Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arne Jacobsen Design Dollhouse Concept

Minimii's 1:16 true copy of Arne Jacobsen's house at Gotfred Rodes Vej 2, Charlottenlund, was all the buzz after debuting at the Formland Exhibition in early 2009 in Denmark. (I first saw it on MiniModern here). As with many builders they had some set backs, but it looks like it's almost here. The dollhouse is going to be available in stores worldwide in October, but the company will be taking pre-orders online in late July for first delivery end Sept./early Oct. Price is € 840.

The Arne Jacobsen Designer Dollhouse will be a limited production series and houses will be individually numbered. Its fully licensed and approved by Arne Jacobsen Design I/S and Arne Jacobsen's descendants. There is no mention yet of which will be the next designer house.

Besides being a gorgeous replica, what I find most unique is the construction. The railings and staircases are made of metal and the house is made of reusable plastic material with an iron-inlay technique allowing magnetized items (lamps and paintings) to be easily moved wherever you want. Pretty clever.

At one point the website indicated a 1:12 kit version would be available, but no mention on the website currently, they're probably pretty focused on the launch. I'm guessing the 1:16 scale might accommodate the 1:18 scale Lundby furniture/accessories. Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm pretty much a 1:12 girl, so no expert on the smaller scales.
The Arne Jacobsen House is Length: 784mm (30.8") x Width: 676mm (26.6") x Heigth: 424mm (16.7") including staircase and chimney.

Available now:
  • The Egg Chair € 53.50. Comes in Red, Light red (looks pretty pink to me), Black, Yellow, Purple and Petroleum (looks teal).
  • The Swan Chair € 40.50. Comes in Red, Black, Moss green and Light purple.
  • The No. 7 Series Chair € 27.00. Comes in Red, Black, White and Turquoise blue.
Coming soon:
  • Lounge Table € 20.50. Comes in Walnut, Black and White. Expected in stock beginning of October.
  • Dining Table € 27.50. Comes in Walnut, Black and White. Expected in stock beginning of October.
  • The Swan Sofa € 48.50. Comes in Red, Light red (looks pink), Black and Orange. Expected in stock spring 2011.

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  1. Wow. This is pretty sweet. Just bookmarked their site.

    I am also a 1:12 gal as well and would love to see them produce a 1:12 kit. Just imagine the possibilities...! I'd have to win the lotto to be able to afford it though, but a girl can dream.

  2. Right there with you Ann. I think marketing the designer and limited edition aspects do make this an incredible collectors item, but the price is also out of my league. I will be keeping my eye out for the 1:12 version, just in case.

  3. thanks for this tips


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