Friday, December 22, 2017

My MiPad is here! (20% off sale ends today)

I added floor plans 1 and 5 to my floor 3 of my MiPad from Miaim Miniatures by Elaine Shaw. I saw the rooftop garden in Ulrike's dollhouse and emailed Elaine if I could get that as well. I don't think it's on the website yet, but email her for pricing and availability. Everything is made in London, and ships flat packed so shipping is affordable (I'm in the US) and it's really easy to assemble.

The blue windows are actually clear acrylic with a protective film on it. I thought it looked cool blue so I left them on for these photos but I'll take them off when I decorate. The roof top "glass" railing is what the windows will look like when the film is removed.

I can't wait to start decorating. I'm trying to find some fun wallpapers to give it a Palm Beach, Miami feel. With the holidays coming, I hope to carve out some time to decorating.

The 20% off sale ends today, Dec 22, so if you've been thinking about getting a MiPad, now is the time to do it.


  1. It certainly is a cool looking pad and the idea for a Palm Beach/ Miami house, should be a good fit.

    Wising you A Mod Merry Christmas and Happening New Year ;D


  2. I will be keeping an eye on this project! I know it will be a fabulous one. Here's to lots of creativity in 1018!

  3. Hello! Have you done a post about where to buy modern doll house figures? I read through your posts about where to buy modern dollhouses and modern minis, but where can I get decent-looking figures that my daughter can play with inside the dollhouse?

    1. Diana, modern doll house figures are hard to come by. Let me find some links and I'll put together a blog post for you.


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