Friday, December 31, 2010

Peter Tucker at Good Sam

Peter Tucker from Vancouver BC Canada has been handcrafting fine furniture from Arts and Crafts to modern eras since 1998. I've been a huge fan of his work for years, so it was incredible to meet him in person and discuss his work and the modern movement. He re-creates classic pieces and his own designs, and creates many custom pieces from photos or sketches. Peter is well known for his custom roomboxes and also builds doll houses. I think his florescent and LED lights are truly amazing and they all are his original designs.

Obviously my pictures are nowhere near impressive as Peter's photos on his website (as the roombox photo on the left), but it was really cool seeing his lights and work in person. The details on his furniture are so intricate, making all of his pieces truly works of art.
His website:
His blog: Musings on Modern Miniatures


  1. I love Peter Tucker's work too! I am always soooo amazed at the 1/12 scale joinery. Holy cow!

  2. Ann
    I know what you mean, truly amazing in person.


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