Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kaleidoscope House minis on sale for 3 days only!

1. Mark your calendar for Oct 8-10.
2. Sign up for
3. Buy original, unopened Kaleidoscope House furniture sets and accessories before they are gone.

Earlier this year I blogged about this huge lot of KH sets. The unopened items have been sitting in boxes on pallets in a warehouse for years. The order was never paid for so the entire lot went up for auction. One of my readers bought the lot and it will be for sale on Oct 8-10! Most items will be under $20, and expects to sell out by the end of 3 days. If you want to add modern minatures or families to your existing homes, or buy some extras to keep in mint condition in the box, this opportunity will never happen again, and never at these prices.

I want to share with you some background on who is making this cool opportunity happen. Andrew is a really nice, busy dad of two and is incredibly excited to be able to bring this lost find to the public. He works at a preschool as an admissions director. He adopted his son from birth who has "special needs" and who loved dollhouses from the get go. Andrew was given a Kaleidoscope House as a used gift for his son. His son broke a piece so Andrew brought it to the preschool and the kids broke more pieces. He was about to toss it in the trash when he looked up the history and fell in love with it all the more. He sold it on ebay broken for $700 and split it with his surprised friend who had given them the house. His son is now 12 and Andrew also has a 2 year old daughter (which is his son's niece....the baby of Andrew's son's 16 year old half brother and his 14 year old girlfriend...kind of confusing, but has given Andrew a loving family. We both have daughters the same age, so we've shared some great stories). Andrew was looking to buy another Kaleidoscope House again when he came across my article on the auction. He really felt he could take a risk and do this to hopefully make enough money to pay for a wonderful vacation for his kids. It's not often that you know who the seller is; I am excited to buy some mint condition Kaleidoscope House miniatures for my kids and for my personal collection at great prices and it warms my heart to help contribute to a special vacation for Andrew's family.

Sign up on and save the dates October 8-10, if you don't want to miss out on this great opportunity.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Amped up on modern lights?

Are the lights on in your dollhouse? Mine are not. I bought a wiring kit years ago but I'm a little intimidated by the process, I have yet to wire any of my houses. But, these new lights from HBS Miniatures make me want to dig out that kit again. The Reza Floor Light, Marlow Table Lamp and Berkshire Floor Light are my favorites of the bunch. You can check out all of Ernie's new lighting options here.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dollhouse Kitchen and Home Tools on

A friend turned me on to — more to come on that in next post ;) — its another online website with daily sales up to 70% off retail, but focused on design inspirations and pretty cool modern stuff.

I saw these household items from Boston Warehouse and had to applaud the designers for bringing miniatures into the kitchen in a less than traditional way. Plus, I think they are pretty cute. These were on sale for $5 each.

Oh, and Dwell Magazine The Bible for Modern Living (I love that tag line) just went on sale for $12 for a 1-year subscription, which usually runs $19.95. They are offering a digital subscription or a print subscription, depending on how much you like trees. :P

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shedding a tear for Summer

It's been a busy summer, we moved and are still living out of boxes. My oldest just start pre-school and I thought I'd have more time to unpack, but the youngest is really enjoying my undivided attention. So miniatures have taken a back seat, again. Sorry.

The one thing I regret missing out on this summer was The Summer House by Rundquist Miniatures. I should have known to bid higher, but was going back and forth worried the openings weren't large enough making the interior difficult to decorate and get furniture in. Plus some of the walls are foam board, so I would have had to replace those with wood. The kit was made in 1983 and this is the only one I've seen since I lost out on the one posted on Mini Modern a few years ago.

Bidder 4***b, I hope you build the kit soon and publish your photos somewhere.

Hey Moviedogs, you won the last one, have you finished building it yet? PLEASE send photos of your progress, I'm dying to see this beauty built.

(all images from ebay listing by seller andylesly)