Monday, June 30, 2014

Contemporary Dollhouse Furniture on Kickstarter

I'm excited to see a miniaturist reach their goal on kickstarter. Smallhouse Models got funded to buy a CNC router to help produce a new line of contemporary dollhouse furniture. If April gets more funding she'll purchase a 3D printer to open up even more possibilities. Check out her kickstarter at

Friday, June 27, 2014

20% off New Items at minimodernistas!

Minimodernistas is having her summer sale, all new items are 20% off until July 13th. (Oops. Corrected, I put June the first time, but the sale ends in July. Kids are out of school and I have no idea what day it is.)

Check out the sale here:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Real Good Toys Build-Along Project

Who is working on the Real Good Toys 4th Annual Build-Along Project 2014? It's a non-competitive build where people share their progress on Facebook (or their blogs). A Miniature Obsession and Mini Confessions are making good progress on their CCs, is anyone else building along this summer? I'm really tempted.

"The Collectibles Cabinet" for this project costs $49.99. The Build-Along ends Aug 15, 2014.
For more details click here.
I have been following the Build-Alongs over the years, but have yet to join in. Mini2B almost talked me into the 2012 kit that was the "Puzzle Dollhouse Kit" where you had a bunch of walls and roofs and just figured out what you could come up with. I wish I would have done that one, as the kit is no longer available. Here are some highlights from the first 3 kits in case you missed them. Definitely follow the links to see the other amazing creations. I can't wait to see what people come up with this year.

2011 RGT Build-Along

The first Build-Along hosted by Real Good Toys had people building along side Jen and Jodi as they posted updates on their progress. It's a fun way to ask and answer questions and see how other people tackle similar problems while building.
Check out the 2011 pictures on the RGT Facebook page or in the RGT photo gallery. Below are just a couple of the projects from Claudia Heckart, Deb M. featuring Lynlott Miniatures, Linda Burkell and Linda Vallejos. Click here to see more.

2012 RGT Build-Along Project

The second annual Build-Along featured the Puzzle Dollhouse Kit with an array of parts that could be assembled to create a variety of structures.

Check out the 2012 pictures on the RGT Facebook page or in the RGT photo gallery. Below are a just a few from Brenda Bourque, Jean Potter and Ninalu Bovensiep.

Jodi's bakery/cafe along with Marjie Oetinger and Megan Kasper's houses. Click here to see more.

2013 Build-Along Project

Featured JJ's Dollhouse Cottage in both 1/2 inch and 1 inch scale.

Check out the 2013 pictures on the RGT Facebook page or in the RGT photo gallery. Below are finished houses by Cindi Barbeau, Jodi and Stacy Thibeault.

I love the pool by Marjie Oetinger. Click here to see more.

For more details on the 4th annual Build-Along click here

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Real Man's Cave

If I were a man, this would be my cave.

Happy Father's Day to all the baby daddies out there.

Deets: Entertainment unit, console table, bolero bench, tribal cubes, picture frames, buddha head art are PRD Miniatures. Sofa by MIAIM Miniatures. Pillows and plant from minimodernistas. Stag and rhino head are by Dotsan. Coffee table is Peter Tucker. Mirror and rug by Pepper. Large planter and tray by me, Modern Mini Houses. Accessories are BuckyCubes lilu miniatures, Red Dragon Pottery, William Maranville, Gilbert Mena, RJT Miniatures, CW Lubin, and craft store beads.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Man Cave Make Over

"Lake front property with gorgeous view. Needs a little TLC. Quick sale. As is."

The listing was right about the view, but the small Lake House was in need of a LOT of help. Only one station worked on the TV; the beer fridge made a loud humming sound that drowned out the birds. The beer and cup-o-noodle stains could be cleaned, but the "art" and recliner would have to go.

A major scrub down later, and the Lake House was as good as new.

Deets: Neville House by CB2 sold in 2011. Chairs, credenza, lamp are MaryAnn Roy. Table is Paul MacAlister. Ball clock is minimodernistas. TV is Hallmark ornament, has lights and plays ESPN theme jingle. Accessories are Re-Ment, Kaleidoscope House, Studio 7, HBS Miniatures, and for the life of me I can't remember who made the glass bottles (I bought a bunch of them and can't find the artist's info). Anyone recognize? Updated: Okay, thanks Callsmall, it is Ray Storey. When I saw him in Chicago he only had lighting and no more bottles so I thought they weren't his. I'll have to email him to see if he'll make more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MiPad in Black & White

The 3rd anniversary of MinisModernas scene contest was extended from June 15th to the end of the month, so there is still time to enter. Check out the details from Rosa on

This is the start for my entry for the contest and my first time working in the MiPad: Black & White Loft. I still need to find art and a rug or two. I plan on trying out different themes in the MiPad. For this one, I envision a "Sex in the City" vibe. An upscale loft for a single professional lady needing a break from the big city life.

Yes realistically, a shower and kitchen sink separated by a bamboo partition is probably not the most hygienic, but under the stairs was the most privacy I could find for the loo.

More pictures coming as I add the final details.

Deets: MiPad and bathroom suite (tub, toilet, bidet, shower, sink) from MIAIM Miniatures. Bed, linens, Uno Sofa, pillows, mirror, desk accessories, book are PRD Miniatures. Dining table, Hexa side table, black vase on desk, partition are by me Modern Minis. Custom chairs are from Minimagine. Kitchen and shelf are from ebay. Working lamp is Tiny Tim Book Light. Accessories are Kaleidoscope House, Mighty World, lilu miniatures and