Monday, May 30, 2011

Arne Jacobsen MiiBox™ 1:16

Absence makes the heart grow fonder??? My apologies for the disappearing act - work, kids, vacation... the list goes on. I'm back and I'm trying to find more time to blog.

You've likely already seen this on others blogs, but when I received minimii's newsletter on my birthday announcing the sale of their new MiiBox, my jaw hit the floor. It is a smaller wall hanging version of their
true copy of Arne Jacobsen's villa at Gotfred Rodes Vej 2 in Charlottenlund, I blogged about here. I am in awe; I think the house is just stunning.

The first 300 MiiBox customers will receive a VIP furniture and accessory package. The smaller MiiBox version is still 1:16 scale, but it takes up half the space as the first house. The front of the house is hinged so it opens downwards to allow you to decorate when it is hung on the wall. The quality really looks incredible, and I would love to own one, but the price is out of my reach for now. The new MiiBox Wall Hanging Arne Jacobsen 1:16 house costs 603.89 € (about $860 US). The original Arne Jacobsen 1:16 House Model runs 939.46 € (about $1,340 US).

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