Friday, December 31, 2010

Free Giveaway: Modern Lamps

4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New Year!! To celebrate 100 posts this year, I'm giving away a set of my "Silver Trio Modern Lamps". I've had fun making these lamps and plan to make more in the new year. To enter my FREE giveaway just leave a comment on this post before Saturday, January 15th 11:59pm PST. I will randomly select a winner and announce the following day.

My modern lamps can work as floor or ceiling lights. They are not electrified but can be used as sculptures or to fill negative ceiling space. Here are photos from Callsmall's blog using the lamps as hanging lights and LeftCoastMini as floor lamps, and in my Antrim.

Tutorial: SLICE Tilt Coffee Table by PRD Miniatures

I am in love with PRD Miniatures' SLICE Tilt Coffee Table. The table costs $65 finished but you can also buy the kit for only $35.

Here are some photos of the kit and how it is assembled. The kit comes as one piece for the table, plus the acrylic top (pictured in final shots above). Each section is individually numbered. I used an exacto knife to cut out the two tiny connectors between each piece and then laid them out numerically. (Everything is laser cut, I just used the knife to separate the pieces from the thin wood page they come on.)

I started with the smallest piece of the table and the first leg, then added the rest of the rectangular table pieces. Then I started adding the rest of the legs numerically around the table base. At one point I wish I had three hands, but once I got the hang of it, it went together easily.

After assembling the table, I double checked everything was pushed into place and then spray painted it silver. Make sure you follow the directions on the spray paint can - mask, well ventilated area, drop cloth for over spray. I did several light coats of paint from every direction to avoid globbing on too much. In between coats I'd let it dry about 15-20 minutes. Once I got the coverage I wanted, I let it dry 24 hours as per the instructions on the spray paint can. The dried paint helps hold any loose legs together. Enjoy!

SLICE Tilt Coffee Table $65
SLICE Tilt Coffee Table Kit $35
Sense of accomplishment after assembling something so beautiful... Priceless.

Peter Tucker at Good Sam

Peter Tucker from Vancouver BC Canada has been handcrafting fine furniture from Arts and Crafts to modern eras since 1998. I've been a huge fan of his work for years, so it was incredible to meet him in person and discuss his work and the modern movement. He re-creates classic pieces and his own designs, and creates many custom pieces from photos or sketches. Peter is well known for his custom roomboxes and also builds doll houses. I think his florescent and LED lights are truly amazing and they all are his original designs.

Obviously my pictures are nowhere near impressive as Peter's photos on his website (as the roombox photo on the left), but it was really cool seeing his lights and work in person. The details on his furniture are so intricate, making all of his pieces truly works of art.
His website:
His blog: Musings on Modern Miniatures

Good Sam Show

Last October I went to the Good Sam Show, the "Largest Sales and Exhibits of Dollhouse Miniatures west of the Mississippi". It featured 100 vendors in the ballroom and the foyer had one long row of tables against the wall for the exhibited dollhouses. I really wish I could have taken the workshops by Peter Tucker and the Guys from Texas workshop, but my schedule did not allow. Next year I will definitely take the Peter Tucker workshop at least. Not unexpected, but the number of modern vendors was 1, Peter Tucker (more in next post). But there were potters, sculptors and other artisans that had some great pieces that span design styles and eras.

William Maranville from Livermore, CA makes these handcrafted turnings and carvings from wood and stone. Bill shared a booth with his wife Barbara Stanton who does some amazing miniature oil paintings, her work is on her website His contact info is (925) 373-9638 email microangelo (at) There were a few husband/wife teams at the show, which I think is just incredible when couples share the miniatures passion together.

One of these days I hope to pick up one of Bill's sculptures, mini2b got his first one of these. Here are photos Bill sent me of another Steatite Sculpture he handcarved:

Red Dragon Pottery Troy Schmidt from Santa Barbara, CA. My pictures don't do his miniatures justice, but check out his website to see more of his amazing pottery,

Paul and Susan Osze had my favorite exhibits on display: "Steve's Busted Knuckle Garage" and "Judy's Condo: Modern Style Living room with can lighting and separately lit yard"

Paulette Svec I love Paulette's knit sock monkeys, cats and dogs. Her mini animals were so cute, I was inspired to put a nursery in my next house. I won one of the door prizes - Paulette's green cat on the right.

I have more photos but misplaced some of the contact info, so I'll post more later when I find them.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Modern Playhouses

Update 1/1/11 you have got to check out Holly Gomez's blog A Place Imagined to see the amazing modern playhouses she has found. These blow the water out of my google search finds. Click around her categories for some inspiring houses. I'm going to have to try to make a few of these in 1:12. The Folding Cardboard Play Space would be perfect for my kids and limited space.

Last year I blogged about some pretty cool playhouses, but its great to see more and more modern ones turning up. I'd love to get one of these for my kids, but we're planning to move in the next year, so hopefully when we're settled I'll be able to talk my hubby into building something fun like these.

Wedge House by Modern Playhouses

MetroPlay by MetroShed

Kids House or I wouldn't mind this Beach Chalet for the adults by StudioMama


Backyard playhouse by a crafty dad living in my hometown, Made by Joel (who also made this cute modern dollhouse)