Sunday, August 26, 2012

New minimodernistas on sale

minimodernistas has some cool new items that are on sale for 20% off until September 9th. The woven bench and open coffee table are two of her new pieces that I just adore. They fit beautifully in a room I've been working on for a few months now. The wood cut out is KaiserCraft (idea from minimodern), rug is a floor tile sample (idea from Pepper), chairs by tinyfixation, hanging lamp is from Neen as well as beautiful original painting by Neen's mom Eileen Levy (LOVE IT, thank you Neen!!!). Open coffee table and woven bench are minimodernistas. Bed and lines are PRD miniatures, side table lamp is MaryAnn Roy, side table is Paul MacAlister. Accessories are miniature show finds and I made the planter box in the corner.

Other new items include this woven platform bed, frame sofa in lots of color options, and frame desk. Check out all of minimodernistas' new items for sale here

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Refreshing swap from studio7

Several months ago I commented on Alisa's blog (Mini*Aesthetics) that I'd love to do a swap with her. We'd agreed on mid-June with a "green" theme. With everything going in my life, it was so refreshing to open her swap and be welcomed back to miniland. While trying to hone in my style, she noticed I have more houses than bathrooms and so she made this modern bathroom suite for me. It will be perfect in my KHouse. How cool is that pedestal sink? More pictures to come when I set the ensemble. I was quite jealous of her vintage Eames fabric find and was thrilled to see it in the box. Plus, Alisa made really cool pillows to fit my PRD Miniatures M.U.T.T. bench. Along with a bunch of fun accessories and a clever coffee table, I'm really inspired to start decorating with these. THANK YOU ALISA!!!

The wait is almost over

My swap list is a growing IOU list. The cool stuff in my head, somehow turns to crap in reality. I've been working on a piece of furniture where several pieces of wood need to be the exact same length and width, and I have failed miserably to achieve this. I have realized I can not saw straight and every piece I attempted to hand sand, now has rounded edges. Enter Micro-Mark; thank you for the tip Doris (minimodernistas)! I ordered some idiot proof tools to get these swap items done. Measure twice, cut once has new meaning with this cool Fractional Digital Caliper. The Miter-Rite is for making perfect angle cuts and I bought a sanding block jig so I can finally stop rounding all of the corners on everything. Lastly, I bought an angle plate so I can make sure I'm gluing at perfect right angles. Now I have the tools, so no more excuses. September is the month I finish what I started and get all of my return swaps in the mail. Thank you for your patience Meagan, Pepper, Neen and Alisa. Sorry you will have to wait a little longer, as I'm attempting to finish the Spring Fling in the next two weeks, but the end is in sight. ;)

Saying goodbye is never easy

I was vacationing with family when I got the call that Chod died. 5 days earlier I stood in his kitchen holding his hand as he thanked me and said he couldn't have finished the book without me. I wanted to hug him but his body had gotten so frail, I just held his hand in both of mine while we talked and promised I'd come see him upon my return. Mentally, he was all there, but his body could no longer compete with multiple myeloma cancer. Writing and publishing his book was one of his greatest accomplishments. He was able to hold the finished book in his hands and it brought him happiness and a sense of peace in his final days that he was leaving this world in a better place. I'm so proud to have been a part of it and feel honored to have had him in my life, I just wish I could have had one final goodbye.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Honored to win Minismodernas contest

Last month I was estatic to find out I won minismodernas anniversary contest. The contest was a scene competition in any contemporary style: shabby, minimal, urban chic, with a prize of a €100 gift voucher to I picked out this ultra modern bath suite, books, some fun office supplies and accessories, and Rosa threw in a OOAK hand carved wooden bust by a local artisan. I'll be posting pictures of these in scenes in the next few days.

I was up against some serious talent. I don't think I would have won without swaps from Pepper (mitchymoominiatures
and Meagan (TinyFixation). Here is my entry, and all of the participants were posted here and here.

All items are for sale on and you can check out Rosa's blog at

Thank you Rosa and minismodernas!

Friday, August 3, 2012

PRD sale extended to August 5!

Summer is still sizzling. PRD Miniatures extended their summer sale through the weekend. Check out all of the new items just added, and they're on sale too!