Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ornament Challenge!

Don't put those ornaments away yet. Why not see if you can fit one into a miniature scene? I bought the blue spiky starburst ornament on CB2 last year and jerry rigged it into a hanging light with the metal handle from a Chinese food take out box.

I got the ornament pendant light idea from Emily's blog, Go Haus Go, from her entry to the defunct I'm a Giant challenge.

Below are some more pics from the room I set up (I swapped the kitchen and living rooms). Kitchen, island, chairs, bar stools, credenza, painting are PRD Miniatures. The table, modern vase, bookshelves are mine, Modern Minis. All the knick knacks are miniature show finds and from dollhouse shops.

If you are up for the ornament challenge, email me a picture of your scene or send a link to modernminifan (@)

Have fun, Happy Holidays and all the best to you in 2015!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Annual DWR Champagne Chair Contest

It's that time of year again for Design Within Reach's annual Champagne Chair Contest.
All three winning chairs will be featured on
First Place: $1,000 DWR Gift Card
Second Place: $500 DWR Gift Card
Third Place: $250 DWR Gift Card

Full details at:


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MIAIM Miniatures' MiPad is #8 on Vogue's Holiday Gift Ideas

Check it out! Elaine Shaw's MiPad made it as #8 in Vogue's Holiday Gift Guide! Elaine also has some new kitchen and bathroom fixtures in her store, check those out here:

Monday, December 1, 2014

20% off sale at ends Dec 3

Here are some of minimodernistas's new 1:12 scale items that are on sale for 20% off until December 3.

I love the new Open Platform Bed; you can see right through it! I think the design is so cool. The new Zebra Dresser and Night Table coordinate well with both dark and light woods, and pretty much any color for that matter. The rug, linens, pillows and chair are also minimodernistas, but are not part of the current sale.

You can check out all of Doris's sale items here

20% Off Everything! One Day Only at Shapeways!


Enter promo code CYBER20 at checkout for 20% savings, valid for all products from the Shapeways marketplace.

This is the biggest sale of the year that Shapeways offers. I re-opened my store and have many new items. Everything is on sale today only so head over and check out what 3D printing could bring to you.
If you haven't heard of Shapeways yet, it's kind of like Etsy. Thousands of people have shops of their 3D models that they have designed and Shapeways has the 3D printers to make and ship everything.

Above are a few of my items. Dot San has more animals like this black stag head in 1:12 scale check them out here (elephant, antelope and rhino). Marion has some great 1:12 scale modern pieces as well. Pretty Small Things has added some 1:12 scale items. Please do pay attention to the size of pieces in other people's shops. If it doesn't say 1:12 scale, be wary. Some designers make some really cool models, but the scale is off. So double check the sizes.

I'm also open to suggestions. If there are modern miniatures items you haven't been able to find, please let me know and I might be able to design it.

Happy Cyber Monday!!

Terms from Shapeways: *This promotion is non-transferable and valid once per customer with a maximum discount of $100. 20% discount applies only to 3D printed products, not gift cards, sample kits, shipping, wrapping, or other services. If you order a design during the promotion period that cannot be printed, we cannot apply discounts to future orders (even if these designs are repaired). If you return your purchase, you will be refunded the amount paid. Offer expires December 1 at 11:59pm PST.

Monday, November 24, 2014

minimodernistas visits the Neville House

The last time you saw my Neville House it had been renovated from a Man Cave to a relaxing lake front retreat. Well now it's been minimodernista'd. I think the 1:24 scale furniture fits so much better in this house.

Deets: Neville House was sold by CB2 in 2011. Ball clock, 3 Sphere Lamp, V-Leg Platform Bed, Long&Low Sofa, Long&Low Chair, Horizon dresser and night stand are all available in the 1:24 scale section of Painting is from Shale, bear rug is from a Man Cave in a box gag gift, other accessories are miniature show and craft store finds.

I can't get over how cute the 1:24 scale 3 Sphere Lamp is. Here it is in 1:24 scale, 1:18 scale and 1:12 scale. It makes a great floor lamp or ceiling lamp. All of these 1:24 scale items plus new 1:12 pillows and furniture are on sale at, 20% off through Dec 3, 2014.

Phillip Nuveen is buzzing in my head

Phillip Nuveen is back with a new luxury studio apartment, The Skyhive.

"The miniature is 24" long by 12" wide by 12" high. The front door is functional and the plexi glass windows panes slide in and out from the top of the structure to allow easy interior access. The home features several 3D printed pieces of furniture, and a functioning tv which is an iPhone 4. Its included and pre loaded with viewing content. The home has 65 LED lights in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets and fridge doors are not functional as well as the entertainment units doors and drawers. They are a visual suggestion of cabinets, the engineering to make them functional is extremely time consuming at this scale."

The Skyhive is for sale on Phillip's etsy shop for $1,000 listed here:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

20% off new items at - 1:24 scale!

I've been wondering what to do with the Fish Hotel, and by golly minimodernistas' new line of 1:24 scale miniatures are perfect!

Doris is having a 20% off sale on her new line of 1:24 scale miniatures and other new 1:12 scale pillows and furniture. Check out all of her sale items here:

I propped up the Fish Hotel upstairs to try to get a better view, but our city is building a new park in the marsh across the street so there are trucks and fences everywhere. Kinda throws the scale off.

I really want to take everything outside and get some pictures on the waterfront, but everything is too muddy and wet from the rain. I'll have to wait for it to dry out.
Deets: Fish Hotel is $30 or $35 if you buy on Amazon or Umbra. Ball clock, 3 Sphere Lamp, V-Leg Platform Bed, Long&Low Sofa, Long&Low Chairs, Horizon dresser and night stand are all available in the 1:24 scale section of (see all sale items here). Paintings are from Susan, other accessories are miniature show and craft store finds.