Monday, December 6, 2010

Anyone going to MoMA Counter Space exhibit?

I was flipping through the MoMA Design Store Fall Preview 2010 magazine (yes Fall, sorry, I meant to post months ago, but am trying to catch up), thinking of all the fun things that might work as miniatures, when I stumbled across this 1946 Future Kitchen by James Barnes and Jean Reinecke. Ooo la la.

The kitchen was featured in a Popular Mechanics Apr 1946 article Designs for "Better Living". A little searching and I found just the article blogged here on Modern Mechanix.

What I'm dying to know is if this mini kitchen is part of the exhibit at MoMA. Anyone going to be in New York to check out the exhibit? Please let me know if its there and if it is bolted down. :)

Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen
September 15, 2010–March 14, 2011
Second floor
The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019

(images from MoMA Design Store Fall Preview 2010 magazine and Popular Mechanics April 1946 magazine.)


  1. What a cool kitchen! I visited the exhibit, but just for a short while, so if it was there I must have missed it! Sooo much to see at MoMA when you're there for the first time and I spent most of the time looking at gorgeous design furniture and domestic items from the last century and used some time in the MoMA shop as well :-)

  2. I was at MOMA on Sunday and apparently missed this exhibit as well. Will try to check it out tomorrrow! Like Pubdoll I was just draw to the furniture, the design center and what could be used for miniatures. Love the FL Wright bookmarks.

  3. Amazing, I just came across this photo in an Australian magazine from 1948:
    It shows an outsize doll's house in an American store being used to try out different colours, furnishings etc. Must have been the in thing just after the war!

    (Bet it's behind glass, if it is in the exhibition! No moving pieces around now!!)

  4. Una cocina preciosa normal que este expuesta pero ¿en el MoMa?

  5. Pubdoll I am inclined to think its just the photo that might be at MoMA. The credit in the magazine said its part of the "Architecture and Design Study Collection".

    mini2b MoMA has so much great stuff to get lost in. I keep looking for excuses to get to NY before March to check this out.

    CM Even if it isn't bolted down, Rebecca is right, its probably behind glass. I imagine it would be tricky to sneak it out of there. :P

    Rebecca Thanks for the for the link, very cool picture from around the same time frame. :D

    Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel No one has seen it there yet, but hopefully someone will be in NY before the show is over to confirm or deny.

    Mini smiles,


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