Thursday, October 11, 2012

You say side table, I say modern dollhouse

Remember when Modern MC and Call Small busted out the Fish Hotel challenge? (Go here and here to refresh your memory.) The Fish Hotel designer Teddy Luong partnered up with Dennis Cheng to create this Condolisa Side Table. Measuring at 18.9" tall x 14.2" square, I think it could totally work as a modern dollhouse.

The table has a removable lid and features acrylic cut out windows, so it would be a top loader and might be tricky to photography through the acrylic, but man it's so cool! Normal price is $160, but on sale for $89.98 at SF MOMA I'm so tempted. Can't decide.

Update 11/1 Argh! I went to go buy one and it's gone! I found one on amazon for $225, but now that's gone too. It was just released in 2011, but I'm guessing it must have been a limited run. I hope Umbra brings it back.

Good vibes

Good Sam Show pictures coming soon, but did you see this ridiculous project by Paris Renfroe? Check out more photos on his flickr page. The original rendering was by David Jenkins, from which Paris created this incredible 3/4" model. I never thought I wanted to live in a guitar case, but now I do.

Check out more of Paris' work on his website PRD Miniatures: or flickr page:

I shudder

I used to love Emily Henderson. I loved watching her win HGTV's Next Design Star. I felt a camaraderie with her as we're both from Portland, Oregon (my home town). I loved watching her TV show Secrets from a Stylist. I loved reading her blog. And I went batsh!t crazy when we she announced the "I'm a Giant Challenge" to decorate a dollhouse, bringing the "creepy" stereotype to "chic". She even called it "the first annual" implying there might be more. "AND ITS GOING TO BE HUGE!!!!" turned out to mean a huge disappointment.

It seemed like things were progressing around October, but then nothing dollhouse related was posted on her blog until the due date of Dec 15. After many people slaved away and sacrificed time they could have been preparing for the holidays, she posts that it's been extended until Feb 1. Then silence again.

Feb 1 rolls around and there's a blog post but no mention of the challenge. Lots of posts but complete silence on the challenge. I followed her blog a few more months, but every new post that didn't mention her challenge that 83 people had worked on made my blood boil. I gave up on her as she had given up on us. (You can see everyone's work on my page here).

Then I wake up this morning to get a note from Tiny Fixation of this lovely little comment that Emily posted yesterday: "They could even be a modern dollhouse on the wall (to this day i still shudder when i hear that word)."

Are you kidding me?!?!? You shudder??? How about you apologize first for letting so many people down and completely disowning the challenge you so emphatically started??? How about you say ANYTHING about the challenge you abandoned??? My blood is boiling again.

In case our comments are removed, Meagan commented first:
Dollhouse. HA!
You should shudder at the word, as I believe it has been your greatest shame since I became a "fan" of yours. Still incredibly disappointed that you haven't acknowledged any of the hard work (not to mention money spent) that was done at your bidding. And for what? Not even a "thanks for coming". You owe approximately 83 apologies. Have a lovely day.

I left a quick comment before I had to get my son to school:
Over 83 people participated in the "I'm a Giant" challenge that has not been mentioned at all on this blog after the deadline was announced the date of the first challenge.

I recorded and posted pictures of all of the people involved because they really do deserve a ton of props for giving up their holiday preparation to complete the challenge.

A ton of people took this challenge seriously. We know (and found out) building a dollhouse is a huge feat, but it really sucks feeling completely ignored by the ring leader that gathered all the troops and got everyone so excited about the project. Every post for the last year that hasn't mentioned the challenge, just rubs salt in the wound. We are a lot of abandoned puppies just begging for a pat on the head to say "good job" and "I'm sorry for abandoning you".

Am a fishing for an apology? Heck yeah! We've been waiting for almost a year. We'll see.

I've left a few comments, just so she knows she didn't sweep us under the rug. And if you want a good laugh go back and read Meagan's rant.

Meagan even made a miniature replica of Emily's prized gold trunk guessing the dimensions from this single photo, that she planned to give to Emily as a gift for creating this challenge. But since Emily has completely ignored us, I'm not even sure she knows this work of art exists, nor any of the other masterpieces people came up with.

Someone will have to fill me in if Emily ever does say anything, as I give up.

Monday, October 8, 2012

MiniModel love

Earlier this summer architectural models maker, Avi Benmelech from Isreal (MiniModels), opened an Esty shop ( with some cool 1:12 and 1:6 scale furniture. When we were table shopping I actually wanted the life size ItalModern Slater Extension Dining Table but with two little kids and lots of play dates, a glass table is probably not a good fit. So when I saw this similar version in 1:12 scale, I had to have it for my mini house. Avi also sent the cool "tablecloth" as a gift. Thank you Avi! It's lazer cut wood and makes a fab table runner.

The pixel rug, triple lamp, and horizontal side table are minimodernistas. Cole entertainment console is PRD Miniatures. Decanter, glasses and tray are a gift from Neen. Green vase is from CW Lubin. Potted flower by Cristina Diego from fortislandminiatures. Mirror from ebay, other accessories from miniatures show and AG Minis.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New PRD Gems

"New" is a relative term. I've had these pieces for awhile but just posting now. My latest PRD Miniatures acquisitions are the talk of my Antrim dollhouse. Everyone who comes over gushes at how much they want them in real life. I am loving the new Cole entertainment console and orange Lubi style daybed. The artwork is also PRD Miniatures. Pixel rug and ribbon lamp are minimodernistas. Decanter, glasses and tray are a gift from Neen. Green vase is from CW Lubin. End table is HBS Minatures.

The Linea desk by PRD Miniatures is pretty spectacular. Paris painted a Reac chair white for me, which looks stunning paired with it. The storage unit isn't on his website yet, but it's the perfect size for a small office area. Boxes, file folders, books are from Minismodernas. Wood cut outs are KaiserCraft (idea from Modern MC). Vases are painted Kaleidoscope House Accessories. Lamp is Paul MacAlister. "Electronics" from Lilu by Zuri .

Here are a couple of room shots (I'll post about the dining room / kitchen area next). Uno sofas, custom fireplace, metallic tribal cubes are also PRD Miniatures. White pillow are part of uno sofas, other pillows are made be me. Ball clock and living room rug are minmodernistas. Coffee table is Peter Tucker. Other accessories are AG Minis, local dollhouse and hobby shop finds.