Thursday, December 30, 2010

Modern Playhouses

Update 1/1/11 you have got to check out Holly Gomez's blog A Place Imagined to see the amazing modern playhouses she has found. These blow the water out of my google search finds. Click around her categories for some inspiring houses. I'm going to have to try to make a few of these in 1:12. The Folding Cardboard Play Space would be perfect for my kids and limited space.

Last year I blogged about some pretty cool playhouses, but its great to see more and more modern ones turning up. I'd love to get one of these for my kids, but we're planning to move in the next year, so hopefully when we're settled I'll be able to talk my hubby into building something fun like these.

Wedge House by Modern Playhouses

MetroPlay by MetroShed

Kids House or I wouldn't mind this Beach Chalet for the adults by StudioMama


Backyard playhouse by a crafty dad living in my hometown, Made by Joel (who also made this cute modern dollhouse)


  1. WOW, Just COOL!
    Happy New Year To You!

  2. Very cool!... wish they were in 1:12 scale lol.
    And too bad I don't have kiddies =X

  3. This reminds me, my little assistant and I are building a tree house, I live on a slope, and she turned to me this winter and said, "Nana, can you put a Merry go round in my tree house?"
    Ah if life were only that simple.

    Love these structures for kids. C

  4. Kikka Happy 2011!

    Ann I know this would be super cute in 1:12.

    My Realitty Maybe you can get her a miniature one. :P Kids seriously think of the cutest things. Let me know when the tree house is done. I'll come over and play. :D

    Mini smiles,

  5. Welcome Holly I love your blog! I just updated this post with a link to the houses you blogged about. It's fun to see ones we have both blogged about, but more inspiring to see the amazing ones I haven't seen before. I look forward to following your blog,


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