Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interviewed by San Francisco Chronicle

Extra Extra! Read all about it! I've been waiting for this article to hit the press for weeks, but SF Chronicle writer Leilani Marie Labong's editor loved the article so much that they waited to run it in the next available Sunday issue, Nov 28th. I'll pick up my copy tomorrow to see it on the cover of the Home and Garden section. Woo hoo modern minis!! Read the full article here and check out the great photography: "Bauhaus meets dollhouse: miniatures go midcentury"

Seriously, how cute is Doris? I love this shot. I think The Chronicle photographer, Michael Macor, did an outstanding job capturing the DWR event.

The photos showcase the work of the four designers featured at the Design Within Reach Miniature Modernism: “The next generation of dollhouse designs” last September. You can read my recap of the night here »
Paris Renfroe, PRD Miniatures,
Tim Bolye, Brinca Dada,
Doris Nathanson, minimodernistas,
Modern MC, (opted not to be interviewed, hence no mention in the article)

My Antrim was on display as part of Paris' work, as I've been working with him to turn this dollhouse into a modern dwelling. You can see pictures of my Antrim Dollhouse at the DWR event here »

I get a little giddy and nervous when being interviewed. It's awkward and fun rolled into one, but I must say, I think my quote came out better in this article compared to the kicker I got in the New York Times article which eluded to me being a total control freak. I'm not really, well, maybe just a little.

(Images from San Francisco Chronicle article on


  1. The modern mini interest is really growing, a great article with lots of great photos as well, thank you for sharing! And much better interview with you this time :-)

  2. I really hope the interest just sky rockets. It's great to see more modern miniatures and artisans coming on the market and I hope it keeps growing and growing.

    I'm thrilled with being quoted, but I think Leilani really wrote a fantastic article. Glad you liked it, too.

  3. Congratulations on the article and on your great work!

  4. Congrats doll! The article was a blast to read and the pictures came out great! When's the next event going to be? =X

  5. Moderneisa Thanks so much. And thanks for posting, I hadn't found your blog yet and am enjoying reading it. :)

    Ann Thanks Ann! We definitely need to have another event. Not sure when, where or how, but something will happen I'm sure. :P

    CM So glad you were there to see it all in the flesh. So much fun.

    TSS Thanks Anna-Maria! I thought the article was great coverage of the event.

    Mini smiles,


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