Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh what a night!

I know many of you wish you could have attended the DWR event and I apologize for not taking photos. My dear hubby took these for me as I was so busy meeting everyone and well, having the time of my life, but now I regret not going back and taking more close ups. This one I did take, I thought it was quite fitting that minimodernistas display was right under the Arco Floor Lamp (1:1 sold at DWR) that she makes a miniature of version of that is above her white Long & Low Sectional couch.

By now you've probably already read Modern MC's and Left Coast Mini's coverage of the event, but here is some more fuel for the fire. I'm really excited that Modern MC is looking into a larger global modern mini meet up, make sure you weigh in on location suggestions on her blog, so more of us can attend next time.

I felt so lucky to be there and see all of these incredible modern miniatures in person and meet the amazing designers Modern MC, Paris, Doris and Tim. Huge thanks to all of DWR and the Jackson Street Studio, Yuko, Jocelyn and Luca for making the event happen. Yuko is a huge fan Modern MC and worked with her to create this event. Yuko is a collector of Re-ment and Mini Designer Chairs, but now is a collector of PRD Miniatures, MiniModernistas and Brinca Dada, yay another convert! It was lovely meeting you, Yuko, and I hope we can go Re-ment shopping together!

Modern MC -

I love Modern MC's blog and photos, but seeing all of the intricate details she puts into a house in person is quite a dream come true. She set up her Ocean Drive as "The Tea Tree" and oh boy was it inviting; I'm kind of a tea nut, so I wanted to move in and grab a drink. (Side note, looks like DHE is now able to ship Ocean Drive to the US. Kits start at $100, plus check out the new version with black accents). The downstairs DHE shelving units were packed with the cutest details and accessories. I continue to be amazed at what she finds and turns into modern minis. Awe inspiring to say the least.

Modern MC's Villa Sibi was equally impressive. Her work has a certain zen about it, where everything looks so effortless yet perfectly placed. I love how she combines collectors items with children's dollhouse furniture, mixes in a variety of items you wouldn't think of as miniatures and pulls it all together flawlessly. Simply divine. It's hard to look at her work without a smile spreading across your face, and then to meet her!?! I must admit when I first saw her I was thinking "OMG, you're Mini Modern, what do I say that won't make me sound like a moronic stalker fan? ... Without your blog I would have settled for Contemporary, OR never would have looked for and found my Antrim, OR without your blog I'd have a lot more money I wouldn't have spent on this addiction..." I went with "Hi, I'm Megan." Original, I know. Nice, witty, sincere, humble, beautiful, genuine, funny, kicks puppies; only one of these is not true. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her. Thanks MC for all of the chuckles over the years and more to come!

Paris Renfroe -

Paris's work is impressive enough on his website, but man, in the flesh, its even more impressive. I love the new M112 double wide and the great outdoor scenes. On top of the rust M112 Pod is PRD Miniatures true scale replicas of Greg Benson and Jeff Taly's "Go" Collection made for Loll (1:1 sold at DWR). On the slate patio are true replicas of the "Loll Adirondack" Collection (1:1 sold at DWR) also by Greg Benson and Jeff Taly. They will be for sale soon on Paris's website, I can't wait; these are going to look perfect on The Antrim rooftop patio.

The Sky Lofts! Oh these are beauties. The recessed lighting is so cool and so real looking. Only Paris could take the room box to the next level and make it so sophisticated and modern. I will definitely post more details when these are for sale at PRD Miniatures.

Gallery 112 is just about the coolest thing I've seen yet. The LED recessed lighting and spot lights are incredible and have converted me to add lighting to all of my houses. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ceiling to show the lights. The art work in the gallery (and the artwork in my Antrim) are all one of kind pieces painted by Paris, his wife Lisa and their artist friend Karen Mazzarella, available pieces are for sale here. Not only does Paris's wife Lisa contribute artwork to PRD Miniatures, but she has a new line of gorgeous miniature bed linens that will be for sale soon. I think it is so cool that the mini passion has spread equally to this creative couple. Lisa and Paris used to run an Art Gallery Co-op together. At first Lisa wasn't sure if her paintings would work in the 1:12 scale, but they do indeed and are even more beautiful in person. I think art transcends size, Paris and Lisa prove it.

And of course it wouldn't be a show without the classic M112 Pods. I love the vibrant colors, interior finishes and the frosted glass doors. Love these! I've spoken/emailed with Paris a lot with all of the work we're doing on the Antrim, so I already knew he was a really cool enthusiastic guy, but meeting him was a real treat. Paris has a ton of ideas still in the works, he is so passionate about modern miniatures, and makes such original pieces his work is totally recognizable. Lisa was equally as cool and fun to talk with, and its so great seeing a couple work together to create such a wide range of brilliant modern designs.

minimodernistas - Doris Nathanson - (website store coming in Nov.), etsy store, Flickr photos

I loved Doris/minimodernistas' acrylic towers display cases. She had two four story towers showcasing her incredible work in room settings. So much fun to ogle over. I'm actually building her website, so I'm quite familiar with her work in photos, but up close, ooo la la, nothing says Mid Century Modern like minimodernistas. The high quality of materials and attention to detail on every piece is amazing. I had seen her Ribbon Lamp on many blogs and thought "I could do that" but um no, I can't. The materials used and precise detailing are well out of my league, the photos seriously don't do her work justice.

Another section was like a showroom with all of minimodernistas collectables lined up. I wanted to take one of everything in every color. I love the Long & Low sectionals, sofas and chairs, but the Tootsie Roll sofas are to die for as well, and the Case Study series, ugh, I need more houses so I can buy more. It was really cool seeing her 3/4" scale furniture that fits perfectly in the Emerson House.

Doris also set up two Fish Condos to create room boxes for her 3/4" scale designs. They are so cute and little, just like her. We have talked on the phone and I knew she was incredibly sweet and nice, but she has a very resonate voice that reminded me of an opera singer, so I wasn't expecting the adorable, petite, real life Doris. I'd love go karaoke with her, I'm guessing she can belt out some tunes.

Tim Boyle -

Oh the Emerson House, beautiful fun indeed! Doug Rollins and Tim Boyle are really onto something here. Like everyone, I LOVE the moveable staircase. The solar panel powered LED lights and the architectural structure are beyond impressive. I love this house, and I love the photos of the Bennett House, and I'm guessing I'm going to love dollhouse #3 and #4 that are down the line. I love the idea of making quality, durable modern dollhouses for kids and pleasing collectors as well. I'm so glad these guys are out there bringing their houses to the market and I can't wait to see the furniture when it comes out later this year and future plans from them. Tim Boyle is a super nice guy and I enjoyed meeting and talking with him and his lovely wife Iris. They have four kids so their prototype dollhouses definitely get their fair share of abuse and testing. When my kids are a little older and they'll get their chance to put their hands on one. Thanks Brinca Dada, I can't wait to see what you have next!

I have to get some work done tonight so I'll post my Antrim photos later. More to come...


  1. Wow. This post is just full of awesome. Thank you for sharing the pictures! <3

  2. Oh thank you for showing the fish condo up close!!! I am willing to go to Santa Monica fopr a big get together if that helps. C

  3. You are most welcome Ann, I just want to remember as much as possible, it was so much fun!

    Hey C, thanks for all of your photos and details!

    I've been so swamped, but I'm trying to catch up on posts and comments.

    Mini smiles,

  4. What about a modern gallery event at the San Jose Good Sam event everyone is already planning to go to? Maybe we could do a non profit gallery of modern houses by people NOT selling there but using the stuff beign sold like 6 houses. Antrim, my MH1, the fish tank, famous modern mini, etc?

  5. This is a fantastic post! I REALLY appreciate all the great details and photos (thanks to your hubby!), and you can feel how much fun you had through your written words. It looks like it was amazing. And, of course I am very envious of your freebie from Paris! I hope we can meet up again soon, perhaps via Mini Modern's post.

  6. Thank you for all this wonderful fotos Megan, I appreciate the structure in your post, because I'm often to lazy to read all the words and so I can fly over, because the pictures tells the story.
    Anyway I like what you (all) wrote and try to translate the words I'm still missing.
    I hope to join next year or in another meeting, with Pubdoll and Annina and Neomi, that would be great!

  7. Carol Hmm. Interesting idea, I'll look into it.

    callsmall It was SOOOO much fun, glad to help others virtually enjoy it too. Definitely hope we can meet up again soon.

    Oese You are most welcome, it's all about the pictures anyway. :) I really hope we can all get together and meet!

  8. Te colocaron tus casas en un sitio provilegiado.
    Gracias por las fotos de la feria. Yo tengo que parar en esta entrada mucho más tiempo, quiero ver todos los detalles.
    Besos Clara

  9. When I saw the first photos, I thought it was a real part of a house. I was amazed when I found out that it was a minimal version of the interior design of a house. It was a good exhibit of designs for me.

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