Saturday, August 16, 2008

Love this Modern Furntiure

Talk about Modern dollhouse furniture. Miniarcs, I think I love you.

In March 2008 Vanessa Tiegs started designing and building one-of-a-kind original miniatures in 1:12 scale. Check out her photos and work staged inside Mark Turpin's Crystal Arcade.

I am blown away by her work. I'm even more motivated to finish my dollhouse so I can have a room worthy of these collectibles.

(All images from Vanessa Tiegs Flickr page and

Inside the Crystal Arcade with Miniarcs

I love these photos on Vanessa Tiegs Flickr from inside Mark Turpin's Crystal Arcade.

Days like these I wish I was independently wealthy so I could just buy these instead of drooling over them through my computer screen.

(All images from Vanessa Tiegs Flickr page)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modern Loft Workshop w/ Peter Tucker

April 3-5, 2009 Peter Tucker will be teaching a workshop at Chicago International 2009 on how to build a modern loft roombox like this one.

"A compact modern apartment living room with a large side window so you can look into the room from the front or the side. All the lighting is provided by cool, long lived LEDs - you'll never have to change bulbs in this room. Hardwood floor gives the room a warm feel." (unfurnished sells for $3,299)

Here are some other Peter Tucker rooms to drool over.

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Things to do in Danville Kentucky

I really respect the organization that has built "The Great American Dollhouse Museum".They are having their grand opening tomorrow, Aug 15th. It seems like such a great place to take kids. I hope they put up more photos, I'd love to see if they have anything more contemporary thrown in the mix.

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Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse on eBay

Here is another eBay find "Vintage Cedar Wooden Ranch Style Contemporary Dollhouse". Definitely a little dusty, but I love the open floor plan. I'm adding this to my list of possible next houses to build.

"Up for auction is Model No. 101 Dollyhome Dollhouse. The Dollyhome came in two sizes. This was the larger model of two models, 24-1/4” wide, 42-1/8” long, and 12” high. The “Dollyhome” doll house was manufactured by Child Life Toys, Inc., 2310 Rainier Avenue, Seattle 44, Washington (pre-zip code address, pre-1963), probably 1950s. The Dollyhome doll house is made of Western Red Cedar, and is a true Ranch Style Contemporary home complete with a kitchen and bath. The original retail list price was $14.95 for the house. I think this maybe a VERY RARE item. I have searched and searched the internet and could not find anything on Dollyhomes." Auction ended Aug-16-08. Sold for $76.

(All images from eBay listing)

Modern Dollhouse Plans on eBay

I saw these Modern Dollhouse Plans on eBay (can't remember how much they sold for). I believe the pages were from a 1950's magazine, but my memory has slipped on this one.

If I ever finish the two houses I'm currently building, I'd love to dream up something like this for the next build. (I still have faith that I will finish, it's just finding the time).

Andrea Fa`brega, master of miniatures

In my fantasy world, my dollhouses would be decorated with some of these one-of-a-kind miniatures, but first I have to finish building.

Andrea Fa`brega, of Menlo Park, creates these wheel-thrown functional miniature porcelain vessels under 1-1/2 inches high, finished with a myriad of decorating techniques and firing procedures.

Pots range from $50 to $600, depending on the complexity of the form and the difficulty of the glaze.

Some of the larger pieces may be better suited for Barbie, but the smaller ones would be great conversation pieces for sure. I just love the look of these.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inspiring Patio Dining

The food made by this company looks delicious. The outdoor patio really makes me want to add a backyard to my next house. The Miniaturen Schneider website is in German, but they do have one English page or you can send them an email for pricing specifics. The company has been making and selling miniatures for more than 15 years. The miniature food is made of Fimo and other Polymer Clay, and all miniatures are 100% modeled and painted/decorated by hand. All are exactly made to a scale of 1:12.

I'm getting hungry.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life-Size Dollhouses

The next time you're in Saskatchewan you might want to track down this art installation. Canadian artist Heather Benning transformed an abandoned farmhouse into a life-sized dollhouse in 2006, located off of Highway 2 near Sinclair. I found this on If you want to see more pictures check out the before and after shots on Heather's My Space page.

"The worn exterior of the two-story structure was largely left untouched except for the replacement of one exterior wall with Plexiglass to provide a voyeuristic look into the home akin to a typical dollhouse. Benning has decorated the inside with furnishings from the 1960s, the decade in which the farmhouse was abandoned."

Maison de Poupée or Rock Da Dollhouse is a collaboration between Emmanuelle Antille et Jean-Luc Manz for the Art en Plein Air Môtiers 2007. The dollhouse is traveling around Switzerland hosting a variety of bands for concerts.

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