Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steve Beebe Found

To recap, as I'm guessing not everyone reads the comments... a few days ago I posted Modern MC's photo of the 1:144 scale Fallingwater dollhouse made by Steven Beebe. Callsmall was in NYC shortly after and went into a dollhouse store on the Upper East Side, Tiny Doll House, where they had some very nice looking 1:144 houses by none other than Steven Beebe. There was even a Frank Lloyd Wright-looking house. Callsmall found out that the owner (who wasn't there) deals with Beebe directly. It seemed like he is an artisan who sells directly to specialty stores. Callsmall was planning to call to speak to the owner to learn more.

After reading Callsmall's comments, I searched again and found Steven Beebe's website. I had been searching under "Steven Bebe" but just thought to look for "Steve" instead and lo and behold there was his website with an additional e in his last name. D'oh. I can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Sadly, there are no photos of his work on the website, but I'm sending him an email to beg for photos to post. Steven your work is amazing! We'd love to see more of it!!!

Here is some info on the artist from his website:
Steven B.A. Beebe is an established New York based artist specializing in hand crafted "one of a kind" miniatures & architectural scale models.

Steve began crafting scale models and miniatures at the age of 14. While interning as a graphic design artist at James River Corp. in Richmond, VA, his first works were sold locally at a popular specialty shop. College courses such as 3-Dimensional Graphic Design, Package Design and art theory classes enhanced the imagination and construction behind Steve's miniature crafting.

His work was soon represented by Dean Jenson of Rainbow Design as well as such noted miniature enthusiasts as Flora Gill Jacobs at the Washington Toy Museum.

His work has also been featured in publications such as "Nutshell News" and "Miniature Collector Magazine." Although based in New York, the time Steve has spent in California has influenced his work with a decidedly "west coast" feel. Adding to that is a hint of pop culture that is both unique and impressive amid today's miniature scene.

(image from MiniModern blog)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fallingwater inspired buildings

Modern MC sent me the scoop on these really cool architectural model buildings based off of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater design.They were used in the design stage of casino in Vegas. Too pricey for my collection but they are really cool to look at. Check out the links below for more photos of the 3 models.

Thanks Modern MC!!

(images on ebay here, here and here.)

HO scale

HO scale is about 1:87, almost twice as big as the N scale which ranges from 1:148-1:160. If you're looking for a mini house for your dollhouse N scale is the way to go. N gauge and N scale are often interchanged, but N scale can fluctuate sightly smaller whereas N gauge is 1:148 only. There are also Z scale at 1:220 and T scale is 1:450 if you want some super minis.

Here are some really cool houses mini2b found on ebay. These unique train set modern houses are being sold by the builder. The first was inspired by South Florida architecture and the second by Miami Beach Art Deco style. These can be found in beachboy350 ebay store.

Here are a few others that I found on ebay but had to pass on as they are too big for my collection. The "DETAILED FALLER NR220 FLATS HO" sold for around $33. The set of two Vollmer HO houses is currently up on ebay here. The house in the middle reminds me of the vintage Vero houses.

(images from ebay - top two are from beachboy350, Faller NR220 and two Vollmer houses)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

1:144 dream dollhouses

Modern MC showcased this 1:144 scale Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water dollhouse made by Steven Bebe in these two blog posts a few years back in her Malibu Beach DH and Kaleidoscope House. Ever since I have been looking on ebay with no luck for similar gems.

I love the work Oese is doing in 1:144. This red and white apartment building was on ebay. I as well couldn't buy it, but I love Oese's version of it. Here are more pictures of it on her blog, Raum für Raum.

Here is Oese's Villa Sibi that she made as a custom order.

Another one of Oese's houses that I love is her version of the Green Condo with Roof Garden from the Green Dollhouse Project. Here are more pictures and details on the building of this mini house.

As well as Oese's collection of mini miniatures and shot of her mini-workshop.

(images from MiniModern blog, Raum für Raum blog, ebay and Green Dollhouse Project)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pretty awesome Playhouses

I meant to post about this, but I somehow lost the photos I took of the Dreams Happen fundraising event put on by Rebuilding Together Peninsula. The fundraiser teams up architects and builders to design some pretty unique and incredible children’s playhouses; slides, climbing walls and operating doors and windows, total package. The playhouses have a maximum of 8'x10' base and up to 10'6" in height. The playhouses are on display at the open air Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA for the month of May and then auctioned off at the fundraiser with opening bids of $5,000, but going for $13,000 - $15,000+.

The fundraiser happens every two years with all of the proceeds benefits Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a national organization that organizes volunteers to help repair/restore homes for low-income, seniors and disabled homeowners. Dwell sponsored the orange & metal pod style modern house in the top right. (I love that magazine, but I mostly just poke around their website these days).

Here are some from 2005 & 2007.

(all images from Rebuilding Together Peninsula website)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kato Residential Buildings

Thanks callsmall! The link I had for the Claremont House goes to the Kato online catalogue which lists the suggested retail price, but doesn't actually sell the house. Here is the catalogue page for similar houses. (I like the Liberty House as well).

Callsmall found the cream Claremont House on ebay for $18.80 here (there were 10 left at time of post).

(images from ebay listing and Kato online catalogue)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dollhouse for your dollhouse

Oese and CallSmall are to thank for turning me on to N scale railroad model miniature dollhouses. The yellow house is Bachmann N Scale Contemporary House - I paid $13.99 on ebay, but I saw it online at for $9.49. The green house (pictured front and back) is a Herpa two story flat - I paid around $7 on ebay, there is a set of three similar white ones on ebay now, I haven't seen these online. Lastly, Kato Structures 7410 N. Clarmont House #23-405, I paid $18.50 on ebay, but it is online at for $22.50.

Here are some great pictures from their blogs that got me interested. The collection of houses on the shelf are from Call of the small. The two interior shots are from Raum für Raum.

Here are some others on ebay that I almost bid on. Green set of 2 Vollmer N Scale Model Apartment Buildings, sold for $22 (love these). The High Rise building and Kato N Prof Building/Mama's Seafood KAT23406 are still up on ebay.

(images from ebay, Raum für Raum and Call of the small)

Ocean Drive copyright infringement?

I'm guessing everyone reading this loves modern minis as a hobby, and its not their full time job. We put a lot of time, effort and money into our hobby, but what happens if someone uses our images for their personal gain? I found this image of one of Mini Modern's scenes on a Dutch website selling this house. The image of the Ocean Drive dollhouse is not from DHE's website so I wonder where they got that one from.

I used google translator on the page which says "Illustrations copyright. Do not download the images without permission" and has a link to "My mini-scenes". Maybe they got Modern MC's permission (I have an email inquiring) but I was still really surprised to stumble across this image on their store. I mean why even use the photo if they don't sell any of the cool stuff in it?

(images from Finnish website, although original image is from MiniModern blog)

Ocean Liner House

Huh. I was trying to find images from some British dollhouse shows and randomly came across a photo of Henry Colbert's Art Deco dolls house, with a caption on it "Ocean Liner House by Henry Colbert". I hadn't seen that name associated with that house, but I kinda like it.

Now I'm really curious if Henry Colbert was in attendance at the Nov 09 show, just his work, or why his 1997 dollhouse is featured (he's not listed as an exhibitor). If anyone is in London May 14-16, 2010 the next Kensington Dollshouse Festival will be then.

Could this be Henry Colbert? This photo was taken at one of the Birmingham Miniatura shows this year. The Art Deco house looks like 1/24 scale and is similar to Henry's other work. I found the photo on a Japanese blog, but other than "Modern house" I can't make out much else from the translation. I'm assuming this guy is the builder, otherwise I'd kick his @$$ for leaning on the dollhouse.

(Top image from The Kensington Dollshouse Festival website. Bottom image from I love it! Japanese blog )

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just a simple box

This reminded me of The Condo from Mary's Dollhouse nook. If you want to save a lot of money on a house, these simple boxes do the trick.

This was made be a group of design students at Göteborg Universitet in Sweden.

"This is a comment to the childrens doll houses and dolls of today. More and more people live in apartments. Nuclear families isn’t the norm anymore. This has led to new family constellations. These doll apartment houses are made for a modern age. Gothenburg city museum, exhibition 2008 Group work: Annie Jönsson, Maria De Frumerie, Henrik Franklin, Rasmus Lindell, Danielah Bright"

(image from

Black White & Red all over

Can you imagine having a dollhouse that actually looks like your house? My Swedish is non-existent other than semla and Talar du engelska, so I'm not quite sure who's album this is, but I enjoyed seeing their actual house below along with their dollhouses. If you look at the skinny picture on the left, you'll see the Lundby dollhouse hanging on the wall.
Maybe when the kids are older I'll have a house this clean.

(images from

Lost in Lego Land

Although, they are not 1:12, these were the favorite ones I found searching for modern lego dollhouses. After attempting to make something out of my toddler's Duplo's, I will leave lego houses to the experts.

These lego houses are creations of Michael Lasky. I'm really impressed how people can design these houses brick by brick. The few things I made with legos growing up looked like stick figures compared to these.

(images from