Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mid-Century to Mod: Maryann Roy

A few months ago, The Shopping Sherpa posted some great mid-century modern designs in 1:6 scale she tracked down by Maryann Roy (read her blog to see how she found Maryann). I emailed Maryann to inquire if she worked in 1:12 scale. She has done some 1:4 scale (for 16" dolls) and experimented with a furniture suite in 1:12. She enjoys reading many of the modern miniature blogs, but alas her heart is in 1:6 her scale. I'm hoping when she's less busy we can convert her to do more 1:12 scale work. I mean, we have way better modern houses in our scale. :)

I love her tag line: "Neo-Retro Furnishings for today's Fashion Dolls". Maryann is most well known as an expert in restoring vintage dolls. She has been featured on television, and several magazines Dolls in Print, Barbie Bazaar, Haute Doll, and Miller's Magazine, where she wrote a column on restoration.

Over the years Maryann wanted her articles and photos to be just as good as others she was inspired by, but unable to find the pieces she really wanted she decided to design and make them herself.

Currently, Maryann is a contributer to Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, where her articles are on both vintage and modern dolls. She is constantly designing and creating new suites of furniture. She generally doesn't take commissions, as it would interfere with trying to create all of the ideas she already has in her head. Although, she has done some special commissions for doll websites, a few doll dealers, and of course the FDQ magazine. She created some beautiful backgrounds, furnishings and accessories for Integrity Toys (partly owned by fashion designer Jason Wu) line of fashion dolls (see photos here).

I love Maryann's design ideas, and am truly inspired by her new pieces with a futuristic modern look. I'm excited to pick up the Autumn 2010 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, to read her latest article. Here are a few photos that were not used in the article.

Photos courtesy of Maryann Roy. For more details please visit Maryann's website ( or her blog, where she sells her work at


  1. OMG! I was just about to email you and tell you about an update on my blog, and to my great surprise,I see an article about my work!!

    A million times - Thank you!!
    Maryann :)

  2. Stunning work, very inspiring, so thank you so much for sharing Megan!

  3. Great post featuring so many wonderful items designed by Maryann.

  4. Beautiful pieces that would look great in 1:12. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully Maryann will change her mind.

  5. Gracias por compartir estas maravillas, me voy a mirar el enlace.
    Besitos, May

  6. Thanks for the link. Beautiful work!

  7. Maryann's work is amazing. I agree, its too bad that she only works in 1:6 scale, but its still pretty great. Thank you for introducing her to us!

  8. These pages look Gorgeous!

    The Brinca dada is so Cool... and The Dragon kitchen looks very much the type (not the colour) I would like to make but don`yet know how... We`ll see later

  9. Replies
    1. Check out her website to see what she is auctioning off next:


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