Friday, November 5, 2010

minimodernistas' website is up

For the last few months I've had the pleasure of working with Doris Nathanson to create an online website for all of her wonderful mid-century modern furnishings. I have been a huge fan of Doris' work, but had a hard time tracking it all down. Now you can see it all in one place (all 176 items!! Seriously, who knew she had so many!?!) A lot of sweat and tears went into the site, so I hope you enjoy it. I feel like I have done my duty to help make more modern miniatures available to the world, so now I can sit back, relax and blog about it. It's good to be back. :D


  1. Top dollar excellent stuff you!
    I'll be purchasing stuff fo sho'!
    Glad to have you back!

  2. Good morning. Great Job! Want, want, want. C

  3. The site looks great, as do the minis. And such reasonable prices!

  4. I'm so happy for Doris! I <3 her work.. *drool*

    On a side note, I'm also working with OpenCart for a client (and possibly myself later on), and you did such a fab job on it!

  5. Hi, great to have you back! You did a wonderful job with Minimodernista's homepage. Easy to use, great layout and informative with the size and scale included. And of course great products! If you have seen Karl Edo's livingroom lamp you can tell she has inspired me.

    I loved your previous post too with the modern houses update.

  6. Thank you, mini dork, for an effort that was above and beyond! It was a pleasure working with you too. You really got what I wanted.

  7. Kudos to you mini dork for making the mini modernista site! Finally, a chance to shop for modern minis!!!

  8. wow!!!!
    I am so happy to see that idea has well-executed.

    I did my student project d4k(design for kids) back in 2001 at Academy of Art University in SFO. My entire project was about doing the modern-retro conceptual store. I was planning to do a doll house with full of designers’ furniture, textile, etc. And I was and am hoping to get this doll house done one day. Now, I saw this article, GOD!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

    Here’s my project shots:

    A big fan of minimumism and DWR ;D

  9. Hey Jus! Thanks! Doris' work is amazing so it was great to build a site for it. I'm almost really back, work just keeps getting busy.

    Hi Carol!!! I know, don't you just want everything she makes!

    Hi Shelly Yes minimodernistas definitely has reasonable prices.

    Ann OpenCart is great. I crashed and burned on oscomerce and zencart, after installing both and having them not be customizable for what we wanted. OpenCart gave me a few problems, but their forums are terrific and I purchased a few modules that Paris' wife Lisa recommended (she built his site and also answered some questions for me. Drop me an email if run into any glitches and definitely send the URLs when when the sites are live, I'd love to see your work.

    Thanks Pubdoll! The site was a lot of work, so glad you like it and thanks for the great feedback. Doris is really happy with it.

    Ah Doris The pleasure was mine. So much working with you.

    Chibipulse Her site is definitely a great asset to the modern miniatures movement. I'm thrilled to have helped Doris be more available to the masses.

    imandesign Hey cool, thanks for the link. Very nice designs.

    Mini Smiles to all,


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