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Go vote now for The Osborn Dollhouse to be Made!

Last chance to vote for the The Osborn Dollhouse to be made into an actual dollhouse we can all buy! Go to now and vote! Please re-post and share this with everyone you know.

Kathy Osborn emailed me several weeks ago with more gorgeous photos of the house and kindly answered a zillion of my rambling questions. Kathy's best friend since they worked together in the design dept. of NYPIRG in 1985, Alex, told Kathy about hoping it my might be the second chance to make bring this dollhouse to life. The house was first seen at the Licensing Fair in NYC a few years back but it wasn't quite the right venue. As many builders know she ran into roadblocks with manufacturers and packagers, so it would be amazing if decided to take this house into production.

I asked Kathy what inspired her to build the house and as most of us found years ago, she didn't like what was out there. "I loved vintage dollhouses on ebay but everything on the toy store shelves about 5 years ago looked chicken-hearted to me. I saw a dollhouse in my mind's eye that I thought would make me happy and the more I thought about it - the more I thought it could happen."

The Osborn dollhosue has a layer of steel under the floorboards. The reason was that I was going to put tiny magnets in the dolls shoes so they could stand up. Kathy went through about 6 or 7 designs, before finalizing this one that she named for her dad. It took about 8 months while she was also working on other things to finish the designs. She found a model building company that was interested in building it but they were too busy and suggested J & G Architects. Which worked out great as they were able to build the house in about a month and a half.

Whether Quirky takes on the dollhouse or doesn't - Kathy will next be trying to get these dolls made. Modern quality poseable dollhouse families are not really available. "Maybe it could work like Barbie - first a fashion figure shows up for the house - then her best friend Midge, Then the boyfriend Ken, then marriage and tiny dolls (optional). It was the clothes that fascinated me in their plastic packages way back in 1960-61 - I simply had to have them. Making tiny clothes is next to impossible but they'd sell - absolutely."

The doll was made by Kathy's friend Mary Kenny. Kathy did the paint job on the faces and the hair. The doll clothes were made by Kathy's friend Susan Hunt Yule. Kathy did some art directing but Susan felt her way through a lot ot these pieces.

I have more photos and details from Kathy, but my plane is boarding, so until next time.


Please vote on now, and please leave a comment, let's get this dollhouse built!

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Kaleidoscope House Designer Dollhouse Accessories on sale on Fab

The discontinued Bozart Toys Kaleidoscope House Accessories are on sale at Fab!

Art Collection II and the Kitchen Accessories are my favorite, but I do like both sets of tables and chairs. Priced under $20, these are all new and in the box.

Check out all of the Kaleidoscope House Accessories on Fab here.

brina dada Stunt Brothers toys on Kickstarter

Whoa, I've supported several Kickstarter campaigns but I am really excited about brinca dada's campaign. My kids (okay I) would love these.

Kickstarter is a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. It is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you and me. Since it launched in 2009, more than 3.9 million people have pledged over $579 million, funding more than 39,000 creative projects. brinca dada (known for their dollhouses) started the following campaign to fund the creation of their Stunt Brothers toys. It is a line of quality wooden toys that are fun, thoughtfully designed, and teach kids simple principles of science. Check out this video:

Full details at Kickstarter

Chicago International Dreaming...

Many of you have been (or like me, still dream of going) to Chicago International. This years miniature event was of course pretty amazing. There was a huge turnout; even heavy storms and flooding couldn't keep miniature enthusiasts away. (mini2b - did you take pictures?)

Paris Renfroe sent me these photos that I wish I could have seen in person. He designed this Hotel Suite for the Chicago event. It was snatched up in the first few hours of opening night. This is nicer than any hotel I've ever stayed in. I want that bathroom!! How gorgeous is that sink?!?! I could vacation well in a hotel like this.

(images courtesy of Paris Renfroe,

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Designer Bios for MCHUCLA Designer Dollhouse Showcase

To date, this is everything I've gathered from the designers, internet and event PR team. I'll add updates as I find them and post features on designers here. Make sure you're following Modern MC's tweets and blog posts on the event as well.

When the project first started, the organizers had originally contacted a dollhouse company to manufacture ten identical houses for the showcase. Designer extraordinaire Tim Campbell rallied the troops to get 20 renowned designers on board to decorate the houses. They decided to change directions and contacted Richard Manion and Robert Meiklejohn of Richard Manion Architecture Inc. inquiring if they could design plans for 5 different extraordinary dollhouses. Richard and Robert came up with brilliant plans for Modern, Contemporary, Georgian, Italianate and Brownstone style houses, all in 1:12 scale measuring 5 to 6 feet long. At the end of last year the designers teamed up to work on the different style houses. The builders, landscapers, electricians and designers are busily working to meet the March 30th deadline for a pre-event photo shoot.

The ten houses will be for sale at the Kaleidoscope Ball on April 17th at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. The houses that don't sell at the ball will be sold by One Kings Lane. The special online charity sale will be 4 to 6 weeks after the ball (date pending). Yes "ONLINE" so houses sold by One Kings Lane can be shipped. I'm checking if shipping is an option for houses sold at the ball and if they will accept phone offers.

League of Extraordinary Designers and the style of house they are designing

Joan Behnke with James Anthony Magni - Modern
Natasha Baradaran with Waldo Fernandez - Modern
Chris Barrett with Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield - Contemporary
Jeffrey Alan Marks with Elizabeth Dinkle - Contemporary
Mark Cutler with Cari Berg - Italianate (read feature on progress)
Adam Hunter with Lonni Paul - Italianate
Tim Campbell with Philip Nimmo - Georgian
Mary McDonald with Martyn Lawrence Bullard - Georgian
Alexandra & Michael Misczynski with Estee Stanley - Brownstone
Fashion Designer Monique Lhuillier is designing and creating a replica of her New York Brownstone bridal salon

(On a side note: I started watching Million Dollar Decorators on BravoTV to see Jeffrey Alan Marks, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Mary McDonald in action.)


Richard Manion and Robert Meiklejohn of Richard Manion Architecture Inc.

Builders (to the best of my knowledge, I think there are more)

Matt Barnes of Finish Rite Construction
Dan Hershman of Richard Holz Inc.
Steve Miller of Miller Woodworking


Stephen Block of Inner Gardens
Christine London Ltd
Patricia Benner Patricia Benner Landscape Design

Designer Bios

Natasha Baradaran

Natasha Baradaran integrates architecture and interior design elements to bring a fresh and artistic flair to each project. Her balance of contemporary and traditional elements creating timeless environments is her signature.

Natasha has chosen not to specialize in any one style, pursuing a philosophy of mixing "old with the new" to create elegant yet livable spaces. She passionately believes that "every residential space should reflect the client's lifetime of experiences and travels; rather than that of the interior designer."

Her international profile of residential and commercial projects, range from the interior design of a celebrity home in Beverly Hills, the new construction of a residence in Dubai, and the design of corporate offices for an entertainment company in New York and Los Angeles. Her current projects include the interior design of an Asian contemporary estate in Montecito, the new construction of a 15,000 square foot Tuscan villa in Beverly Hills, the interior architectural design of a 20 unit condominium complex in Los Angeles and the remodel of a penthouse in Milan.

Born in Los Angeles, Natasha received her Bachelors of Arts degree from USC, her Master of Arts degree from Columbia University, and attended UCLA's School of Interior Design. Natasha started her career at the renowned firm Wilson and Associates, where, as a senior designer, she designed numerous high-end hospitality projects around the world, including luxury hotels, five-star restaurants, spas and corporate offices. In 2000, she founded Baradaran Design, Inc. (now Natasha Baradaran Interior Design), which has grown into a full service design firm providing complete interior architecture, construction management, and total selection of all interiors. She is currently developing her own furniture and fabric line based on her custom creations for her clients over the years.

Chris Barrett

Chris Barrett Design is inspired at its roots by the brilliant light and clean sensibility of the California landscape.

Founded in 1987 and named for its owner - interior designer and Southern California native Chris Barrett - the firm is renowned for its breathtaking residential interiors and chic commercial spaces. Alchemists with color, light, pattern and scale, Barrett and her team execute bold visions for their fast-growing portfolio of clients, consistently revealing functionally creative living spaces with a balanced look that is both dramatic yet restrained.

In keeping with the designer's profound love of the land, Barrett also develops her design projects in a way that encourages the principles of environmental sustainability. Livable outdoor spaces that extend naturally from fresh, light-filled interiors are a hallmark of the designers' work, as are interiors that reflect the spaciousness and order of nature. Barrett's finely tuned sense of history is the crowning achievement in all of the firm's interior design projects, offering decoration that has an "accumulated over time" sensibility.

Adept at fusing electrifying color combinations, multi-cultural reference points and hand-crafted elements into a singular vision, Barrett's team mantra is to stay strong about the story - be it an Australian Colonial residence in Beverly Hills, an equestrian farm estate in Lexington, Kentucky, a 1912 Bertram Goodhue residence or one of the firm's residential projects for celebrity clients including Charlize Theron, Candice Bergen and John Stamos. Barrett's repertoire also encompasses a wide range of commercial assignments including the classic California coastal resort Hotel Oceana, a parent's resource room in UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, interiors for Maestro's Ocean Club in Las Vegas and acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant, Comme Ça.

The work of Chris Barrett Design has been featured in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, The Robb Report and Architectural Digest, among others. The company is currently launching "Chris Barrett Textiles," a vibrant collection of outdoor soft furnishing fabrics printed on 100% Securelle and hand-designed with signature abstract patterns.

Joan Behnke

As a veteran of interior design, Joan Behnke jokes she got her start by desgining her first house for Ken and Barbie at the age of 5. Since then, Joan's love of design has grown into a rewarding career. From her offices in Los Angeles, Joan has worked on projects in San Francisco, Montecito, Beverly Hills and Malibu. Joan's projects have also taken her around the world to Japan, Italy, Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia. Traveling for Joan has been an integral part of her creative process, if it's capturing the spirit of a culture in her design or seeking out furniture in Paris.

Joan believes in tackling every project with dedication, attention to detail, due diligence, and dependability. Joan's staff works closely under her direction to make the design process not only a collaborative effort from within, but also a mutual process with her clients. By using objects of color, Joan Behnke and her team are able to create a lasting beauty in their design. With selection and placement of each element and object, an impression is imprinted that will stay withe clients throughout all their life's journeys.

Cari Berg

With a true love of design and a desire to create highly individual, emotional spaces, Cari Berg launched her eponymous design business in 1998.

Since then, Cari Berd Interior Design has specialized in interiors that are at one stylish and chic yet practical and extremely livable.

Cari believes that Interior Design is a deeply personal business. Listening to her clients' priorities and establishing a clear sense of their style is key to a successful project. She believes that there is a process involved in design; one that is collaborative, fluid and dynamic.

In every project, Cari combines authentic materials, sophisticated color and use of texture. Car believes in "the mix"—that mid century modern pieces can live harmoniously with antiques and that beautifully customized upholstery can sit on top of a simple woven area rug.

Through meticulous planning goes into all of Cari's projects, the goal is that these new spaces feel personal and richly layered, like the have evolved over time. Whether designing a streamlined, contemporary Kitchen, or a classically, traditional Living Room, Cari's designs are always fresh, sophisticated and inviting.

Tim Campbell

Principal Tim Campbell melds his love of travel, fashion, and contemporary art to create interiors infused by heritage—and a touch of mystery. The ardent traveler has surveyed the globe to bring an introspective, modern point-of-view to his clients through designing residential interiors, selective commercial projects, and historic restoration projects.

Often combining distinct pieces — an antique Neoclassical commode, the uncluttered silhouette of a modern sofa, and bold contemporary art charged with a thought-provoking social message — Campbell has a remarkable talent for transforming disparate items into harmonious, inviting spaces that reflect each client's personality and past.

Enthralled by design as child after finding a copy of Architectural Digest in an antique shop, he soon began to hone an understanding of how structures are built by helping his father, a contractor, build houses. There was no question in his mind that this was his calling.

In 1985, Campbell founded CADD Production Resource to provide design, construction documents, and project management services to the design community. After designing his own home in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, the direction of the firm shifted to include all phases of the design process leading to the founding of Studio Tim Campbell in 2006, a full service architectural and design firm. An interior design and furniture design division was added in 2009. Our office in New York City was opened in 2010.

In both Los Angeles and New York City, Studio Tim Campbell’s services include architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. We participate in all phases of project delivery from conceptual design to construction administration.

Mark Cutler

Mark Cutler creates individualized environments for his clients, who want personal, elegant homes.

With a strong background in both architecture and interior design, Mark lends a broad scope to any project, whether it's an original home, a renovation, or an addition.

Mark has an intrinsic understanding of all areas of budget, design, and construction—from plumbing to passementerie.

Mark's keen insight into projects lends his designs longevity and depth. "My clients aren't interested in passing fads," says the Australian-born designer. "They want a classic design that will delight them for years to come."

His extensive travels give his designs an authentic world view, influenced by history and modern life. "Reaching into the past, we hope to design for the future."

"Our work is a form of portraiture — we aim to create a reflection of our clients, not just another version of ourselves."

Elizabeth Dinkel

Elizabeth Dinkel is recognized by House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Veranda and California Homes & Interiors as one of America’s leading interior designers. Her classic signature style is described as fresh, spirited and timeless. With her creative use of color choices and the unexpected mix of modern and antique, she has risen to the top of her field.

As a full service firm specializing in high end residential projects, ultimately the mission of Elizabeth Dinkel Design is to create interiors that are timeless, rich in style and inspire conversation. Often her commissions begin with only a few rooms and evolve into full home designs and renovations. Elizabeth’s clients value her attention to detail, her enthusiastic energy and her deep understanding of their lifestyle and needs.

Elizabeth’s projects take her from coast to coast with clients from New York to San Francisco, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

After earning her undergraduate degree in International Relations at Georgetown University, she worked in TV news production in New York City. Later she began an apprenticeship with Leta Austin Foster & Associates of Palm Beach and New York, her mother’s renowned interior design firm. At the same time, she embarked on more formal studies of both interior design and architecture at the New York School ofInterior Design and Parson’s School of Design. She quickly rose through the ranks at Leta Austin Foster and extended the firm’s reach by managing their New York projects as well as opening offices in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

After 18 years of passionate devotion to the world of interior design, she established her eponymous firm in West Hollywood, California in 2004.

Waldo Fernandez

Cuban born Waldo Fernandez attended private Catholic schools until his family relocated to New York, where as a teenager, Fernandez was encouraged by his family to explore his passion for design and love of the arts.

Waldo soon left New York for life in Los Angeles. He quickly enrolled in school to study architecture and design at UCLA. Soon thereafter, Waldo was hired by Walter Scott, as an assistant set designer for 20th Century Fox. His set designs included furniture commissions, which caught on immediately, giving Waldo the recognition that changed his life.

Waldo found himself traveling to Europe in search of fine antiques to fill his first showroom, which was opened in 1974. His first major interior design job was for film director John Schlessinger. The exposure to the entertainment industry lead Waldo's career to a celebrity clientele.

For Waldo, the home is the essence of one's inner-self. He believes that creating one's sense of style is very much told by the manner in which one lives.

Waldo's Design has been open at the Almont Drive location for more than 28 years. His firm includes a staff of architectural and interior designers. Waldo's Design also carries a reproduction furniture line, which continually keeps evolving Fernandez's creativity.

Adam Hunter

Vogue and TIME Magazine have both sung his praises – no small feat for a Broadway star-turned-interior-design sensation. After 10 years in leading roles in the Broadway productions of Les Miserables, Ragtime, Lion King, and La Boheme Adam Hunter brought his passion for drama and staging beyond the footlights to designing extraordinary environments across America. From Winnetka, IL, Hunter remembers redecorating his bedroom as soon as he was old enough to know how. While working on Broadway, the University of Michigan trained actor studied at the Parsons School of Design and soon counted many Broadway stars among his interior design clients.

When he relocated to Los Angeles, Hunter designed the famed Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts spa on Melrose Place. The project gained wide public attention and media acclaim. Vogue dubbed the design "Magic on Melrose" and TIME Magazine said, "the penthouse design is as glamorous as its celebrity clientele."

Within a short time, Hunter was designing interiors for celebrity clients including Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Coolidge, and James Caan. His parade of show-stopping work prompted ANGELENO magazine to anoint him "The Drama King - LA’s Rising Design Star" and name him one of the Top 5 Interior Designers to Watch."

Adam’s current projects include private homes in Los Angeles and Malibu, California. In Fall 2012 he was commissioned as a resident designer at the luxurious Montage Deer Valley in Park City.

Adam Hunter is located in Los Angeles. He will be introducing a collection of rugs and wall-coverings in Spring 2013.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a multi award-winning Los Angeles based interior designer who is renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, yet sophisticated and always inviting interiors. Martyn’s extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality have won him international acclaim. His work has appeared in over 4000 publications worldwide including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House & Garden, Interior Design, W, Vogue, House Beautiful, both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and many more. Currently his projects are featured in 10 coffee table books. Martyn’s book, Live, Love, & Decorate, published earlier this year covers his ten years of work in the glamourous world of interior design.

Martyn’s A-List clientele include Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Cher, Aaron Sorkin, Tamara Mellon, Ellen Pompeo, Eva Mendes, Edward Norton, Christina Aguillera, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock, Rebecca Romaijn, Felicity Huffman and William H Macy, both, executive offices at Warner Brothers and Paramount Studios, Patti La Belle, Loree Rodkin, Cheryl Tiegs and many others. Although known mainly for his high-end residential design, he has also lent his talent to commercial and hospitality. Designing the Colony Palms Hotel, Jimmy Choo Stores worldwide, and currently the Chateau Gutsch Hotel in Switzerland to name a few.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is consistently named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, featured permanently in Elle Décor’s A-List, top 25 tastemakers in the world, and most recently the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List 2012. He was also the recipient of the highly prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award in 2010. In addition to his design services, Bullard has a collection of indoor and outdoor fabric, wallpaper, a popular collection of candles, and furniture available through MLB Design, indoor fabrics for Schumacher, wood flooring for Board Brokers, and a line of rugs with The Rug Company. He is also the spokesperson for Jaguar, as well as the face of the world’s most exclusive beds, Vi Spring. His brand thrives on diversity and creativity.

fashion designer Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier designs capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking femininity, allure and glamour that have made her renowned in the world of design. Monique’s innate sense of style and understanding of a woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful are prevalent throughout her bridal and ready-to-wear collections.

Monique’s love for fashion is a lifelong passion. Growing up in the Philippines, Monique’s first experiences of fashion were with her mother whose own sense of personal style and elegance were major influences for the designer. Her mother, also a designer, ran a successful custom high-end collection of children’s clothing. At the young age of 11, Monique would sketch and pick out fabrics and customize her dresses with local couturiers in her hometown. Encouraged to pursue her dream of becoming a designer, Monique moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising.

While studying at FIDM, a natural inclination towards bridal and evening gowns led Monique to her niche. The pure fantasy of special occasions, especially weddings, inspires Monique Lhuillier designs.

It was during her time at FIDM that Monique also met her now-husband, Tom Bugbee. While searching for a gown for her wedding in 1995, Monique was surprised by the lack of fashion infused bridal options. This void in the market reignited her passion for bridal gowns and the desire to offer women modern, inspired couture designs. Monique set out to create pieces that transcended the options available to women searching for their dream dress.

In 1996, Monique debuted her first bridal collection to acclaim from retailers and magazine editors. The following year, Tom joined the company as CEO to turn Monique’s vision to establish a couture design house in to a reality. Their partnership has grown the business into one of the most successful brands internationally which now includes a ready-to-wear collection shown seasonally in NY as well as a tabletop collection for Waterford, stationery and fine paper, and a bed , bath and home collection. In 2003, Monique Lhuillier was inducted as a new member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

What started as a young girl’s interest in sketching and sewing has become a cultural phenomenon, bringing whimsical, ethereal creations inspired by a passion for celebrating life’s greatest moments and accentuating the female form with each new collection.

Monique and Tom now live in Los Angeles with their two children, Jack and Sophia. Monique’s role as mother is her priority while she continues to lead design for her collections. She also devotes time to philanthropic efforts and is very active within her community.

James Anthony Magni

James Magni is to the world of designers as to Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford are to fashion. Truly understanding this elevated lifestyle approach it is clear that Magni, unlike many traditional designers, is not a mono-note designer. Named as Architectural Digest's top 100 designers, the Magni style has also been described by The New York Times as "...prophetic designer Magni, is trim, tailored and practical as a Jil Sander suit."

It is not about decadence for decadence sake but rather a supremely elevated way of life for a Magni client. Whether an all white moderne beachfront pied-a-terre or a majestic 40,000 square foot European-style estate, Magni brings an ultimate expression of modern elegance, cinematic mastery and his unmatched skills of graceful restraint to all. The daunting task of shopping in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain or the United States is no challenge for Magni. His firm's impressive client list is a global collection with diverse projects in London, Paris, Mexico City, Saudia Arabia, New York and California.

Magni, while born in this country, has strong ties to his family's Italian heritage. The rich culture of his Italian lineage has been a constant source of inspiration through out his life. While in his youth wanting to become a sculptor, the college bound Magni, pursued his love of sculpture only on a much larger scale – interior design!

Magni was recruited by H.M.B.H., the prestigious Dallas based firm. At H.M.B.H. Magni soared to become the youngest V.P. and founded their interior department. While in Dallas, Magni built a formidable client
list to include the Frito-Lay headquarters and their private residence in La Jolla...thus launching Magni Design in Loas Angeles by 1988. As Magni's California based interior design firm earned acclaim he founded Magni, a furniture and rug collection epitomizing the true Magni lifestyle.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

Named one of "the town's most-wanted decorators" by The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffrey Alan Marks believes the design process should be fun and creative like his designs and personal style. Jeffrey studied design at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in England and lived in Paris and Milan for many years allowing his work to draw cues from Italian and French methods.

His colorful, comfortable design style translates to the atmosphere at his firm, JAM, Inc. which he started 16 years ago. Based in Santa Monica, the firm designs and develops luxury homes in America and the United Kingdom and develops commercial projects including restaurants and retail stores. New projects include a chain of restaurants in Korea and exclusive eateries in New York, Montecito and West Hollywood.

Jeffrey is included in House Beautiful's list of the most influential decorators in American History and is on Elle Décor magazine's A-List. His work is regularly published by major shelter magazines including Elle Décor, German Architectural Digest, and the British In Style Home. Jeffrey is currently launching a new line of furniture, lighting and accessories with Palecek and his first book The Meaning of Home will be on shelves in the late summer of 2013.

Mary McDonald

Los Angeles-based designer Mary McDonald is one of today’s most sought after designers and is consistently ranked one of House Beautiful “Top 100 Designers”. McDonald’s gorgeous interiors have captivated the design community and are featured in major national publications including Town & Country, Veranda, House Beautiful, Domino, House & Garden and International Vogue.

McDonald’s style combines old-fashioned elegance with a modern sensibility resulting in a fearless, joyful exuberance. Her ability to combine bold patterns, Chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has established her signature style. From the refurbishment of Buster Keaton’s legendary villa to the recent completion of The Luxe Summit Hotel in Bel Air, McDonald’s projects captivate the press. House Beautiful says “her work is timeless and glamorous all spun together with a keen fashion sense…. she’s a fearless, exuberant accessorizer.”

Her first book, MARY MCDONALD: INTERIORS, The Allure of Style will be published by Rizzoli in October of 2010. Written with wit and charm, the books showcases the sophisticated and ravishing interiors, thematically divided, with over 250 sumptuous photographs. The book will be promoted and sold throughout the world.

In addition, she is launching her first lighting collaboration with nationally distributed Robert Abbey Inc. The classically inspired lighting ranges from sconces to floor lamps infused with her iconic flair for femininity and modernism.

Raised in Brentwood, McDonald attended Parsons School of Design and began her career as a milliner with her designs featured in Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Through extensive travel in Europe and the Far East, she has created a personal signature that is eclectic, classic and clean while maintaining a strong sense of glamour and sophistication.

Alexandra & Michael Misczynski

An easy mix of texture and patina distinguishes the interiors of Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, the husband-and-wife team behind Atelier AM in Los Angeles. Incorporating materials that range from weathered wood to shimmering, ultrapolished steel, the pair has, in less than a decade of practice, created casually sophisticated residential spaces for an elite clientele (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Edythe and Eli Broad, Jane and Michael Eisner, to name a few). Important antiques and vintage pieces are part of the duo’s vocabulary too, but the Misczynskis’ affinity for a nature-based palette and restrained composition means the effect is one of stylish understatement—simple design done beautifully.

Philip Nimmo

Philip Nimmo is a tour de force in the world of artistic metal, furnishings and lighting. With inventive combination of material, Nimmo captivates audiences worldwide.

While Nimmo is an interior designer by profession, at heart he is an artist – and that is what has fueled his success in the creation of pieces that are beautiful, unique and yet highly functional. His travels, his endless browsing of books and publications, and his own collecting of paintings, sculpture and other works of art have served as an endless well of inspiration. Recognition of that talent has led to commissions around the world for Nimmo to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Lonni Paul

Lonni Paul bases her work in the study of all things simple, modern and clean. From her years working as a fashion model in Milan, Paris, New York, Munich and Tokyo, Lonni developed a keen eye for understated elegance, and a taste for luxurious comfort. From the runways of Giorgio Armani and Gianfranco Ferri, Krizia and Yoji Yamamoto, Bill Blass and Prada, Lonni came to understand the importance of color and texture, clean lines and the purity of design.

Lonni has lived in six countries and traveled to over 50 countries. She studied sculpture with famed Italian artist Bruno Lucchesi, deepening her understanding of the aesthetics of form. Lonni continued her studies at the prestigious UCLA Architecture and Interior Design program, in Los Angeles. Lonni has also studied sculpture, form and figure with Los Angeles artists Jonathan Bickart and David Limrite.

Building on her career in art and fashion, Lonni's art and couture experience translated into the development of luxury homes in Bel Air, Brentwood and Manhattan Beach. Her eye for detail and unwavering perfectionism influences every decision of the design process, from design and construction to tile and stone to fabric and furnishings. Her creative collaboration with area craftsmen, local textile designers, and her early commitment to eco-friendly design, drew the high-end clientele she designs for today.

Based in Los Angeles, lonnipauldesign has redefined modern notions of beauty and elegance, from unique contemporary spaces to luxury private residences in Provence, Aspen, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Malibu and the Hamptons. She has attracted clients from a wide variety of industries, including film and television, music, money management, law, videogame development and the aviation industry.

Lonni was honored to be chosen as one of 8 designers for the Fendi Casa 2008 Designer of the Year Series. lonnipauldesign was selected by the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids to be one of the premier design firms for the Dining by Design tabletop gala with Fashion house Theory as her sponsor. Lonni was chosen as a Finalist on HGTV's Design Star out of over 10,000 designers. She appeared on the TV series summer 2009.

Estee Stanley

For more than 15 years, Estee Stanley has been creating some of the most stylish looks in Hollywood and around the world. Through her role as a celebrated fashion stylist and later, as a renowned interior designer, Stanley has created a niche for which she has become best known: chic, effortless and eclectic style. With a life-long eye for fashion, Estee began working as a stylist, building her reputation and career to count some of the world's biggest fashion icons as her clients. As a self-described "constant mover" Stanley's clients were routinely introduced to her new houses and interiors, seeing her re-interpret her furnishings and surroundings on a regular basis. Wanting to infuse their homes with Stanley's innately chic aesthetic, they quickly began calling on her to design and re-imagine their homes. In recent years, Estee has become as well known for her interiors as her iconic fashion styling.

Estee's work is far from cookie-cutter; in fact, she is proud that there is no signature style to her interiors. She believes that as each client is different, their interiors should be different–each home designed and decorated as a reflection of its owner, not of Estee (admittedly, she lets her penchant for marble lead the way in many of her bathrooms.) She loves finding a great statement piece of furniture or art and building a room around that object. Her travels around the world and her network in Los Angeles keeps her connected with off-the-beaten track sources who are always helping her find that next perfect piece.

Estee is a native of Southern California and resides in Los Angeles with her family.

Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield

Ron Woodson

Growing up with parents in the music industry in Los Angeles, Ron Woodson, was exposed to the homes of many tastemakers. “One’s home is a refuge from the ordinary. It should be the perfect expression of the lives, aspirations and consciousness of the homeowner. My job is to understand these aspirations and release them into a very special space for the residents.” Says Ron. With more than 15 years in the design industry, Ron is ever-exploring new materials, furniture forms, colors and fixtures always with a nod to the past.

Ron attended the UCLA school of Interior Design and was recently named one of the Top 20 Black Designers in America. Ron draws inspiration from his travels, with more than 30 countries to date.

His passions span a range of architectural forms – from ultra-modern, Regency style, Spanish, and mid-century architecture. “Most homes have immense potential.” My job is to bring the property to its full potential.

Jaime Rummerfield

With a Bachelor of Science in Design from Arizona State University’s prestigious College of Architecture, Jaime Rummerfield has a signature California sensibility that is comprised of classic design training mixed with a fashion forward design approach. Jaime is touted as one of the nation’s top young Interior Designers by Traditional Home, Town & Country and House Beautiful magazines.

Her creative eye is second to none in focusing on the science behind color, texture, balance, proportion and scale that is applied to creating memorable and pleasing spaces. Much of her passion and inspiration is derived from the theatrics of Hollywood, not just because of W&R’s A-list clientele, but even more so the glamour of the silver screen and the romantic bygone eras of film.

Read my features on designers here and visit this page for more Kaleidoscope Ball details.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More MCHUCLA updates

Sigh, thanks Modern MC, salt in wound. After reading Bungalow 1a's post I am SO regretting I had to cancel my trip to LA.

With donations and the sales of dollhouses, almost $1.8 million was raised at the first Kaleidoscope Ball to benefit the UCLA Mattel Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. I'm pretty much going to do whatever it takes to go next year.

Head over to Bungalow 1A to see more coverage of the event with some close up shots of the houses:

(Photo from Bungalow 1a)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Kaleidoscope Ball Presents the First Designer Dollhouse Showcase at the Beverly Hills Hotel to Benefit the UCLA Mattel Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute

Premiere Designer Dollhouse of Mini Masterpieces Created by 20 of Los Angeles’ Most Renowned Interior Designers

After months of anticipation, the first annual Kaleidoscope Ball presents the premiere designer dollhouse showcase featuring ten impeccably designed homes hand crafted by twenty of Los Angeles’ top interior designers. These one-of-a-kind true replica “mini-estates” were meticulously mastermind to scale with plans brought to life by Richard Manion and Robert Meiklejohn of Richard Manion Architecture. The homes including Italianate, Georgian, Modern, Contemporary, and Brownstone designs featuring either two or three levels over an expanse of 6 feet in length and standing over 3 feet high.

Each dollhouse incorporates unique features and details including incredibly crafted herringbone slatted wood floors, marbled wall coverings and customized lighting fixtures strung with materials including Swarovski crystals. Adapted artworks by collectible artists like Andy Warhol and furnishings inspired by Ralph Lauren, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe are showcased alongside cabinetry and accessories influenced by the designers’ own style.

Mini-maven maker, Paris Renfroe, from PRD Miniatures and Doron Silverman of Bespoke Furnishings as well as other artisans used for human scale projects were commissioned for key pieces for the houses adding credibility and quality to each room. These designers tapped into their rolodexes to access brands, designers and resources to find items like a mini-Mies Barcelona daybed and tiny Hermes and Prada bags to complete their projects. The designers also had mini adaptations of furnishings from their own eponymous furniture collections to ensure a signature style and no design detail left undone. Large in imagination, designers used innovative improvisations such as oversized sequins as tabletops and strung beads for chandeliers or to craft perfume bottles for a vanity table. Paul Smith finished a sample swatch to create an actual area rug complete with his signature tag beneath breathing giant style into every small element.

Works in progress for months, 10 teams of Los Angeles' most renowned interior designers including Natasha Baradaran, Chris Barrett, Joan Behnke, Cari Berg, Tim Campbell, Mark Cutler, Elizabeth Dinkel, Waldo Fernandez, Adam Hunter, James Magni, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Mary McDonald, Philip Nimmo, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, Lonni Paul, Estee Stanley, and Ron Woodson and Jamie Rummerfield and fashion designer Monique Lhuillier worked tirelessly over hundreds of hours and poured endless creativity into designing these 10 one-of-a-kind dollhouses to support the April 17th Kaleidoscope Ball and fundraising efforts for the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute. The project also includes mini-garden landscaping by Stephen Block of Inner Gardens and Christine London Ltd. The resulting showcase, the most ambitions project of its kind for charity, all done in a 1:12 scale embodies every ounce of the flair, sophistication, and substance of life-sized projects. Many of the 10 one-of-a-kind dollhouses will be sold at the Kaleidoscope Ball held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Bidding for these custom designed projects will start at $15,000 for each house. Houses not sold that evening will be part of a special One Kings Lane charity sale May 19th and 20th, with all profits from both sales benefiting the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute.

Modern House 1 by Natasha Baradaran and Waldo Fernandez

Natasha Baradaran designed the first floor, containing a terrace, kitchen/dining area, family room, and powder room in a coastal color story of coral, turquoise and white for a modern take on beach chic paired with an elevated sophistication and unexpected edge. Through the creation of a custom dining table, imagined from a piece of a gate, stone-inspired fabric from Beacon Hill envisioned as a custom carpet, and Trove wall covering for a punch of pattern, Baradaran was able to accomplish a sophisticated twist on the classic beach chic vibe. Credits go to Holly Hunt, Beacon Hill, and Larsen through Cowtan & Tout for their contributions to the design.

Waldo Fernandez designed the second and third floors, containing two patios, two balconies, a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a master suite and bath. The design has a light airy feeling created by the dominantly neutral color palette and splashes of color throughout. Surprise touches of mid-century modern furniture and art custom made by PRD Miniatures and Mini Modernistas keep the design fresh.

Modern House 2 by Jim Magni and Joan Behnke

Jim Magni designed the first floor, containing a living room, dining room/kitchen, and outdoor Zen garden including a water feature in “Magni Modernism,” combining modern, art deco, Asian, and contemporary designs together for a look all its own. In keeping with the modern look of the home the rooms are done in a color scheme of whites, creams, taupes, and grays. The rooms’ furnishings and style are inspired from Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Magni Home Collection. Credits go to Fawn Dang and Sue Chitpanich of DAO Home, Kyle Bunting, Maggie Amir with Caeserstone, and PRD Miniatures for their contributions to the design.

Joan Behnke designed the second and third floors as an artist’s retreat with a top floor dedicated to a studio/gallery space and exterior decks to retreat and watch the waves and the second floor designed as a master bedroom, bath and meditation room. Behnke took a more “free” approach to furnishing the house because she wanted the house to be a space to showcase beautiful things, reflect, and create. Working with found objects and sculpted materials as inspiration for furniture designs, all of the furnishings are meant to be touched, held, and examined for some whimsical detail. The design’s color palette mimics that of the natural surroundings of the home, including warm neutrals and soothing sea tones. Credits to Satori Design, DeMott Drapery, Princes and Crows, Jaime Heintz, Leslie Evans, Margo Newman, Petersen Pottery, Eve Durando, Philip Stahlhuth, Sara Petersen, Erin McGuiness, Charlene Aspray, Valerie Jurado Botanical Design, Sandra Jordan, Pierre Quinton Design Inc, G & E Custom Furniture, Arte Bella, C.G. Custom Tile and Marble, Campbell Glass, Donghia, Reborn Antiques, Micucci, Soli, Stone Source and Blair Newman for their contributions to the design.

Contemporary Beach House 1 by Jeffrey Alan Marks and Elizabeth Dinkel

Jeffrey Alan Marks designed the first floor, including a dining room, kitchen, living room, and gym, in his now signature color scheme of breezy blues. The design features custom dollhouse furniture modeled after Marks’ actual furniture line with Palecek, with the living room including Marks’ “Spindrift Sofa”, “Spindrift Chair”, “Brockton Coffee Table” and “Bryant Lounge Chairs” and the gym utilizes Marks’ “Wind & Sea Folding Screen” to create a private massage area. In addition to the Miniature versions of Jeffrey’s Palecek Furniture, the living room includes a custom wool and silk area rug inspired by vintage Fortuny fabric and provided by Decorative Carpets, while the private massage room includes walls covered in custom de Gournay “Fish” wallpaper, replicating Jeffrey’s personal kitchen and two massage tables covered in Cowtan & Tout Linen. Credits go to PRD Miniatures, Monte Allen, Cowtan & Tout, Decorative Carpets, and Larsen for their contributions to the design.

Elizabeth Dinkel designed the second floor combining the spare and minimalist elements of a modern beach house with the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean as her backdrop. Her design features clean, modern white lines paired with the some of the more organic tones found in the natural world. She designed the space with a professional art collecting couple who use their house to escape city life and catch their breath in mind. Her intent was to design a house that is sophisticated architecturally but not too fussy or overly serious.

Contemporary Beach House 2 by Chris Barrett and Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield, Landscaping by Inner Gardens

Chris Barrett designed the first floor to include a combination of textures in light colors with white high gloss ceilings, grey walnut driftwood floors, and white grass cloth on the walls. The neutral colors of the living room are broken up with an unexpected pop of pink in the large custom area rug, while the window treatments and pillows showcase the new patterns and colors of Chris Barrett Textiles. The kitchen includes high gloss white cabinets with “Carrera marble” countertops manufactured by Bespoke Furniture. The family room includes a modern built in, a sectional, and Noguchi coffee table. The three story entryway is emphasized by the driftwood gray walnut planks extending from top to bottom, which contrast nicely with the high gloss lacquered walls. Credits go to Bespoke furniture, Marc Phillips, Elf Miniatures, Gigi Walker, Paris Renfroe, Phillip Jeffries, and Phenoyd Inc. for their contributions to the design.

Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield designed the 2nd and 3rd floors to include a garage, master bedroom suite, guest bedroom, office, and two balconies. They created a look that is clean and contemporary by using a color scheme of tonal whites and cool grays. Pops of blues and yellows, the use of chrome accents, white lacquer, and muted bleached wood throughout help to give the floors a sophisticated California coastal look. Woodson and Rummerfield wanted a design focused on simple colors but rich textures and luxurious materials as seen in the master bedroom’s focal wall of faux-onyx and the floors’ sculptural accents and art (some of it painted by the designers themselves!). Credits go to Superior Glass, Miniatures from Avalon, PRD Miniatures, Astek, Rolling Greens Nursery, and Eric Soroe for their contributions to the design.

Italianate House 1 by Lonni Paul and Adam Hunter

Lonni Paul designed the entry, dining room, and great room. While living in Italy, she was drawn to the more modern interiors of centuries old homes and designed the house with a mix of timeless elegance and a modern Italian sensibility. The color scheme includes blues and silvers in the great room and an all red palette in the dining room. Adding to the elegance of the design, the great room includes wall coverings from Trove and David Sutherland, Rubelli fabric for windows and Donghia for the sofas and ottoman. The rooms’ furnishings consist of custom designed pieces including a Ralph Lauren for the bench fabric and Swarovski crystals on miniature lighting fixtures, illuminated by LEDs. The dining room showcases Sahco curtains and wall coverings from Innovations for the ceiling and Maya Romanoff for the remainder of the room. Credits go to California Acrylic Design, Holly Hunt, and GGNStudio for their contributions to the design.

Adam Hunter designed the second floor to include a master bedroom with master sitting room and a child's bedroom. Hunter uses lush fabric and rich textures to create bedrooms with an old European feel but with a modern influence. The master bedroom has a color palette of silver, grey, crème, and pale lavender, while the child's room is a combination of mint pistachio and hints of soft pink. Credits go to Gigin Studio, A Life in Miniature, Mod Pod Miniatures, Cufflinks Cowboy Boots for their contributions to the design.

Italianate House 2 by Mark Cutler and Cari Berg, Landscaping by Christine London

Mark Cutler designed the first floor as the ultimate girl’s dream house. Inspired by the great fantasy houses in Palm Beach and the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, Cutler design features a sophisticated neutral color palette for the two story entry that showcases a custom miniature “Ramona” chandelier by Fuse Lighting, and the striking “Martinique” banana leaf wallpaper before transitioning into the glamorous living room and library. Both spaces are brightened with vivid pops of pinks, reds, purples, and feature handmade Japanese wallpaper, custom made upholstery, and a creative blend of classic and contemporary dollhouse pieces and repurposed items that make for a luxurious fantasyland any girl would love.

Cari Berg designed the second floor landing, bedroom and studio for the fashionable girl. The landing is anchored by the classic Martinique patterned wallpaper and the runners, custom made by Merida, the upholstered borne settee and the drapery help layer the space and add to the cosmopolitan mix of materials. The abstract original artwork from artist, Loryn Kolbrenner, adds a graphic quality to the space. The bedroom is draped in a billowy white sheer and provides a dreamy backdrop for the modern lines of the custom upholstered pieces with a simple color palette of white and hot pink allows for the different textures to take center stage. The coolness of the marble and lucite coffee table, the warmth of the mohair rug and fabric walls come together to create the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. All of this is set off by custom miniature lighting, inspired by pieces found in today’s most stylish showrooms. The Studio is complete with all things a girl needs to be creative and fashionable. Custom lacquered wardrobes anchor one wall and provide a space to showcase her most stylish handbags. She has an antiqued mirror and Lucite table, allowing plenty of space to display jewelry or work on a sketch. White tufted upholstered walls envelop the room, highlighting the custom hot pink silk upholstered screen and tufted ottoman. The white fur rug covers the walnut floor with the most luxurious of textures. Valerie Jurado Botanical Design, Sandra Jordan, Pierre Quinton Design Inc, G & E Custom Furniture, Arte Bella, C.G. Custom Tile and Marble, Campbell Glass, Donghia, Reborn Antiques,Micucci, Soli, Stone Source and Blair Newman for their contributions to the design.

Georgian House 1 by Mary McDonald and Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Mary McDonald designed the 1st floor and exterior to include a dining room of pale pinks, grays, and chalky whites from the F. Schumacher fabris collection shown on wall curtains. The living room combines Jade Greens from F.Schumacher Chinois Palais and Don't Fret fabrics from Mary McDonald’s new collection all paired with hints of Black or white in a more formal yet modern way. Finally the entry combines black, green, and white in a a more graphically bold way showcasing the Jade green Chinois Palais Schumacher fabric as paper. Signature formal millwork was used in the living and dining rooms for authenticity, while the floor is all real oak planks scaled accordingly as a life size house with natural patina and movement found in original English Georgian houses. Graphic Bold painted wood floors, chinoiserie references paired with carefully edited mini empire, and Georgian and 18th C. Style furniture help to complete the look. Credits go to Schumacher, Bespoke Furniture, Carson Mazaros and Jed Voltz- for their contributions to the design.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed the top floor to include a master bedroom, a guest room, and an upstairs landing. The top floor is done in black and white with a strategic pop of color in each room and features Martyn’s new Schumacher collection of wall coverings on the walls in each room.

Georgian House 2 by Tim Campbell and Philip Nimmo

Tim Campbell designed the first floor and exterior to have a transitional and modern look. The design uses a color scheme of creams and blues for a fresh look. Credits go to Soane Britain, Merida Meridian, and Canyon Interior for their contributions to the design.

Philip Nimmo designed the second floor to include a two room “gentleman’s lair”. In one room, a daybed floats in the center of the room behind a big agate-and-polished-brass coffee table flanked by 2 chairs. The second room is the lair itself, where a man would preoccupy himself with intellectual pursuits, his collections of art and objects found during his travels, and all of the curiosities that a 21st century Renaissance man desires. These eclectic furnishing and a high-contrast palette create a warm and inviting environment. The Gentlemen's Lair features ebonized floors with dark shades of gray furnishings paired with cream upholstery. Credits go to Cowtan & Tout, Larsen, Sandra Jordan, Phillip Jeffries, Larriane's Small Wonders, Kneedler Fauchere, Jean de Merry, Philip Nimmo (Furniture), Bespoke Furniture, and Roman Raygoza Fine Furnishings for their contributions to the design.

Brownstone House by Michael & Alexandra Misczynski and Estee Stanley

Michael and Alexandra Misczynski designed the first floor and exterior to include an entry way, gallery, library, and main stairway. The design is a rather formal Beaux Arts background with contemporary engagement. The library has a reclaimed interior from Jean Michel-Frank for Jean-Pierre Guerlain, circa 1935 and is furnished with pieces by Jean-Michel Frank. Credits go to Hideki Okuda & Raul Diaz for their contributions to the design.

Estee Stanley designed the 2nd and 3rd floors to include a living room and master suite in neutral colors with accents of turquoise and pink. The inspiration for the dollhouse was to create a neutral background filled with things we love. We wanted something eclectic and effortless. The resulting style is a relaxing blend of cultures and traditions creating a warm yet sophisticated space - a great balance to the brownstone architecture.

Monique Lhuillier NY Flagship Boutique by Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier designed a replica of her New York flagship boutique intact with the former private residence’s grandeur of an old world townhouse. Spanning three floors, the townhouse offers the bridal collection on the entire ground floor, the ready-to-wear collection on the second and the VIP custom area on the third floor. Iridescent paintings by Nancy Lorenz and custom mirrors and tables add just a hint of sparkle, while the two commissioned pieces by New York sculptor Silas Seandel are truly one-of-a-kind. Taking cues from the original structure, Lhuillier creates a sophisticated environment in the world of grey, using luxurious fabrics, furnishings and art to showcase the true stars in the boutique, her signature gowns and collections. The dollhouse includes grey suede walls, recreations of the Monique Lhuillier Waterford chandeliers, inspired by the delicate beadwork of Monique’s signature gowns, and organic hammered stainless steel cabinets, made especially for the bridal salon. All furniture for the townhouse has been recreated by the renowned craftsmen at Kensington Dollhouse Festival.

Brownstone Walled Garden

Christine London designed an Urban walled garden with a diversity of areas for dining, gardening, reading and play. Warm neutrals were used in the stonework while the plants were a mix of crisp greens, creams, and whites. The plants were all handmade and detailed in England. Credits go to Pauline London, Holly London Whitefoord, and Candace Conard.

Georgian Garden

Christine London designed the Georgian garden to suit a country house. It tells the story of a venerable old tree presiding over a space and the atmosphere and sense of place that this creates. Using one main planting element has the impact of creating a serene but multipurpose garden room full of different shades and textures of green. Credits go to Pauline London, Holly London Whitefoord, and Candace Conard.

Contemporary Beach House Garden
Stephen Block and landscape designer Sherry Till designed a garden for a modern beach house that is simple yet organic. Using natural materials of gravel as sand and stones and rubble as rocks and gravel at the shore Block was able to accentuate and support the modern architecture of the house without distracting from the house’s beauty. The use of “tillanandsia” plants, grey airy plants, was used to represent the Sea Lavender that grows at the beach.

Italianate House Garden
Stephen Block contributed basic plants and landscape elements to the Italianate garden to help create a landscape that compliments the rustic charm of the European inspired home.

Monique Llhuhier NY Flagship Boutique Garden
Stephen Block and landscape designer Sherry Till complimented the townhouse design of the boutique with classic landscaping. The pair framed the boutique with box hedges for a simple but put together look which aligns perfectly with the old world charm of the home turned boutique.

All photography by Jon Hugstad. Press release content provided by bluPRint.