Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Fully furnished and decorated MiPad Floor 3 on Ebay

Elaine Shaw (MiPad designer) has listed a brand new fully furnished and decorated MiPad Floor 3 on Ebay. All proceeds go to her friend Jacqui Shimidzu who runs a community cafe in South London. She spent many hours creating this floor because The Hill Station is no ordinary cafe, Jacqui and the staff there do some amazing work for the community but really all they need you to do is like this offering enough to put in a bid for it. MiPad, furniture, accessories and decoration if bought separately are worth over £600 but whatever it goes for is fine by Elaine and there’s no reserve price so the highest bidder wins whatever the price. Bidding started at £50 and at time of sending this it has reached £126 so you may be able to grab yourself a bargain.

There are 4 days left ending Saturday 20th July 22:16 (UK Time).
Everything you see is included and handmade by Elaine. As you can see its already made so there’s no waiting other than for delivery. Postage is free to UK but there will be a charge for international shipping (see Ebay for your destination costs).

Happy Bidding, here’s the link: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223582461605

In other news... where the heck have I been?!? Between being back at work full time, the kids, volunteering as an art teacher and a Girl Scout Troop Leader, my miniatures have been on the very back burner. Then my cancer came back. Or more likely they didn't get all of it 3 years ago. So four surgeries later I lost a boob, gained an implant, lost an implant and now have just started chemo and will have radiation in November. My cancer blog is here if you have any interest cancerfreecountdown.blogspot.com. I'm really hoping I can carve out some more time for minis as it truly is therapeutic but we'll see. Right now I'm trying to get the chemo pain under control and sleep whenever I can. Hope you all are happy, healthy and enjoying your summer!

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