Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ulrike's amazing MiPad

I am in love with Ulrike's 5 story MiPad. Enjoy the eye candy.

These houses and all of Elaine's store is 20% off sale for one more day. You can see her new MiPad 5 level and her new Lust Bedroom Collection in my post below. Sale ends Dec 22.


  1. Love what she's done! Does she have a blog? Also, this is sorely tempting me to order one more floor (I have two.)

    1. She doesn't have a blog that I know of. I'll double check. She shared these photos with me on Facebook. I am so excited to have 3 floors now and after I saw Ulrike's I asked Elaine about the roof top garden and got that as well. I can't wait to set mine up. I'm trying to find the perfect wallpaper to make mine very Miami Beach. I'd say, do it, it's on sale! :D

  2. Really Beautiful work and it all looks so Livable!

  3. Looks like real! I love what you doing. ♥♥♥


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