Thursday, August 5, 2010

Furniture plans from m+ddesign

I just got a few updates from David Lee from m+ddesign on their Mini Modern Dollhouse. The house will be made and shipped from Southern California. They are still working out the final costs and will announce the price shortly.

The big news is that what is happening in their design studio. They are developing furniture for the 1:18 scale house. The furniture designs pictured are mock-ups out of cardboard, but will be made out of thin eco-plywood when finished.

The sample dolls and vehicle are for scale reference only, to better visualize the size and proportions of the mini modern dollhouse.

For more information please contact David through his website:

(all images from David Lee Design)


  1. How cool is this to have more modern mini houses all the time! C

  2. Finally the Polly Pocket girls get a decent house to live in..
    (I buy a lot of Polly Pocket dolls to my daughter and then I keep the accessories :-))

  3. Hey Carol It is pretty great to have more modern mini houses coming out of the woodwork. :)

    Pubdoll Ha! I will be doing the same thing soon enough.

    Mini smiles, MMH

  4. I especially love the lines of this one. It has a little of that German DDR influence. Bet that furniture would look hot in it too. C

  5. This is brilliant! I might spring on this one, and I work in 1:6 scale! Love it!
    Maryann :)

  6. Hey Carol I can definitely see some German DDR in here, if the house was a larger scale.

    Hi Maryann! I wish this house was larger but the scale is closer to 1:18. The house at it's tallest point (the chimney) is 9", and at the lowest point is about 6". You work would look fabulous here if you could shrink it about a third of its size.

    Mini smiles,

  7. Hi MMH!
    Oh, I know the scale is too small for my creations. I meant I wanted this fabu house for myself! :)

  8. Boohoohoo.
    So it is 1:18?
    I was so excited about it but was hoping that it was going to be 1:12.


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