Monday, August 2, 2010

Modern Kitchen by Dragondee

On the Barbie bandwagon, I am loving the modern kitchen Lene Dragon finished for her "Bachelor Pad" over on her blog She makes some really incredibly modern furniture and designs in 1:6 playscale size.

I love the couch and chair, and the coffee table and would kill for that rug. And that green candle is fab. Love it all. Gorgeous work Dragondee!!

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  1. You don't know how badly this is making me want to bust the Barbie Dreamhouse out of the attic and revamp it! Thanks for posting this, these pictures are awe inspiring!

  2. I love her stuff, always have. So chic! Does she ever work in 1:12?

  3. I LOVE DragonDee's items! I too feel like busting out my old Barbie Fold N' Fun House!

  4. petitenouveau Her work is sooo inspiring. Had to share.

    callsmall I dropped her a note to see if she works in 1:12. I'll update when I hear back.

    X10NY Your magazines on the coffee table, would make this room perfect. :)

    Mini smiles,

  5. Thank you so much for the post Mini Dork! Reading all your comments here make me feel inspired too. I haven't been able to make minis lately and I really miss making them. :(

    I have been wanting to make 1:12 scale to match my small collection of Reac chairs but I think I need to get a modern dollhouse to store them in first. I really want to wait for Brinca Dada's Bennett house! They said it might come out at the end of the year? ^_^

  6. I love her work. I am really tempted to start working in 1:6 now!

  7. such a lovely work... it's like a real home... truly amazing and inspiring...

  8. Lene
    We would love to see your work in 1:12. It looks so real! Congrats. Bennett House should be hitting the shelves for the holidays if all goes well with manufacturer, but it will be 1:16 scale, so even smaller for your usual.

    I know! So inspiring. :)

    It's crazy how true to life it is. Makes me curious what Lene's real house looks like.

  9. Your kitchen is amazing! You did a phenomenal job!!!
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