Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motherlode of Kaleidoscope Doll House Accessories

I've stumbled upon a lot of interesting things over the three years that I've been blogging about modern minis, but this by far is the biggest LOT.

This lot of Kaleidoscope furniture, accessories and parts is up for sale. Hmm, I laugh and grimace at the thought of how long it would to take to ebay that quantity of merchandise, let alone the space required to store it. I do hope to find out who ends up buying and selling it, as the lot includes some roof panels and ends, that I would love to know if those are the parts I need to repair my Kaleidoscope House.

Here are the details from the auction listing on GBM USA:
Bozart Dollhouse Collection
"NEW over 10,000 Doll-house furniture & Accessory sets. Many different designs and styles. All in original case-pack, made by Bozart. Goods are sitting on over 35 pallets. ALL ITEMS TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO BE LEAD FREE!! Due to the limited production and availability of the Bozart Dollhouse and Accessory Collection, these sets are becoming more and more difficult to find. Finding one in its original packaging is even more unusual. The Kaleidoscope House is an interactive creative play environment for 6 year olds and above. This 1:12 scale modernist architectural house, with sliding transparent color walls, invites children and adults alike to fill it with an exciting accessory line of modern furniture from respected contemporary designers including Dakota Jackson, Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, and Keiser/Newman."

If any retails are interested the contact info is on the GBM USA auction listing.


  1. 70 pallets!!! 40-2000+ of each set!!! Roof panels!! Other panels, maybe? Will Kaleidoscope owners soon be able to replace cracked panels in their houses? And for those elusive pieces - we now know to wait until these come onto the market, and hopefully the prices would drop. But yes, a big but about who will pick them up to sell. It would have to be a business, I would think!

  2. We could stand on street corners in various countries and hawk them. If we got bored we could open and start playing. "K house, get yer K house here!" C

  3. I contacted the company via email and asked if they were selling individual pieces. They indicated that they would not sell less than 500 pieces at a time. Now, if they will sell at around $2.00 a piece, it may not be a bad deal. My problem is, having looked at their webside, they seem to be based in NJ. I wouldn't get involved unless I took a trip to NJ to verify that they actually have these items and two, I would have an attorney write up a iron clad contract with this company. Just my thoughts! Melissa

  4. Wouldn't fit in my garage that's for sure!

  5. Rebecca I really hope the can find a business to take all the merchandise. It would be so great to be able to replace some of my cracked panels. I had no idea this many of the accessories were still in existence. They must have made way more of the sets compared to the number of actual houses.

    Carol HA! That would be a lot of street corners!

    Melissa Wow, thanks for following up. Even at a minimum of 500 piece order, I have no idea how I would deal with all of that. I hope someone else does. There are definitely a few more pieces I'd like to have more of.

    Janice I'm pretty sure I couldn't even fit it all in my house. :P

    Mini smiles,

  6. Wow..a retailer that purchases closeout lots needs to make this purchase and put the items in their stores. I immediately thought of Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. So I went to the Tuesday Morning customer service site and sent them the information, indicating this is a product I would like to see in their stores. Maybe a few others like Overstock.com will get interested.

  7. Let's hope the Dollar Store will buy them! One dollar per unit! Yay! Melissa

  8. Times like these, it makes me think: "Only if I won the lottery... "

    Even so, if I actually had a regular paycheck (I'm a freelancer) I might consider buying the 500 pc pallet and keeping the bits that I want and selling the rest. But alas..

  9. mini2b Great idea contacting Tuesday Morning, I didn't even think to petition one of those big retail stores. I was still thinking miniatures retailer. Way to think out of the box. :)

    Melissa The Dollar Store would be awesome!!!

    Ann I know, its tempting but not practical. Fun to think about though.

    mini smiles,


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