Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ocean Drive copyright infringement?

I'm guessing everyone reading this loves modern minis as a hobby, and its not their full time job. We put a lot of time, effort and money into our hobby, but what happens if someone uses our images for their personal gain? I found this image of one of Mini Modern's scenes on a Dutch website selling this house. The image of the Ocean Drive dollhouse is not from DHE's website so I wonder where they got that one from.

I used google translator on the page which says "Illustrations copyright. Do not download the images without permission" and has a link to "My mini-scenes". Maybe they got Modern MC's permission (I have an email inquiring) but I was still really surprised to stumble across this image on their store. I mean why even use the photo if they don't sell any of the cool stuff in it?

(images from Finnish website, although original image is from MiniModern blog)


  1. I think they want to show, what possibilities this house has, how you can "play" with it and not only use it for children.
    The illustration with some furnished rooms is more than okay I think.
    If they have no permission, this is another story. I wouldn't mind if anyone use MY fotos for any case, I love to share and I think, sharing makes richer and not poor.
    but that's only my opinion. I'm curious, what MC says to this.

  2. Hopefully they have had the courtesy to ask permission.

    If someone wanted to use my images for their own use, I would be annoyed if they just used them without asking permission.


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