Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Update: I'll post again if arrangements fall through, but congrats to the new homeowners Dana and Sharon. Stay tuned for more giveaways as I keep downsizing my collection.

I need to downsize and am hoping to find a good home for these two houses.

Local pick up only in San Francisco Bay Area. I am willing to deliver within an hour drive of SF, but not willing to deal with shipping. Both houses could use a little TLC. Ideal person will have instagram/facebook/blog, or if not on social media will hopefully send me photos so I can see what you do with the houses.

Fashion House 1:12 scale
modified from Fascination Station dollhouse kit (discontinued) from 2011 Hobby Builders Supply Creatin' Contest
36"W x 19"H x 26.5"D
Furniture picture not included, but comes with the "glass" staircase and doors and windows.

All posts on house and construction here » (and links to how other people finished this kit)
All of my photos of the finished house on flickr here »

Dylan House 3/4" scale
by Brinca Dada 2011 (discontinued)
20"W x 14.5"H x 16.5"D
Furniture pictured not included, but I may have the paper Brinca Dada furniture set that I will include if I can find it.
Flickr Set » | Dylan House posts »

Giveaway is just for the 2 houses, not furniture pictured, but I will have some miniatures for you to choose from if you can pick up.


Email me at modernminihouses @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) with the following info

1. Your name and best contact info
2. Which house you want
3. When you can pick it up or your address if you need it delivered (within an hour drive of SF)
4. Any social media accounts you plan to post dollhouse photos on (optional)

Sunday, February 2, 2020

No More Ads

So hi, it's been awhile. The breast cancer came back and then I had thyroid cancer too. It's been quite a run for the last year but after another 3 surgeries, chemo and radiation, I'm finally cancer free "NED" (No Evidence of Disease - I guess that's what they're calling it these days). Either way, as soon as I recover from the thyroid surgery I can start exercising again and getting healthier.

I have completely neglected this blog, and when I finally logged in, I realized there were a crap ton of ads after every post and in the sidebar. UGH! No more. In my settings I had selected only ads in the sidebar, but Google AdSense must have changed something while I was dealing with my health, and the ads were getting plastered everywhere. Adsense had paid me about $100 every year or so, but having ads all over my blog is just not worth it. So please enjoy my blog without the ads.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

In the box Kaleidoscope Doll House on eBay

Wow, I haven't seen an in the box Kaleidoscope House on eBay for a few years. Asking $1,000 with shipping may seem steep, but there was a time when these in the box houses went for $2,000. 10 years ago used K Houses went for $800-$900. I got mine used with some cracks for $400 back in 2009, I'm not sure how in demand these houses still are.

Ebay listing here: ebay.com/itm/NIB-Kaleidoscope-Doll-House-by-Bozart-MOMA-Miniature-Dollhouse-Acrylic-Color-MCM
I posted a tour of the Kaleidoscope House if you want to see what the interior looks like here.

All of my K House posts are here.

Callsmall started a Flickr Group for Kaleidoscope House owners and fans. There are some inspiring pics that might tempt you to put an offer on this K House. Check it out: flickr.com/groups/kaleidoscope-house/.

7/22 Update: buy it now price dropped from $875 to $795. The $125 for shipping to the US seems a bit excessive, but there is make an offer option.

Pottery Barn Presidio Dollhouse Set on eBay

There is a new Pottery Barn Kids Presidio Dollhouse Set on eBay going for $135 compared to $199 on sale at Pottery Barn. I'm tempted to "buy this for my daughter" for Christmas but the last two houses I've "given her" ended up being mine again. It seems like a fun house with a lot possibilities.

Ebay link here: ebay.com/itm/Pottery-Barn-Kids-Presidio-Dollhouse-Set-Brand-New-Modern-Contemporary/

Fully furnished and decorated MiPad Floor 3 on Ebay

Elaine Shaw (MiPad designer) has listed a brand new fully furnished and decorated MiPad Floor 3 on Ebay. All proceeds go to her friend Jacqui Shimidzu who runs a community cafe in South London. She spent many hours creating this floor because The Hill Station is no ordinary cafe, Jacqui and the staff there do some amazing work for the community but really all they need you to do is like this offering enough to put in a bid for it. MiPad, furniture, accessories and decoration if bought separately are worth over £600 but whatever it goes for is fine by Elaine and there’s no reserve price so the highest bidder wins whatever the price. Bidding started at £50 and at time of sending this it has reached £126 so you may be able to grab yourself a bargain.

There are 4 days left ending Saturday 20th July 22:16 (UK Time).
Everything you see is included and handmade by Elaine. As you can see its already made so there’s no waiting other than for delivery. Postage is free to UK but there will be a charge for international shipping (see Ebay for your destination costs).

Happy Bidding, here’s the link: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223582461605

In other news... where the heck have I been?!? Between being back at work full time, the kids, volunteering as an art teacher and a Girl Scout Troop Leader, my miniatures have been on the very back burner. Then my cancer came back. Or more likely they didn't get all of it 3 years ago. So four surgeries later I lost a boob, gained an implant, lost an implant and now have just started chemo and will have radiation in November. My cancer blog is here if you have any interest cancerfreecountdown.blogspot.com. I'm really hoping I can carve out some more time for minis as it truly is therapeutic but we'll see. Right now I'm trying to get the chemo pain under control and sleep whenever I can. Hope you all are happy, healthy and enjoying your summer!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Stolen miniatures in Vegas

This is so heartbreaking. Please keep an eye out for their miniatures on eBay and Craig's List.

"Wright Guide Theft
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 15:30:55 PST

I'm sure if you have ever attended a miniature show you know Grover and Mary Ann Ledyard selling as Wright Guide with their red and white checked shirts and display.

Their trailer, all miniatures, all scenes & all displays with lighting were stolen on Monday late afternoon at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas. They lost it all and are on their way home back to Michigan with only their car.

The police are doing what they can and have even inspected the video tape from the casino but have found nothing to date.

They are obviously devastated as they have lost everything.

As their miniatures will be hard to sell by the thieves I am asking you all to keep your eyes out for items on eBay or Craig's list. Hopefully the miniatures will be found."

Friday, December 22, 2017

My MiPad is here! (20% off sale ends today)

I added floor plans 1 and 5 to my floor 3 of my MiPad from Miaim Miniatures by Elaine Shaw. I saw the rooftop garden in Ulrike's dollhouse and emailed Elaine if I could get that as well. I don't think it's on the website yet, but email her for pricing and availability. Everything is made in London, and ships flat packed so shipping is affordable (I'm in the US) and it's really easy to assemble.

The blue windows are actually clear acrylic with a protective film on it. I thought it looked cool blue so I left them on for these photos but I'll take them off when I decorate. The roof top "glass" railing is what the windows will look like when the film is removed.

I can't wait to start decorating. I'm trying to find some fun wallpapers to give it a Palm Beach, Miami feel. With the holidays coming, I hope to carve out some time to decorating.

The 20% off sale ends today, Dec 22, so if you've been thinking about getting a MiPad, now is the time to do it. http://www.miaimminiatures.com

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ulrike's amazing MiPad

I am in love with Ulrike's 5 story MiPad. Enjoy the eye candy.

These houses and all of Elaine's store is 20% off sale for one more day. You can see her new MiPad 5 level and her new Lust Bedroom Collection in my post below. Sale ends Dec 22.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

20% off at Miaim Miniatures until 12/22

Elaine at Miaim Miniatures is having a 20% off everything sale! She has this gorgeous new bedroom set and a brand new design for the MiPad dollhouse. Check out her new Lust Collection & the MiPad 5

She also has a new bathroom set that I am totally going to get. Sale ends December 22nd. Check out her website to see all of her new items and other fabulously modern items.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mini Modern Paintings Grand Opening

I am loving these vibrant paintings on the newly opened Mini Modern Paintings website.

Diane La Fontaine is having a Grand Opening Special. Use coupon code MINI20 for a 20% discount on any single item or gift card. Good until the end of November.

Mini Modern Paintings website and social links:





Monday, September 25, 2017

MiPad is up and running

So we bought our first house a year ago, and I'm finally getting around to setting up some of my dollhouses. We've had renovations that have gotten in the way but I found a corner in this room where the MiPad now lives. I think the bathroom turned out a little too large so I'll shrink that down a bit, but for now I have a least one completed dollhouse. Many more to come as I unpack more of my minis.