Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Update: I'll post again if arrangements fall through, but congrats to the new homeowners Dana and Sharon. Stay tuned for more giveaways as I keep downsizing my collection.

I need to downsize and am hoping to find a good home for these two houses.

Local pick up only in San Francisco Bay Area. I am willing to deliver within an hour drive of SF, but not willing to deal with shipping. Both houses could use a little TLC. Ideal person will have instagram/facebook/blog, or if not on social media will hopefully send me photos so I can see what you do with the houses.

Fashion House 1:12 scale
modified from Fascination Station dollhouse kit (discontinued) from 2011 Hobby Builders Supply Creatin' Contest
36"W x 19"H x 26.5"D
Furniture picture not included, but comes with the "glass" staircase and doors and windows.

All posts on house and construction here » (and links to how other people finished this kit)
All of my photos of the finished house on flickr here »

Dylan House 3/4" scale
by Brinca Dada 2011 (discontinued)
20"W x 14.5"H x 16.5"D
Furniture pictured not included, but I may have the paper Brinca Dada furniture set that I will include if I can find it.
Flickr Set » | Dylan House posts »

Giveaway is just for the 2 houses, not furniture pictured, but I will have some miniatures for you to choose from if you can pick up.


Email me at modernminihouses @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) with the following info

1. Your name and best contact info
2. Which house you want
3. When you can pick it up or your address if you need it delivered (within an hour drive of SF)
4. Any social media accounts you plan to post dollhouse photos on (optional)


  1. Oh I wish I lived in San Francisco!! Haha. But better for my marriage that I don't pick up another dollhouse :)

    1. Ha!!!!!!! Yes, better for my marriage to be getting rid of these. This hobby has taken over the garage and every nook and cranny. Time to part ways with some, not all of it.


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