Saturday, June 30, 2012

New minimodernistas sectional

I am loving my new Long&Low Sectional from minimodernistas. I need better lighting to capture the great color of this sofa; the chartreuse cotton suede is really spectacular. The sofa was the inspiration for this room. Doris's sofas are my favorites, the sectionals are $65 and all her other sofas are only $40! I love the Knoll Presto fabrics she uses and the color selection is tops too. I can' get enough of these. You can see all of her Tootsie Roll, V-leg day bed, love seats, sofas and sectionals here at

Ribbon lamp, ball clock, pillows, rug, slant shelves, green bookcase, green ottoman are minimodernistas. OOAK fireplace (with fire, video here), framed art, decorative accessories are PRD Miniatures. OOAK coffee table is Peter Tucker. Le Corbusier armchairs and Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chaise are Reac Japan. Accessories: Ferenc Albert, AG Minis, Rement, Petite Princess, HBS Miniatures, Kaleidoscope House Accessories, gifts, local DH shop, ebay finds.

In between

Just a couple of shots between the new living room and dining room/kitchen. I think the 4" tall HBS Miniatures Hastings floor lamp, is too short for the floor but works great as a pendant light above the coffee table. It is battery operated, but the light is so dim I usually leave it off. The carpet tiles make a great hearth in front of the fireplace, both by PRD Miniatures.

Lived in

Even though I look at it everyday (can't miss it, it's in the corner of my bedroom), my Antrim has definitely been neglected as of late. With all the spring cleaning (I know it's summer these are old pics, I'm trying to catch up), I finally added some accessories to make the kitchen and dining room look a little more lived in. The Essex Kitchen with island and Sixx barstools are PRD Miniatures.

The custom dining table is also PRD along with the Ayche chairs and Mantao rug. Silver triple lamp is minimodernistas.
Accessories are Mighty World, HBS Miniatures, Rement, Petite Princess and other ebay finds.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

All Spruced Up

I tried several different chairs and couches in the entertainment room, but nothing new worked. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Not too much has changed since I first set up this room, but I added a light from minimodernistas, accessories and a credenza from minisx2 that I bought months ago. It is dust free now; drives me bonkers how fast the dust builds up. Most everything is PRD Miniatures, but specific details are posted here.

Here are some more detailed shots of the desk Pepper made for me (all other goodies are here). I just love the design she made on the desktop.

The lounge hasn't really changed much either since this post with all of the room details, but I added my PRD Miniatures magazine rack with X10NY magazines. Everything is Maryann Roy and PRD Miniatures, and all items are listed here. These pictures came out a little more true to color. I just love the orange and blue together.

Antrim Loo I

It's been a while since The Antrim had a real bathroom. Sadly, it's been a storage catch all for longer than I care to admit. All the furniture is from ebay seller minidreamworld, except the hatbox toilet which is PRD Miniatures. The room divider box is from minimodernistas with faux bamboo by me. Painting is also PRD Miniatures and artwork is from an ebay seller that I can't find, but am still looking for.

The glass tray on the sink counter was one of those ebay disappointments. It was listed as a "coffee table" but didn't have the size nor scale listed. I was surprised to see how tiny it was when it arrived, but turned out to make a cool shelf. Accessories are Elf Miniatures, ModPodMiniatures, AG Minis, and Rement.

I have some much better bathrooms in store, along with some new kick a$$ PRD Miniatures. I'll try to carve out some time next weekend to photo and get those pics up.

Belated Spring Cleaning

My apologies for the long absence, but my mini life will likely remain on hold for a bit longer. The friend I'm helping to publish his book is nearing the end of his life. It's been emotional, to say the least, to watch his cancer win, but we are so close to getting the book up for sale online and the website live, I'm hoping he can hang on to see the impact his book may have.

I really have missed the mini world and hope to catch up on your blogs soon, but 1:1 obligations will be keeping me away from making any new minis for a few more months.

I just downloaded a ton of photos from my camera, so I do have some old pics to share. I always love seeing the entire house view in everyone else's posts but I often forget to include my own. Below is my embarrassing mess of a house that sat for a while needing a good dusting. The swaps from TinyFixation and Pepper along with Margaret's challenge got me motivated to clean house.

Here is the messy BEFORE shot of my Antrim with minis strewn all over and items being stored on top. Spring cleaning only made it halfway across the house, so here is the AFTER. More pictures of other cleaned up rooms to come.

Mini hugs to all! :D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Longterm Relationship Barbie

Lalanii Grant cracks me up.

Sorry I've been AWOL, more to come soon, but I thought I'd share a laugh.