Friday, December 25, 2009

Pretty awesome Playhouses

I meant to post about this, but I somehow lost the photos I took of the Dreams Happen fundraising event put on by Rebuilding Together Peninsula. The fundraiser teams up architects and builders to design some pretty unique and incredible children’s playhouses; slides, climbing walls and operating doors and windows, total package. The playhouses have a maximum of 8'x10' base and up to 10'6" in height. The playhouses are on display at the open air Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA for the month of May and then auctioned off at the fundraiser with opening bids of $5,000, but going for $13,000 - $15,000+.

The fundraiser happens every two years with all of the proceeds benefits Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a national organization that organizes volunteers to help repair/restore homes for low-income, seniors and disabled homeowners. Dwell sponsored the orange & metal pod style modern house in the top right. (I love that magazine, but I mostly just poke around their website these days).

Here are some from 2005 & 2007.

(all images from Rebuilding Together Peninsula website)


  1. wow, I am very flattered and proud! thank you so much for showing all my houses in this scale.
    I hope to see your new mini-houses in the Kaleidoscope-House soon.

  2. I LOVE your work Oese. It is very inspiring. I have to work out the lighting but hope to have K House photos up soon with the new mini-houses. :)


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