Sunday, December 27, 2009

1:144 dream dollhouses

Modern MC showcased this 1:144 scale Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water dollhouse made by Steven Bebe in these two blog posts a few years back in her Malibu Beach DH and Kaleidoscope House. Ever since I have been looking on ebay with no luck for similar gems.

I love the work Oese is doing in 1:144. This red and white apartment building was on ebay. I as well couldn't buy it, but I love Oese's version of it. Here are more pictures of it on her blog, Raum für Raum.

Here is Oese's Villa Sibi that she made as a custom order.

Another one of Oese's houses that I love is her version of the Green Condo with Roof Garden from the Green Dollhouse Project. Here are more pictures and details on the building of this mini house.

As well as Oese's collection of mini miniatures and shot of her mini-workshop.

(images from MiniModern blog, Raum für Raum blog, ebay and Green Dollhouse Project)


  1. The HO scale is a little too large for the 1:12 dollhouse but if you just like modern houses or want to create a design with something slightly larger check out these items on ebay. I just won both sets but there are more listed at: 260528116810 and 26052811760. Hope the houses look as good as the pictures.

  2. Thanks for the leads, these are gorgeous, I'll have to post these pics.

    Sadly HO is about 1:87 scale, so twice as big, but these are super cool.

    I'm looking forward to seeing any pictures you post of these. :)

  3. So, I was in NYC yesterday and went into a dollhouse store on the Upper East Side, Tiny Doll House [], and they had some very nice looking 1:144 houses. Guess who the artist was?! Steven Bebe! At least, that's what the signature looked like on the bottom. There was a Frank Lloyd Wright-looking house for $120, so way beyond what I would pay, but I was intrigued! I asked the saleswoman and she said the owner (who wasn't there) deals with Bebe directly. So, it seems like he is an artisan who sells directly to specialty stores. I am planning to call them tomorrow to see if I can speak to the owner to learn more.

  4. Hi Mini Dork,
    I have some trouble with the comments on your blog - they don't appear! So I try once again:
    Thank you for mentioning my little houses, it looks very nice the way you put the pics together. I am flattered.
    Hope you'll have a great night today!

  5. Callsmall,
    What a coincidence! I had been searching for Steven Bebe online and just found his website under "Steve" Bebe. D'oh! I'll add a new post.

    Some how blogger put your comment in another post for the playhouses. I used to have to approve posts because I got a lot of spam, but I switched it to the captcha so it should post right away now. Sorry for the inconvenience. I really appreciate your input. :)

  6. Dear George,I visited your blog many times , I started a blog yesterday , maybe you like to see it , kind regards Karina

  7. Hi Karina,
    I'm not sure who George is, but glad you like the blog.

    Your Mouse Mansion is really cool. What a great idea and project. Thanks for sharing!


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