Thursday, October 11, 2012

You say side table, I say modern dollhouse

Remember when Modern MC and Call Small busted out the Fish Hotel challenge? (Go here and here to refresh your memory.) The Fish Hotel designer Teddy Luong partnered up with Dennis Cheng to create this Condolisa Side Table. Measuring at 18.9" tall x 14.2" square, I think it could totally work as a modern dollhouse.

The table has a removable lid and features acrylic cut out windows, so it would be a top loader and might be tricky to photography through the acrylic, but man it's so cool! Normal price is $160, but on sale for $89.98 at SF MOMA I'm so tempted. Can't decide.

Update 11/1 Argh! I went to go buy one and it's gone! I found one on amazon for $225, but now that's gone too. It was just released in 2011, but I'm guessing it must have been a limited run. I hope Umbra brings it back.


  1. As usual Megan you have come across some fab finds and inspiring ideas! Love the guitar case too (how's the lighting?!), but yes I was a fan of the fish apartment this groovy side table is a definite prospect!

  2. yes, You have found s wonderful dollhouse! I think it looks so Cool!

  3. Want one. The roombox I'm building has an acrylic wall, but this looks easier than building the roombox. Decisions...

  4. Do it! It would make a great apartment building. Or store. Or a store with an apartment upstairs!

  5. Gorgeous find! How about on its side? Imagine the large floor space and high ceilings!

  6. Forgot to mention that the guitar house is absolutely genius, so inspiring!

  7. Briliant idea _ I'll be happy to have one!


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