Monday, March 3, 2014

The Citadel by Lolly's is on ebay!

I was super excited to see The Citadel by Lolly's on ebay, but the lead image is the original that I believe is still on the shelves at Lolly's Shop in Elgin, Illinois. I hope to make a trip to Lolly's Shop to find out when I'm in town for Chicago International (who else is going, wanna meet up?). The Citadel for sale on ebay is the pre-built shell. And is listed with a starting bid of $1,500!?!? The last one I saw on ebay was used and didn't sell at $750 but accepted a $400 offer, pick up only. This one includes shipping.

Here are the details from the ebay listing:
"The Citadel by Lolly's -- pre-built shell -- measures approx. 20 1/2" D, 30 1/2" W, and 34 1/2" H. Instructions are included giving directions for completion as well as the "Deed" filled out by Lolly's certifying this is not a spin off. If you google Lolly's Citadel you will be able to see completed as well as semi-completed houses. I am not aware if they are still being made - if so in very limited numbers. I bought it a couple of years ago with intentions on completing it but due to health reasons it is still in the as new condition that I received it in."

3/8/14 update: it didn't sell, but is re-listed at $1,499.


  1. It's a gorgeous house, I love the finished look with the wooden exterior. But $1500 for a shell, wow, that's a bit steep!

  2. Oh my goodness it is so beautiful!

  3. I never knew houses like this existed it's stunning thank you for sharing it

  4. Its a beautiful house but verry pricey condidering it used( you cant really put your one stamp on it) and of course there's allways my luck not shipping outside the us!

  5. I received the Citadel for XMas as a child. To this day I don't know how my parents did it. I was a dollhouse feind and had drooled over this house at the local miniature shop. It stood in stark contrast to the Victorian dollhouse I had at home. It saw much love throughout my childhood. Regretfully, it was given to a family member after I left home and fell into disrepair. What I would give for it again.

    1. Bonnie, you are in luck. There is a Citadel listed for sale on the flyer of Coopers Dollhouse in Benecia. They are having a sale this weekend. Their contact information is 707-745-9411 or The house will not be at the sale but Coopers will put you in contact with the seller. Hope this reaches you.


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