Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steve Beebe Found

To recap, as I'm guessing not everyone reads the comments... a few days ago I posted Modern MC's photo of the 1:144 scale Fallingwater dollhouse made by Steven Beebe. Callsmall was in NYC shortly after and went into a dollhouse store on the Upper East Side, Tiny Doll House, where they had some very nice looking 1:144 houses by none other than Steven Beebe. There was even a Frank Lloyd Wright-looking house. Callsmall found out that the owner (who wasn't there) deals with Beebe directly. It seemed like he is an artisan who sells directly to specialty stores. Callsmall was planning to call to speak to the owner to learn more.

After reading Callsmall's comments, I searched again and found Steven Beebe's website. I had been searching under "Steven Bebe" but just thought to look for "Steve" instead and lo and behold there was his website with an additional e in his last name. D'oh. I can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Sadly, there are no photos of his work on the website, but I'm sending him an email to beg for photos to post. Steven your work is amazing! We'd love to see more of it!!!

Here is some info on the artist from his website:
Steven B.A. Beebe is an established New York based artist specializing in hand crafted "one of a kind" miniatures & architectural scale models.

Steve began crafting scale models and miniatures at the age of 14. While interning as a graphic design artist at James River Corp. in Richmond, VA, his first works were sold locally at a popular specialty shop. College courses such as 3-Dimensional Graphic Design, Package Design and art theory classes enhanced the imagination and construction behind Steve's miniature crafting.

His work was soon represented by Dean Jenson of Rainbow Design as well as such noted miniature enthusiasts as Flora Gill Jacobs at the Washington Toy Museum.

His work has also been featured in publications such as "Nutshell News" and "Miniature Collector Magazine." Although based in New York, the time Steve has spent in California has influenced his work with a decidedly "west coast" feel. Adding to that is a hint of pop culture that is both unique and impressive amid today's miniature scene.

(image from MiniModern blog)


  1. I love the idea of a miniature within a miniature.
    Very interesting and creative

  2. This is amazing that you tracked him down. Excellent work Magnum PI! Seriously though, I am excited that you found him. I have coveted that micro Falling Water for a very long time.

  3. Studio SWS - I agree. I'd love to have a mini house of each of my dollhouses.


    Petite Nouveau - Check out this post on
    March 16, 2010, if you are interested in a mini Frank Lloyd Wright. If you email him and mention this site he has offered a sale price of $95 (basically a wholesale price). It would include furnishings, glued into place, or a packet of loose furnishings.


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