Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elaine Shaw is back and OPEN for Business!!

Elain Shaw is back and she has been busy! Go check out her etsy store with these gorgeous sofas and cool coffee tables. I love the "chorme" detailing!

I LOVE this dining room table and these chairs.

And the modern bathroom!!! LOVE IT ALL!

This is just the beginning for Elaine. She has been slaving away at a new website for the launch of her new MiPad custom dollhouses. She is working with her manufacture and the houses will hopefully be available to purchase in a few weeks. She has some incredible design options to choose from. I'll share more details as soon as her website is live. For now you can enjoy her work on her etsy shop:

Friday, March 21, 2014

"The Gallery" by Phillip Nuveen - A little project making a big impression

Phillip Nuveen has a new miniature structure with endless potential.

You probably remember Phillip Nuveen from his amazing PMN086 Highrise. Phillip started making miniatures professionally about a year and a half ago. He has always been a builder, with a love for Legos as a child and making very elaborate buildings and structures.

"The PMN086 structure began as a break from paintings, I had grown restless working in the second dimension and have always wanted a model of some sorts in my home. Almost like a fancy nightlight, which is pretty much what it has become haha. I had been stumbling upon miniature blogs and was almost set to buy a modern mini from a talented artist and I thought I should try making one first. So one day in the early spring of 2012 I simply went and bought raw materials at the usual artists supply stores that I frequent. I had made an informal sketch or two of how I wanted it to look and I got started. And within a few days It started growing vertically, I never really intended it to reach over 6 feet tall but I just went with it. I was having so much fun figuring out the engineering and making everything, the addiction was started. So I worked on the structure diligently over the next few months and voila!"

Since Phillip started in the miniature world his skills keep getting better and more refined. He has designed and built several modern dwellings like his Minimalist's One Bedroom sold on his etsy shop. "As soon as I finish a new structure intended for selling I post it to my etsy account. I have recieved requests to remake specific houses again and am happy to do it. I always love making new ideas become real, its just having enough time to do it seems to be an uphill battle. When I get a request I can usually build it with in 2-3 weeks and generally range from $500-$1500. The price really depends on the structure and the amount of furnishings."

Phillip just finished his newest miniature, The Gallery! "Its been so much fun telling people I'm a gallery owner! Sure its only 14 inches tall but the purpose of it is to actually house exhibitions of artists work. I'll just simply scale down 2 dimensional art work, put it in a minimal frame and curate an exhibition. I have so many talented artist friends lined up to do shows with. From photos you'll never know its a model so i'm hoping it may just boost some peoples careers now that we'll have gallery installation photos of our artwork! Plus in general I think the concept is a scream! I'm very thankful that i'm able to work in this medium, I love it!"

When I see work like Phillip's I'm always curious "how do they do that?" Phillip uses an exacto knife for about 80% of the work. He relies on 3 different types of glues/adhesives. His biggest tool has been learning 3D rendering so he can design furniture that his hands can't make but can be printed and look perfect. "This is such an exciting frontier that I have so many pieces of furniture in the works! Can't wait to perfect them and get them out there and able to buy!"

Next for Phillip is finishing the Stansted Home. His freelance design projects exploded right after he started and he's hoping to have enough time this spring to finish it. The home will be furnished with some really fabulous 3D printed pieces.

Phillip also has plans to make a Mies Van Der Rohe style office building and a Chanel boutique. "With enough coffee and time on my hands who knows!"

Fore more information or to contact Phillip Nuveen, visit his website at

Keep an eye out for future miniature gallery openings at

(all images provided by Phillip Nuveen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marion Russek's amazing Glenwood Dolls House

Marion Russek from Switzerland learned how to work with LEDs, 3D printing and 3D Live Interior (to draw the house plans) to create this gorgeous dollhouse. It is simply stunning. Check out this incredible video she put together displaying the house WATCH HERE.

Marion is also selling the bathtub, sink, toilet, faucet, shower fixture, laundry basket and spiral staircase that she created on her shapeways shop

Great work Marion!!

Take the video tour here

And check out her shapeways shop here

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Who broke blogger?

You may have noticed you haven't had any new followers to your blogs lately... well the Google Friend Connect has been busted for over a week now. If you try to follow a blog by clicking "Join this site, with google friend connect" you get the lovely:

"We're sorry...
We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

Tons of complaints are going up in the support forums, but all I've seen in response is

"Google staff is aware of this issue and working towards a solution. Thanks for your patience."

Ugh, hopefully, they get it working again. It's never fun to have new followers frustrated with your site not working.

The other glitch I've been having is when I leave a comment, it leaves it two or three times and I have delete the duplicate comments. Is anyone else having that problem? I use Google Chrome as a browser and that might be the problem.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New Modern Pad for Barbie

I think Boomini has found a great way to satisfy kids and collectors with these new modern dollhouses for fashion dolls. I keep saying I'm sticking to 1:12, but these new 1:6 dollhouses from Poland are really tempting! And the furniture!?!? So gorgeous and so modern. I LOVE IT!

"Boomini introduces beauty, quality, and safety of use into modern houses. Our doll houses are both a designer item and a gorgeous toy allowing a child to develop imagination and social functions, satisfy intellectual and emotional needs as well as develop a sense of esthetics and passion for beauty. Boomini teaches how to search for the best, the refined and the unique."

Boomini Wood
"A spacious house consisting of four parts, which can be freely combined with each other horizontally. Made from certified plywood. The set includes stairs. It is ideal for several children to play at the same time as you can play on all sides. If you want to use it as a decoration, it looks best placed on a table to show off all the interior fittings. The interior is decorated in pastel colors. The furniture is made of wood and plywood, painted with watercolors, which are safe for children. All the upholstered items are made of woolen felt."

Boomini White
"A multistory dollhouse scale 1:6 size 47x62x132 cm (LxWxH). Perfect for placing on the floor as an original piece of furniture. The front parts of the house are mobile. When closed it makes a solid display home, when open it makes it easy to play inside. The set includes stairs, which can be used from the front or from the side. It is made of high quality MDF.

The interior is decorated with black and white wallpaper, which provides a perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories are in bold, vibrant colors. The rear wall of the kitchen is a blackboard, where you can chalk recipes or leave messages for other family members."

Check out more about Boomini here: