of her newest idea the "MiPad".

The MiPad is made up of individual floors. Each floor is 23cm high, 51cm deep and 61cm wide or approximately 9” high, 20” deep and 24” wide. Instead of buying the whole house, you buy it one floor at a time and build your house the way you want it. All of the floors are stackable and interchangeable. Elaine currently has 4 different floor designs and is working on another 6 floors so there will be 10 floor designs to choose from.

The MiPad is built to be assembled permanently or to be taken down and reassembled for relocation. The clear acrylic doors slide all the way out and others open up easily or can be removed and everything is replaceable.

Elaine has 24 more days to have people fund her project to bring the MiPad into existence. If you are as excited about this gorgeous modern dollhouse as I am, I hope you can help fund Elaine's MiPad by pledging to buy a floor or two. If you can't, please spread the word so we can find enough buyers to get these houses built. Our world needs more modern dollhouses in it.