Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mid-Century to Mod: Maryann Roy

A few months ago, The Shopping Sherpa posted some great mid-century modern designs in 1:6 scale she tracked down by Maryann Roy (read her blog to see how she found Maryann). I emailed Maryann to inquire if she worked in 1:12 scale. She has done some 1:4 scale (for 16" dolls) and experimented with a furniture suite in 1:12. She enjoys reading many of the modern miniature blogs, but alas her heart is in 1:6 her scale. I'm hoping when she's less busy we can convert her to do more 1:12 scale work. I mean, we have way better modern houses in our scale. :)

I love her tag line: "Neo-Retro Furnishings for today's Fashion Dolls". Maryann is most well known as an expert in restoring vintage dolls. She has been featured on television, and several magazines Dolls in Print, Barbie Bazaar, Haute Doll, and Miller's Magazine, where she wrote a column on restoration.

Over the years Maryann wanted her articles and photos to be just as good as others she was inspired by, but unable to find the pieces she really wanted she decided to design and make them herself.

Currently, Maryann is a contributer to Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, where her articles are on both vintage and modern dolls. She is constantly designing and creating new suites of furniture. She generally doesn't take commissions, as it would interfere with trying to create all of the ideas she already has in her head. Although, she has done some special commissions for doll websites, a few doll dealers, and of course the FDQ magazine. She created some beautiful backgrounds, furnishings and accessories for Integrity Toys (partly owned by fashion designer Jason Wu) line of fashion dolls (see photos here).

I love Maryann's design ideas, and am truly inspired by her new pieces with a futuristic modern look. I'm excited to pick up the Autumn 2010 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, to read her latest article. Here are a few photos that were not used in the article.

Photos courtesy of Maryann Roy. For more details please visit Maryann's website ( or her blog, where she sells her work at

Friday, August 20, 2010

Antrim at DWR event in San Francisco 9/16

Here's an exterior shot of The Antrim with the windows in. If you'd like to take a closer look, you can see it for yourself at the San Francisco Design Within Reach event! As I've been working with Paris to design and furnish the house from its blank canvas, he suggested having it at the show. With one month left he is working away and I can't wait to show you the gorgeous pieces he has come up with. The floors will be coming soon and Paris will be delivering a lot goodies in person at the show. I can't begin to describe how excited I am. Giddy as a school girl doesn't come close. I know most of you who are nearby are already planning on attending, but now you'll have one more thing to ogle over. See you soon!
The “MINIATURE MODERNISM EXHIBIT” hosted by Design Within Reach Jackson Street Studio. Featuring the incredible work of PRD Miniatures, Mini Modernistas, Brinca Dada, and Modern MC (

Design Within Reach Jackson Street Studio
455 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Drinks and light fare will be served.

Read more about the progress of The Antrim house here »

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Antrim Update

Here is a photo of the rooms with my original flooring ideas on the left. On the right, I took photos of the samples Paris sent me and stretched and chopped them in photoshop to help me decide on flooring options.

I have to learn how to take better photos, as these shots really don't do the samples justice. But in the last shot, I put the PRD Miniatures Maple flooring sample on top of the pine wood sheet flooring you can get from any dollhouse shop, and it's not hard to tell which looks more true to life. I am loving all of the flooring options Paris sent.

The bathroom will be this gorgeous wide cut slate Paris made. For the guest bedroom I picked the medium brown carpet everyone loved. The office and entire main floor will be the walnut (middle picture) but it will have a darker stain on it look more like the ebony (right picture). The ebony is expensive wood, so Paris suggested staining the more affordable walnut to get a similar look for less.

In terms of layout (Rebecca and Callsmall called it), Paris came up with a great solution to make it work. The kitchen will be on the far left, but Paris created this tile entry way so you're not walking right into the kitchen. The raised slate matches the bathroom tile and this really cool partition has a removable frosted panel so I can easily swap it out if I want a different look. The dining table will be parallel to and under the long window. Then Paris has some great ideas to expand the fireplace to make it more of a focal point. And, I hadn't even thought of it, but he suggested adding a half bath on the main floor. (I mean, have you ever been to a party where you had to go up a flight of stairs to use the loo?) With Paris's design background, he really thinks of how to make this a house you want to live in, not just a dolls house to play in.

I am loving the custom windows Paris designed for me. He made them a perfect fit, so they are pressure fit with no glue required. My house is slightly crooked so I had to sand a little off one of the walls, but they fit like a glove. For both of the balconies, Paris used the same slate tile in the entry way and bathroom to tie it all together. I love it!

Paris is working on the floors now, and I can't wait to see the finished pieces. More to come...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

brinca dada fabulous furniture

I am incredibly jealous of petite nouveau and Modern MC's Emerson Houses, and you too Melissa and mini2b. [side note: I must say, I was surprised it is a kit; a finished and pre-wired kit, but still a kit. For some reason I thought it came pre-assembled. I had inquired about the Bennett House being a kit or pre-assembled and Doug from brinca dada said "The Bennett House will also be 3/4 scale and it will require assembly. It's not a kit in the sense that everything needs to be painted, etc. But it is not pre-assembled." For some reason (wishful thinking?) I interpreted that it was the same scale but thought differed by requiring assembly. I should have paid better attention in English classes.]

I popped over to the brinca dada website and ooo la la, I hadn't realized the furniture photos were up. I'm drooling. The 32 piece, 7 room, wood furniture set is 3/4" scale, and is scheduled to be released in time for the 2010 Holidays. I love the bath tub! I'm really looking forward to seeing the furniture finished.

Details from the website: The Classic Contemporary furniture line from brinca dada is the perfect complement to both Emerson House and Bennett House. The line's clean and sophisticated aesthetic mixes classic modern design with contemporary “in fashion” highlights. In the words of our designers, “The key was to work on every detail to add an extra dimension of authenticity to this dollhouse. We used American black walnut as a common thread, giving a contemporary feel to each room. We then added color as accents, but also as an attraction to children's sensibilities.”

Classic Contemporary offers furnishings for 7 rooms (living, dining, kitchen, office, bath, master bedroom and children’s room) and is fashioned from high-quality woods and non-toxic, lead-free stains and paints.

(all images from

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Furniture plans from m+ddesign

I just got a few updates from David Lee from m+ddesign on their Mini Modern Dollhouse. The house will be made and shipped from Southern California. They are still working out the final costs and will announce the price shortly.

The big news is that what is happening in their design studio. They are developing furniture for the 1:18 scale house. The furniture designs pictured are mock-ups out of cardboard, but will be made out of thin eco-plywood when finished.

The sample dolls and vehicle are for scale reference only, to better visualize the size and proportions of the mini modern dollhouse.

For more information please contact David through his website:

(all images from David Lee Design)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Modern Kitchen by Dragondee

On the Barbie bandwagon, I am loving the modern kitchen Lene Dragon finished for her "Bachelor Pad" over on her blog She makes some really incredibly modern furniture and designs in 1:6 playscale size.

I love the couch and chair, and the coffee table and would kill for that rug. And that green candle is fab. Love it all. Gorgeous work Dragondee!!

(all images from

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