Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paris is in the house

So, I got a big box from Paris on Monday, but my camera battery died and the charger got mixed up in the kids toys. Ugh. Anyway, the box was filled for flooring samples, windows, balcony tiles, and the custom M.U.T.T. bed Paris made to match the PRD Miniatures M.U.T.T. mirror and bench my husband got me. I love it!! The built in night stands are so cool and look great with the legs of the bench. I love the bedding. Above are a few room layouts I was playing with.

Originally, I was thinking this guest room would be on the third floor, but Paris has been thinking a lot about the floor plan and has some great ideas I hadn't considered. We're swapping the guest room and master but I'll post more on that later. The big decision now is to choose the carpet. The plan is to carpet the guest room, the hallway and the third floor entertainment room. I really like all of the options, but would love your thoughts. Which do you like best?

Here is another shot of the bed (I'm still drooling over it) with all three carpets.

Next post, wood and tile flooring options and floor plans. More to come...


  1. That looks superb!
    I can't wait until that stage!
    Is that proper carpet?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful bed and bedding, I love it!

    I'm not sure of which of the layouts I prefer, perhaps the second one, but they all look great!
    When it comes to carpets I prefer the second one, judging by the photos. The darkest one seems a bit too dark for the bedding, (but it sort of works as an opposite for the black Le Corbusier chair) and the light one is a bit too bland with the bedding, they are too alike. But the medium dark is a perfect match to the brown stripes in the bedding and is dark enough to balance the black chair.

    Can you see I love to meddle when it comes to colours? :-)

  3. Wow, nice furniture. I like the medium tan also.

  4. The bed looks awesome... I <3 Paris' work, he's a genius!

    You know for your carpet, they all look great, in my opinion, but thats alot of carpet in such a big room. You should consider having "carpet tiles" or some kind of pattern?

    Can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. Hey Jus
    The carpet is actually upholstery material wrapped over a removable panel (just asked Paris how he would describe it). If you make a removable panel template of the room and upholster that it gives you versatility in your flooring, and it's not a mess to take out if you want to change it in the future. Thanks for sending the pictures, I'll have them up soon. One of those weeks. :)

    I love your "meddling". I need all of the advice I can get, I'm trying not to obsess too much, but I'm going for as perfect as I can get it. I'm actually swapping out the black Le Corbusier with a Tan Leather Chaise from PRD Miniatures, I used that as placeholder. I forgot to mention that. The medium option is my favorite for this room so far.

    Mini Pig
    Thanks, I am LOVING the M.U.T.T. furniture. Another thumbs up for the Medium. :)

    Genius indeed, the bed is gorgeous, I just love it!
    The only downside with this house is that it is SO huge. It is a lot of carpet, but since the bottom floor will be all hardwood, and on this level the bathroom will be slate tile, I'm hoping the rug will balance the rooms. I like your carpet tile idea, I may try to pick some up to play around with.

    Mini smiles to all,

  6. I like the bottom right carpet. It sets off the bed well.Love the orange pillow :) CM

  7. Second configuration (isn't it good feng shui to face the door?) and medium carpet. Looking SO great. It is challenging to decorate when the space is so massive, right? I think our impulse is not to leave any empty space and fill it with minis! :) Keep it up!

  8. ¡Fantastica terminación! Es dificil encontrar en esta afición algo actual y con diseño. ¡Enhorabuena! Clara

  9. Hey CM
    I love the pillow. The orange will totally be my accent color for this room.

    The big spaces are harder than I thought. I will try hard to keep it clean and open without cramming too many minis in. :)

    ¡Gracias! París (PRD Miniatures) permite que sea más fácil conseguir un diseño moderno grandes. (Lo siento por la mala traducción.)


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