Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Floor plan dilemma

We're starting on the floor plan for the main level. Staring at the space was getting me no where, so I threw random furniture into the rooms to see how it would look. Having the kitchen on the left seems awkward as the front door is on the far left and you'd walk into the house through the kitchen. But if the kitchen is on the right then the fireplace becomes less of a focal point, and gets crowded behind the dining room table. Luckily, I'm sure Paris will have some brilliant ideas when I call him to discuss tomorrow.


  1. I don't mind walking into the kitchen. I prefer it to having the kitchen in the room with the fireplace, but maybe you could put the dining table near the door, and the kitchen fittings by the window and room divider? Or put some chairs by the door, the kitchen by the window/room divider, and the dining table and sofa in the other room? So many possibilities!

  2. How many total rooms will the house have? CM

  3. OK 5 and a long top floor. Is the bottom kitchen and living room with a library/familyroom elsewhere? Or is everything else bedrooms? C

  4. I'm no Paris, but I agree with Rebecca about the kitchen. I think it will definitely work better on that side. Isn't it fun figuring this all out?! Let us know what Paris says!

  5. Rebecca and Callsmall, thanks for all of your comments and ideas, I will be posting many more photos in need of input.

    7 rooms CM, plus roof top.

    Much more to come. :D

    So many ideas, so little time. Where does it all go?


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