Sunday, June 24, 2012

Belated Spring Cleaning

My apologies for the long absence, but my mini life will likely remain on hold for a bit longer. The friend I'm helping to publish his book is nearing the end of his life. It's been emotional, to say the least, to watch his cancer win, but we are so close to getting the book up for sale online and the website live, I'm hoping he can hang on to see the impact his book may have.

I really have missed the mini world and hope to catch up on your blogs soon, but 1:1 obligations will be keeping me away from making any new minis for a few more months.

I just downloaded a ton of photos from my camera, so I do have some old pics to share. I always love seeing the entire house view in everyone else's posts but I often forget to include my own. Below is my embarrassing mess of a house that sat for a while needing a good dusting. The swaps from TinyFixation and Pepper along with Margaret's challenge got me motivated to clean house.

Here is the messy BEFORE shot of my Antrim with minis strewn all over and items being stored on top. Spring cleaning only made it halfway across the house, so here is the AFTER. More pictures of other cleaned up rooms to come.

Mini hugs to all! :D

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