Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dollhouse for your dollhouse

Oese and CallSmall are to thank for turning me on to N scale railroad model miniature dollhouses. The yellow house is Bachmann N Scale Contemporary House - I paid $13.99 on ebay, but I saw it online at for $9.49. The green house (pictured front and back) is a Herpa two story flat - I paid around $7 on ebay, there is a set of three similar white ones on ebay now, I haven't seen these online. Lastly, Kato Structures 7410 N. Clarmont House #23-405, I paid $18.50 on ebay, but it is online at for $22.50.

Here are some great pictures from their blogs that got me interested. The collection of houses on the shelf are from Call of the small. The two interior shots are from Raum für Raum.

Here are some others on ebay that I almost bid on. Green set of 2 Vollmer N Scale Model Apartment Buildings, sold for $22 (love these). The High Rise building and Kato N Prof Building/Mama's Seafood KAT23406 are still up on ebay.

(images from ebay, Raum für Raum and Call of the small)


  1. The Clarmont house is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  2. I want to say the same: I'm in love with the Claremont! So georgous!
    It's nice to see the wave of some themes arrives other bloggers.So inspiring!

  3. Thanks for posting this! Next, you should post on the people who go with these little houses. Kato has many fine sets of different types. The Claremont is amazing, but I could not find it for purchase online. It looks like they don't sell through that link. You must photograph your growing mini mini collection in action :)

  4. Found it

  5. Pubdoll, thanks for all of your holiday posts! :)

    Oese, I LOVE the Claremont house as well, I had to buy it when I saw it. I'll get pictures up soon, as it lives in the K House now.

    Callsmall, thanks for the ebay link, I'll add a new post with that info.

  6. I had not focused on this scale but checked out ebay immediately. Found the yellow contemporary house for $3.00, ordered the Claremont, and purchased a scale model White Castle that I put together. The possibilities are endless with this scale whether in a 1:12 house, as a model city, or residential development. Thank you so much for posting the information.

  7. Mini2b,
    There is some pretty cool stuff out there. I can't wait to see pictures with your new mini houses.

  8. I love these tiny dolls houses.



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